Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 43 (Recap)

kakashi: Ah, 43. Known for killing mortal Dijun and known for pushing Ye Hua to the edge. Ah, the acting. Ah, Mark Chao. Ah, the heartbreak.
JoAnne: Ah, to be pushed up against a wall by a hungry Mark Chao.

Episode 43

We're in the dungeon, the Emperor regally declares he believes his Jiu'er and Yuan Zhen when they say they're innocent, and that's that (actually it's not, because later, he isn't so sure anymore).
I don't caaaaaaaaaare. I care about Dijun and Fengjiu not whoever these people are.
Anyway, it's still a gigantic mess and we learn what the six hardships of life are: birth, old age, illness, encounters with people you despise, separation from people you love and not getting what you seek. Fengjiu is currently preventing Dijun from experiencing at least one of them. But then, I guess this is quite a bit later, the Emperor gets word that the Crown Prince is having a heart attack in the bath! Ah, look who we have here. Sly, sly.
Who's that?
Si Ming!!! 
Of course, the Crown Prince has no heart attack, but just innocently wants to clean himself when.... Fengjiu comes splashing out! Sexy. So she's finally playing along now?
What magical talent allows someone to remain underwater long enough for another person to enter the room, enter the bath, AND move around in it before that first person has to surface for air? Without realizing there's another person even there.
Mortal Dijun is so heartbroken, he spits blood - and collapses. How very tragic. How very stupid. Fengjiu is thrown into the dungeons again by the Empress. Si Ming visits her there and tells her she did well. Mortal Dijun will die 18 years from now and will return to being Donghua Dijun in the Heavens (he will remember his mortal experience though - without this changing anything between them). But Fengjiu is absolutely heartbroken. He only is her husband here, in the mortal realm after all. (very good acting from Dilraba here)
I do like her. I liked her in Diamond Lover, too, which I need to finish. I didn't bother with Pretty Lui Hui Zhen because She Was Pretty was enough of a go-round on that one. Although it's more KO...
But then, something unexpected happens: Mortal Dijun dies. 18 years too early. It was too much for him. Judging by Si Ming's "oh shit"-face, that's not good. Later, we see that Ye Hua's cousin is among the mourning crowd ... haha, she just got there. Bummer, no more mortal Dijun.
See, I told you it was stupid. And now you killed the guy, so the whole world will change. Whatever happened to not interfering in mortal lives?
Ah, but here he is again, in all his glory. Mr. Rock Dijun. He is thinking about his promise never to forget the two years he shared with mortal Fengjiu. The wedding. The sexy times. And we see he is clutching the bell-arrow talisman.
So much better looking this way.
Si Ming comes scurrying but when asked how it's possible that his mortal trial was cut short by 18 years, Si Ming has no definite answer. He does suggest the six hardships were too much to bear though. Does he mean to say, Dijun inquires, his love trial with Bai Fengjiu was too much to bear? Of course, Si Ming wouldn't dare.
Yes. Yes it was. Because you're supposed to love her HERE, stupid rock.
Ye Hua approaches! Wow, he is impatient. No chitchat either, no "how was your mortal trial, did you like it?" He won't even sit. He has two questions and they are: is divine fungal grass essential in cross essence repair between deities? (Yes it is). And: has Donghua ever fought the Four Magical Beasts in Yingzhou of the Eastern Sea? (No he has not). He knows the Fox King has, though, successfully, though at a high price. The Fox King happens to be among the most powerful immortals. Dijun says he himself could vanquish the beasts too. And, maybe, Ye Hua.
That's a MAYBE, Ye Hua. Pay attention.
That's all he wanted to hear, Ye Hua turns to leave. Is this about Mo Yuan? Dijun asks. Perceptive, aren't you. Ye Hua is surprised the Old God knows so much and never said anything. But it is only now, after experiencing the six hardships, that Dijun understands the actions of Si Yin/Bai Qian. Before, he only thought it ridiculous. I'm not 100% sure what it is that Dijun thinks he understands now, but I do know that this is just one more arrow in Ye Hua's heart.
Our poor sweet baby, his heartbreak kills me. But he's so determined to give her what she wants because he loves her...
He goes back to his Hall and takes the Soul-Gathering Lamp out of a cabinet. When A-Li comes in and sees the lamp, he is surprised: why has his father brought the lamp out? Mommy has already returned? Ye Hua explains that somebody else needs it and the little cutie tells his daddy to hurry, then, because whoever needs it must be super anxious!
So damn cute, this little one.
Riceball then asks his daddy whether they can go visit his mother after he has delivered the lamp. Ye Hua patiently explains that she is busy - she is the Queen of Qing Qiu. Awwww, pumpkin. Don't be sad :( He misses his mother so much. I bet you your father misses her too.
I don't know how she can stand to be away from either of them, honestly.
Bai Qian and Zhe Yan have arrived at the Western Seashore and talk a bit about the low-profile West Sea King. He has only become somewhat well-known since his eldest son fell ill 600 years ago and he started looking high and low for someone who could cure him. Bai Qian is introduced to him as "Emissary" and led to the ailing prince. She's a bit afraid she might run into Die Feng, but he's not around... he is at Kunlun for a few days!
Well that worked out in her favor, didn't it! I was kind of hoping for a reunion.
Bai Qian needs a moment when the Water King opens the door to where Mo Yuan is gathering his soul. Zhe Yan guesses she must be feeling anxious and frightened at the same time. First, she sends the Water King out and then, she spirit-searches Die Yong. Goddammit. There he is! SHIFUUUUU! She is overjoyed. And overwhelmed. 70'000 years!
Hell, I'm overjoyed and it's only been a couple weeks!
Because Die Yong isn't particularly strong and Mo Yuan is feeding off his energy, it will take 7'000 to 8'000 years until Mo Yuan has gathered his spirit this way. But Bai Qian knows of the Soul-Gathering Lamp... her plan is to borrow it and give half of her 140'000 year-old essence to her Shifu. She thinks she has go back up to the Heavens to ask the Heavenly Lord, but before that, she hears that an important guest has arrived. Oh yes. HIM.
But wait, if she gives half her 140'000 years that puts her back to 70'000 and he's been asleep for the last 70'000 so then are they at the same place more or less, like no time passed? Oh but here's Ye Huaaaa...
She remembers his words about A-Li ... it doesn't look like she even wants to talk to him. She turns to go (a bit reluctantly!). It's not talking that is on his mind though.
I really hate it when people drag out fights so I totally support Ye Hua's reconciliation effort here.
Seeing the scar above her heart, where she repeatedly cut herself to collect her heart's blood, is like a cold shower though. And yes, he deserves this slap. This is not how you jump on a lady, boy.
Apparently she doesn't, though, and we have to respect her wishes. Sigh.
And he asks again, gently touching the scar, whether he has a place in her heart. He answers his own question by saying that after waiting for 70'000 years for him, she certainly couldn't care for anyone else. It was just wishful thinking. Noooooo! TT______________________TT
Oh no...does he really not win her over in this life? I never considered that. Oh no, this really can't be what happens. I am not prepared for this.
Okay, she finally understands what he is saying. But why would it concern him whether her Shifu is returning? (Listen, Ye Hua! Listen to what she is saying!) Besides, how does he know? He tells her Zhe Yan told him - and he knows she will need the Soul-Gathering Lamp.
Oh! Oh, thank God! There's still a chance, yes.
"Tell me", he continues, "what else to you plan to do after getting the lamp?" She frankly tells him: she'll go get the divine fungal grass. And then, she'll use her cultivation to create an elixir with the grass, which she will feed to Die Yong. Mo Yuan will be able to wake up in no more than three months. Ye Hua has started crying. He knows and she knows ... these beasts are too much for her.
Wait, no. This is going in the wrong direction again.  Stop!
She steps away from him and expresses a wish to break off the engagement. Ouf. Her reason (listen to what she is saying, Ye Hua!): he will soon be made the next Heavenly Lord. She would have to (and want to) face 81 sacred blazes and 9 holy thunderbolts with him then. She has to transfer her cultivation to her Shifu though. She would not be able to withstand this.
It's not that she doesn't want to, Ye Hua. I don't think I would hear the difference either if I was as upset and sad and afraid as he is, though.
She looks at him and sees how crushed he is. She continues talking - for her own benefit as well, I am sure! - about how they were never meant to be married in the first place, that is was forced onto them due to his 2nd uncle's mistake. Qing Qiu will break the engagement this time - they will be even. "I understand", he says, "come to my room tonight". He has the Soul-Gathering Lamp with him.
No, but you don't understand, Bai Qian! There's so much you don't know! You ARE meant to be together. Ugh I can't do this.
"It all turns out to be just wishful thinking after all", he adds, "how much do I owe you? Who knows what you owe me? It's all a mess now. It can't be sorted out anymore".


