Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 26 (Recap)

kakashi: Bai Qian's heavenly trial comes to an end and I love every minute of it. Let her next life begin! 
JoAnne: So, is there someone who knows what the trials will be? Because people know when they're coming - how though?

Episode 26

Any episode opening with Su Jin cannot be a good episode! Ahaha, but! She is denied entry to the Xiwu Palace - Ye Hua's orders. And Ye Hua's trusted men, he had them all replaced as soon as he became Crown Prince. Hahahaaaaa, I'll rewind and watch this again.
Seriously one of the best things about this drama:  Su Jin gets NO love.
After coming down from the Nine Heavens, Zhe Yan visits the site of the bell. He is still puzzling over that mortal woman with that wonderful peach blossom scent. She must be tied to Bai Qian in some way (you don't say). He decides to go visit her again soon. There's his phoenix, Bi Fang.
Someone went a little disco on the color scheme here.
Everything is ready for the wedding. The bride is leaving though. Su Su says goodbye to A-Li, but only in her head - the child is with Consort Le Xu. As we hear from the maids, she never even held him once. And then she walks to Zhuxian Terrace, all alone, stumbling often. The visuals are stunning.
Poor little thing. She's really broken by this.
Nai Nai is alarmed: A-Li won't stop crying! Ye Hua knows immediately that something is wrong. Fundamentally wrong, that is. He starts moving. But Su Su has arrived at where it will all end.
Why is he so slow to get there? Do the poof thing!
She brought the copper mirror with her. When she starts speaking, Ye Hua has just cloud jumped to the Hall of Beautiful Youth and found it empty. Can't you sense where she is? Gah! She says: "I am leaving now. Don't look for me. I will be fine on my own. Take good care of A-Li for me". She once dreamt of holding her son's hand and going to view the moon, the stars and the sea of clouds with him. But she won't be able to do any of this now.
Oh my God, this is going to be unbearable.
He begs her to tell him where she is and when she does, and she says Su Jin told her she will be able to return to where she should return to if she jumps off, Ye Hua sobs in panic and moves again, as fast as he can. She continues talking to the mirror, telling Ye Hua to let her go as she will let him go - now they don't owe each other anything. Yes, she told him she would tolerate no wrong when they got married. She told him she would never see him again if he betrayed her. To her, he has betrayed her.
Well, she has a point. He meant well but he was an idiot and he really screwed things up.
And that's it. That's her goodbye.
Why isn't he THERE yet?
Ye Hua gets there right when she jumps and he tries to catch her, but ...
He couldn't just zap her backwards? They do that all the time. Come on!
It looks almost peaceful, as Su Su floats in the chaos. The seal comes off ... does that mean she died? Is reborn? She starts to glow afterwards. We find out later that this is because she ascended to High Goddess.
She sort of looks like Our Lady of Guadalupe, you know, the one on the candles.
Zhuxian Terrace spits her out in Ten Mile Peach Wood. Very bloody. But alive.
Well that's a relief.
At the exact same time - Qing Cang already cursed Si Yin for breaking his seal - Dijun makes sure the former Ghost Lord is still sealed in tightly. So much activity coming from him! Dijun has spent too much of his power now, he declares he will go into seclusion. And when he comes back, he will be mortal for a while. He asks Si Ming to write of a marriage in his Book of Destiny; his and Fengjiu's, it seems. Hmmm.... Dijun. I don't know whether I like this. You want to go play married for a bit but just a bit?
I'm starting to feel like I don't really like him a whole lot. Nothing is happening, it's getting boring with them.
What of Ye Hua though? Zhuxian Terrace spit him back into the Heavens (is what I'm guessing) but he isn't conscious. His Grandfather tries to save him, it's very urgent. Remember that one time the Fox Queen did the same for her daughter? It's ultra dangerous for immortals and they need that fungal grass lest they turn demonic. I appreciate the nakedness, show. Very much.
Indeed. He's a slight man but they make good use of every available bit of him.
