Ice Fantasy Destiny 幻城凡世 - Episode 3 (Recap)

SakiVI: First of all, a clarification: singer Cheng Tong and Ming Na's kid sister, Le Le, are not the same person as I had thought in the last recap. Apologies to fans of those actresses/characters/both. Second, this episode had some hilarious product placement.
kakashi: This is a lot of fun and not at all like I expected. I really like the tongue-in-cheek humor. Frankly, I'm not paying an awful lot of attention to the story, but I don't think that's needed anyway.
JoAnne: I think you're safe on that one, Kakashi.

Episode 3

We see Luo Luo's two managers. Yang Dan is calling movie directors for roles for Luo Luo, and Male Manager is doing a face mask. He seems pretty useless, lol. No one will work with Luo Luo, though, and all are working with Cheng Tong instead, because she has been blackballed by Da Qin, Mr Evil's corporation. One director offers to get Luo Luo into some charity party so that people don't forget her entirely, male manager whines that's all Luo Luo gets now, and Yang Dan spits at the idea only to see an angry Luo Luo listening on the whole conversation.
Ah, that would be so hard. Do you swallow your pride for money or starve but keep your pride? 
Right?  Because it seems like in showbiz, if you lay low for a bit, you can come back from nearly anything - but how low do you lay?  For how long?
Male Manager wonders if he should get away from all this instead of starving to death. Okay, fair point. Male Manager finds a job site called 58 Tong Cheng and says someone will hire him from it. "That easy?" asks Yang Dan? "Of course," says Male Manager (what is his name?) Wow, is that a real jobs site in China? Nice bit of PPL, that, if it is.
It was totally like a commercial. 
Someone will tell us soon. Thank you in advance, Someone!
Then we see a Snow White apartment looking out over a brilliant blue sky and lots of cool grey skyscrapers. And there is a blossom tree sculpture too! Are we about to see Shi?
It definitely belongs to an Iceling (hint: the white gives it away), that much is clear. I feel sorry for the maid(s) who have to clean it though.
I thought it looked super easy to clean!
The tree is cool - I wonder if those bubble things are those ball-shaped lights any human can buy, or if this is like those balls that Flame used to trap people in?
Nope, we see it's night and there's this tall apartment building and who is coming home but Ming Na. She is in pain from Luo Luo hitting her at the dojo, pfft. LeLe, the sister, has already called over Feng Suo. And there goes the doorbell. Feng Suo's hello is too funny, if a bit slimy. I have to say again, I love the actor's English voice.
He is very slimy but I'm starting to like it because it's so not how Kasuo was.  
Somehow, the slime is just working with his whole look.
He gives me the creeps, and the sad part is I don't think it's intentional.  I mean, maybe we're supposed to think 'ew' at first but at the core of him is a decent guy?  But all I think is 'ew.'