Oh my poor boy :((( You two finally communicate and are absolutely honest with each other and you misunderstand her so? She did not say with one single word that she is in love with Mo Yuan. She did never say she has no room in her heart for you. She knows she will be weak and she knows you cannot have a weak Empress. She is actually thinking of you! Stop assuming things! Dummy.
He's just so crushed, it kills me.

I did not fully get his extreme emotion in that sea hall to be honest. Was it because he saw her again after worrying alone in the Heavens? Did he think it was his last chance? Did he want to patch things with her with make-up sex? Whatever it was, he got off lightly with just a slap, haha. Still, hot. Veeeeeery hot.
Sizzling. He is so in love and so desperately afraid of losing her, he's going to win her over by sheer force? He did deserve the slap but still, I would have liked it if she had responded otherwise, too. As long as she responded. I wouldn't want to see her be forced.

The scene is so incredibly emotional. From his desperate lust to his quiet agony when he sees her scar and is brutally reminded of his biggest fear - this woman never loved him. The realization that this woman is ready to give her life for her One True Love and then, she even breaks off their engagement. It's probably his worst nightmare.
If this drama has them spend all three lives ending in pain and alone...nope. Nope. Not gonna happen. Right? It's not going to happen?

That scene with Dijun though ... we know what he is planning to do, don't we. No way in HELL will he let Bai Qian go to fetch that mushroom grass alone: It seems pretty clear that there is a high chance she'll not make it. I hope - though doubt! - that they'll go together. With the two of them, those beast will be toast in no time!
That would be awesome. On the way there or on the way back or during the fight, whatever, but at some point, they could finally figure out what the situation truly is.  She's not in love with Mo Yuan.  She's feeling some kind of way about Ye Hua. And Ye Hua worships the ground she walks on, always has, always will. Can we just get to that point please?

As for our other ill-fated couple: poor mortal Dijun. I liked how this incredibly boring story was resolved; I found it touching. But what is Donghua Dijun "feeling" now? He remembers everything. And he tells Ye Hua he now understands things differently. The mortal trial has changed him (was that the plan?) but how? Is he feeling things now?
Nope. I still think it was stupid.