Uncle Three saves the day. Or rather, Grandpa and Ye Hua from becoming demons. Whatever that means. Maybe it's sexy? I'm sure Ye Hua would look fantastic.
Maybe in the next life he goes rogue. Could we handle it? I think not.
Uncle Three and his elder brother rush to get the fungal grass, but the idiots fail to get it. Luckily, Zhe Yan is back in the Heavens and gets admitted to the Crown Prince's chambers quickly; he has the highest medical skills in all the lands. Not admitted: Su Jin. Excellent, keep slamming doors into her stupid face, show. Okay, so Zhe Yan is good. I always thought of him as a bit useless, but he isn't !
You can't even look at his chest, Su Jin, that's how rejected you are. No skin for you!
See? Not a scratch on the beautiful face. Zhe Yan wonders about the fact that Ye Hua's and Mo Yuan's spirits are really similar. He even once again thinks Ye Hua could be Mo Yuan. Nope. But Ye Hua is in a coma and whether he will ever wake up is unclear. If he has no will to live, he will not.
*sigh* just look at him. And always with the black satin pajamas too, just think about them being all silky against...ah, stop me. This is not helpful.
Imagine Zhe Yan's surprise when he discovers Bai Qian in his grove once he is back (I'm pretty sure he puts two and two together at this point - he heard that the mortal who looked like Bai Qian jumped off Zhuxian Terrace). A bit of healing here too ... (I'm a fan now! he just saved three people and isn't even tired whereas Dijun quasi collapsed after just healing the little fox, duh. Oh, and she has her eyes back! I love Zhe Yan even more now).
So is Su Jin blind now? Please? Big empty sockets? Maybe a spider living in one?
The first thing she asks is "Is there wine?". She is absolutely heartbroken though, is Bai Qian. She remembers everything, the poor woman, and it must be absolutely horrifying for her and embarrassing, too! "I underwent a trial", she explains - she means a heavenly trial. She is a High Goddess now. And she wants that amnesia potion he has, that makes you forget things you want to forget. The effect is irreversible. Exactly what she wants. 
She doesn't yet know that she's engaged to marry the man who gave her a son, took her eyes, and broke her heart.
Dijun appears in Ye Hua's room (before he leaves for seclusion) and is quite surprised to find things in such a dire state. Heavenly Lord admits it's all his fault. YES. You and your hate towards love! Now go pay for it, you idiot! Dijun says he knows of something to save Ye Hua's soul. There is something called the Soul-gathering Lamp (created by the Heavenly Father) and it can gather together the parts of an immortal's spirit (oh, I know of someone else who could use that!!!). Who does it belong to? The Su Jin clan. Go figure.
If Heavenly Father created it wh... oh wait. Heavenly Father is the guy who created Zhe Yan and Mo Yuan.  Heavenly Lord is the ass who forced Ye Hua to break little Su Su into tiny sad pieces of blind and lonely.
Su Jin leaves straight away to retrieve it from the coffin of her mother who is buried in the Sea of Innocence. As she delivers it she once more begs to be able to marry Ye Hua. And the Heavenly Idiot promises her that if the lamp saves Ye Hua, he will definitely have her married into Xiwu Palace. Uncle Three side-eye:
I love Uncle Three and his 'I see your shit from a mile away' look for Su Jin


I love this episode. It is so eerily beautiful! Those Zhuxian scenes are among the most beautiful in the entire drama (so far).
I don't love this episode. How can anyone love this episode? But it paves the way for the next times to come.
Good storytelling! And beautiful, beautiful visuals

Poor Bai Qian. Imagine how she must feel. She is this very powerful and dignified woman and she was so utterly humiliated. And she also believes that Ye Hua betrayed her and that he loves Su Jin. Bai Qian probably feels utterly ashamed and used. I do fully understand why she wants to forget all this and move on. Thinking for another second about this man is just useless.
I can understand her wanting to forget it, too, but Su Su wasn't Bai Qian. Su Su was mistreated and humiliated, not Bai Qian. She should be able to make that separation. Also, it's not called a trial for nothing.