LeLe annoyingly calls Feng Suo brother-in-law, and when Ming Na tries to push her away, Ming Na grimaces in pain. Feng Suo then sees the nasty bruise on her neck. (Sidebar: he's touching her hair? And I just realized LeLe is just walking around in a shirt. All of this is ew.)(She has shorts on underneath.) LeLe snitches that Luo Luo did this in kendo class, Ming Na says it's because she herself wasn't careful, and LeLe further snitches that Qin Chu was soooo nice, he went to apologize to Luo Luo who insulted him back. (Except, Qin Chu should've taken a hint from Luo Luo jumping out of a flying hot air balloon that she really doesn't want anything to do with him whatsoever.) and when LeLe oh so not innocently defended Qin Chu, Luo Luo attacked her, and Ming Na protected her and hence Ming Na's bruise. Okay, but why is Qin Chu getting off injury-free in all these episodes? Anyway, we get Feng Suo's concerned face.
And yet it's clear he has no feelings whatsoever for Na Na. 
Well he did seem concerned about her, at least.
Cut to Luo Luo and friends getting kicked out of her flat. I see that on the truck. It's a real thing! (Wow, we didn't even have to wait for our super speedy SqueePeeps! Squeeps?  Squee People?  Squeeple.  Hmm.)  Male manager gets mocked for being gay, and the thug overseeing the eviction mocks them further for not having the money for the contractual compensation. Oh, come on! That was already paid by Feng Suo! This would be dramatic except the PPL makes it funny when Thug says, I called a moving company on 58 Tong Cheng . No subtlety, this show. 
You know, completely over-the-top PPL is always funny. This show does it right
Maybe she'll do a commercial for them in the show, as a job.
Luo Luo shows up and says she's not moving out. Without her, Da Qin Corporation would not be where it is today. Sidebar: I doubt that. And from his evil limousine, Mr Evil says, you would not be where you are without Da Qin. They argue a bit and he says she, a superstar, can kneel in apology to his brother and he will give the flat back, but she refuses. Sidebar: if she's a superstar, she should already have money, property, and a few businesses as insurance for when she gets unpopular.
Ah, but that's often not the case in real life. My aunt knows this guy who was in one popular series in the States. He got paid well but spent it all. ALL. On the lifestyle that's expected of you in those circles. No new gigs followed and he was broke and it all ended quite miserably. 
Oooh, what was the show?
Luo Luo tells her crew, good, they're helping us move. They're all, where to? And she says, we'll leave and find out. And Male Manager tells Mr Evil, thank you and bye bye! Mr Evil is left all foiled. Pffft.
Cut to a new, warmer house, that's all decorated already and on two levels. Male Manager doesn't like it even though it's probably prime real estate in Beijing or Shanghai or wherever they are. And how did they find this house so quickly? 58 To ng Cheng! Wow, how much did that website pay Feng Shao Feng? 
Hahahaha. I also thought "wow, these people have nice houses for someone who has no money".
I was just thinking 'you know what? you don't DO anything as far as I can see, so shut up and be grateful.'
Luo Luo says she wants to open an office and do a musical, Dream Unexpected Romance. She says she will use the dream data from her artist's diary for the content. But she has to get that from Da Qin. Hands up who else thinks Mr. Evil won't give her that data and that she will use Feng Suo's dream machine? Yang Dan looks particularly horrified and mutters that she is dead.
Clever Saki, you should join me in writing fanfiction. 
I did write one for Shine or Go Crazy.
Maybe she has a romance with Dreamer out of it.

Luo Luo goes to Mr Evil the next day only to find out Yang Dan sold that diary to him for $10,000 in a supplementary contract. Hmm, did Luo Luo see any of this money? Anyway, Yang Dan was forced to kneel and then told she would have to pay $50 million to get the diary back. Dude, come on, those dreams aren't worth $50 million. Also, Mr Evil's skin is awful. He should try some Biologique Recherche.
Good idea, Saki, we should start putting PPL into our recaps too
I say it because it works.
Well isn't that the best kind of endorsement anyway? 
Luo Luo storms out, not even noticing WhatsHisName, and, is it me, or is the ground shaking in that building? Oh, she's home. And there are thugs outside her door. And inside, too. Both managers beg her to save them. On her sofa is another gangster called Wang Xi (do we know him?). He's a producer at Ming Yao Entertainment which is Ming Na and LeLe's family company's subsidiary (I think). And he says that yesterday - Sidebar, what? - Luo Luo, Da Qin Corporation and Ming Yao signed an agreement to use Luo Luo's image. Except, she has canceled her contract with Da Qin. Luo Luo asks Yang Dan when she signed this contract. Yang Dan says that time she was lured by the money. Okay, Yang Dan, you're not a very good manager, are you? So now, all this means she has to pay Ming Yao Corporation damages of $5 million - No, No, No, go the managers! - or go to court - No, No, No, go the managers! - or perform at one of Ming Yao's events and clear the debt. Can, Can, Can, go the managers!
The things I do for you guys.
Cut to an event. It's LeLe's birthday party. Per usual (already) she is being bratty. How rich are these people?! She is with Ming Na and Feng Suo receiving gifts and felicitations. Is he the sisters’ walker? I thought walkers were gay. Anyway, LeLe whines that Qin Chu isn’t there, and Ming Na is sad that Feng Suo is on his phone. Not having much luck with da boyz, eh, ladiez? Then, LeLe decides there’s no need to worry about Qin Chu because they have a special guest. Ming Na thinks LeLe is crushing on some actor (please bring William Chan, thanks YES double YES), but that special guest is actually a performer in a Monkey Kingoutfit. When the Monkey King starts singing, everyone goes, hey, sounds like Luo Luo! Come on, not even Luo Luo probably sounds like Luo Luo. The performer in the Monkey King outfit hands out buns to everyone, but when he or she (could be Shi!) stops at Kasuo, there’s all this meaningful background music. What, did they know each other in a previous life???
Oh, maybe this is Eagle Fairy? 
Eagle Fairy Monkey?  Eagle Funkey?
Turns out our Monkey King is Luo Luo! Now I'm disappointed. Join the crowd. LeLe looks smug, while Ming Na, to her credit, looks horrified. She's always been nice, the Mermaid. Feng Suo looks concerned as the crowd shout for Luo Luo to take her Monkey King mask off. Luo Luo finally takes off the mask, and she is clearly upset and embarrassed to be seen playing a monkey at Ming Na's birthday party. She leaves the stage while LeLe gloats and Ming Na scolds her for doing this to Luo Luo. Then the cake arrives. It looks awful. But it distracts the sisters while Feng Suo goes to Luo Luo on the balcony.
There, over an absolutely amazing view of Shanghai (I think) Feng Suo tries talking to Luo Luo. She tells him her performance is over and so her debt is settled and she has no obligation to talk to him. I guess she means that she only had to pay her debt to Ming Yao Corporation with this one performance. Feng Suo is confused and asks if there is a misunderstanding, but Luo Luo says a strict company like his that forbids dating and wants her to use a surrogate for children and forces a performance of the Monkey King (okay, where does his company come in? The contracts here need a flow chart.) what wouldn’t it do? Feng Suo is confused (he's not the only one), but Luo Luo doesn’t believe him. Feng Suo grabs her arm and insists he didn’t say any of those things. Luo Luo tells him to let go, and in the ensuing struggle where they both fall BACK from each other, somehow, and her 90 lb frame breaks the railing and she falls over the side of the building. And somehow, Feng Suo gets there in time to grab her hand. Ah, and he’s dangling off the side too, with his feet hooked on the balcony. Gulp.
Pointy-toed shoes to the rescue!
BUT, Feng Suo’s palms are sweaty (JoAnne was right) (you DOUBTED me?)  and he almost loses Luo Luo when he somehow manages to pull her up, while he slides down and grabs her close, and they fall together, but then, wonder of wonders, Feng Suo channels Kasuo, and makes the water in the pool below them swirl up and freeze into an ice slide. This was, pun intended, pretty cool.
It was more than cool! Hey, sometimes, channeling Kasuo is a good thing.
Feng Suo, the man who brought 'freezing your ass off' into reality.
Both are amazed, but as Luo Luo looks at Feng Suo, she sees him smile and then she starts seeing her past lives with him. Except, somehow, in all those images, she’s dying, which is not really comforting. As they swirl down, we flash to Dreamer and his magic cube and he thinks, yes, Feng Suo has his magic in the mortal world. But, he hasn’t got any way to meet his king. Sad.
Awwwwww. I so want this reunion. 
You are not alone.
Then we cut to an all-red restaurant and to Yan Da in an awesome red coat, yay! She says she will always help Kasuo until his Ice Ancestor She Mi’s magic is in him. Really, Yan Da?
Methinks reincarnation has muddled with her brain!
And then what, though?  You'll rip the magic out of him for your  own reasons?
And back in Ice Fantasy World, which is Pluto, according to Dreamer in episode 1, Granny wears a fabulous outfit and sees something in the sky. Shi - yay!- materializes. They discuss that it’s time for the Blood Red Lotus to bloom on Feng Suo’s 28th birthday. Okay, but Feng Suo looks like he’s 35. Just saying.
40, actually. And goddamn the Blood Red Lotus. I've never liked him
Any of them.
Anyway, back to Feng Suo who is at the side of the pool he used for the ice slide and with Luo Luo fainted in his arms just like how she died in his arms in all those past life flashbacks. Honestly, you might want to get away from Feng Suo, Luo Luo.

People recognize Luo Luo, and take pictures of her, and we see some suspicious looking white sneakers in the frame. Shi, is that you?
Yes, WHERE IS HE? Aren't we all watching this just for him? 
Isn't Feng Suo famous too? 
Of course this all makes it on the news. And, it looks like we will get tables that are computers in the near future since Luo Luo’s managers are shown on both her coffee table and on the laptop. Seems Luo Luo is top of the interweb searches. Woohoo! CF time for her! Luo Luo, however, doesn’t care because she thinks she has gone ice skiing with Feng Suo before, but just can’t quite remember when.
Ice skiing to her death, by the looks of it
Why can he save her this time but never saved her any of the other times?

Anyway, netizens are calling Luo Luo’s scandal boring and her yesterday’s news, pffft. Whatever, they say that sort of thing and it’s never true because they’re still paying attention. Male Manager is mad (seriously, what is his name?) and Yang Dan pooh-poohs his annoyance because all publicity is good publicity. She then pulls out another loud PPL, this time for gN Pearl Facial Masks. But Luo Luo is still thinking of her near-miss with death and Feng Suo.
Speaking of whom, Feng Suo is back at Snowblade City. In Feng Suo clothing, though. While he’s wondering at the scenery, Dream runs up to backhug him. Kidding. But Dreamer is very happy to see Feng Suo. He calls Dreamer Cat Spirit (*note: no, he doesn't. It's a subbing error; it's "Star Gazer") and says, since we met, I keep making ice! And look, I just did it again! Dreamer says, I told you, it’s the magic in your body breaking through, and your true power is way more than this. Dreamer says Feng Suo can’t control it yet because he hasn’t fully realized himself. Feng Suo says, dude, I’m totally myself. Dreamer says, no, I mean the magic in your body. Then he uses his magic cube to show the old Ice King and She Mi and tell Yuanji’s story. Apparently, She Mi divided his body into 7 parts at his death, and, if the 7 parts reunite, then She Mi will return. Yes, but do we want him to?
These two are GREAT together, haha, I love every second of it. 
Feng Suo thinks about all this, and then says, Star Gazer, sorry I thought you were an extra, now would you join my Ge Ning Corporation? I’ll pay you loads. Dreamer says, I just want to protect you! Earth will have a disaster soon. What Dreamer needs is the key to the Endless Bridge (sorry, folks but there’s an Endless Bridge now). Then, Dreamer can come protect Feng Suo.
Did we not have an Endless Bridge in Ice Fantasy too? It rings a faint Bell. Not Bell of the East Emperor, but bell nonetheless.
We had an Endless Sea. No bells or emperors.
*Perk*  If there is a Bell, there must be Mo Yuan.
Feng Suo, however, is delighted he doesn’t have to pay Dreamer, and says, OK! And Dreamer cautiously says, Okaaaaayyy. But Dreamer hasn’t sensed the key to the Endless Bridge yet, which totally annoys Feng Suo, pffft. Oh noes, the ground shakes! Another immortal is trying to stop their meeting! As Feng Suo separates from Dreamer, Dreamer magics a symbol and says, remember to give me this when you wake up!
Cool stuff. Whoever wrote this, I like you. 
I'm just happy to see Dreamer.  If I focus on him, I don't feel so nauseous.
Feng Suo wakes up. Oh, that snow white apartment is his! He decides next time he dreams of Star Gazer, he’ll force him to sign a lifelong contract, hee. Right on cue, the news turns on. There’s an exhibit of stuff belonging to Cao Cao, a Three Kingdoms general. Included is a painting of Cao Zhi (who else thinks that’ll be Feng Suo’s previous incarnation?). And there’s a precious Golden Thread and Jade Belt Pillow. Oh look, that pillow has the symbol Dreamer wanted!
Why on Earth would a man think he could sign a person in a dream to a contract in real life?


That was a fun episode! This show has a lot of humor, even with its blatant PPL where the show is clearly mocking PPL while using it.
It's simple and pure fun, I really hope they can keep this up! 
Speaking of up, I wonder if Feng Suo has better luck with the ladies than Kasuo did.

And we got to see a bit of Yan Da and Shi, though not together. It was interesting to see Granny lucid. I wonder if she always was lucid, and only pretended to be crazy?
They just forgot about her dementia, I think. Not everything makes sense in this show, but I don't care at all. I just hope for more Kasuo-Dreamer interactions and really hope that our Feng Suo won't remember who he was too soon. It's just too hilarious. 
Who's to say this is 'really' after the events of the first show.  It could all be a dream. Or it could be in the past, with some foreshadowing - okay, that would sort of make it concurrent with the first show, but even that's possible.