Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 53 (Recap)

kakashi: In case you were wondering why things have slowed down; it's a mixture of real life demands, fanfiction writing and regret that recapping this drama will be over soon. I'm stalling! I really don't want this to end. In addition, these last few episodes are really slow.
JoAnne: I don't know about y'all but the break was nice. Don't get me wrong, I luuuuuh me some Mark Chao face/hair/smile/Qian Qian give me another baby but I'm ready for this to be over. Mama needs to rest.

Episode 53

Fengjiu has thrown herself into Dijun's arms and he just sits there, overwhelmed. She calls him "Majesty" and he calls her "Jiu'er". She talks about how he carried her home through the rain and how drenched he is ... she is dreaming, or thinks she's dreaming. She notices his white hair then, and says it's not right to call him "Majesty" when he is Donghua Dijun, who looks so much better this way. "You were a bit ugly in your mortal form", she says, to tease him. Haha, thanks, we've noticed too.
Awww, look. The rock cracked. What's that saying about a drop of water? Did the damn girl have it right all along and we were just too impatient?
It's a very sweet moment, but alas, nothing has changed. Ah, good.  I hate to be wrong.  He cannot fall in love and so he leaves after she has fallen back asleep and tells everyone waiting outside the room to keep his visit a secret from her. It seems Zhe Yan was able to to do reconstructive surgery on her tail or something, in any case, Bai Qian is glad her niece isn't the first eight-tailed fox in Qing Qiu. Fengjiu says she has learned a lot through this ordeal ... but it's not to stop running after a man she can't have, it's that she has a lot of time. Hopeless.
This child needs an intervention.
In the Heavens, Su Jin has finally finished the wooden figurine - it very closely resembles Su Su! Performing some very taboo magic, Su Jin turns the figurine into a breathing human, a true replica of Su Su. It's all to make Bai Qian jealous. Su Jin wants her to think she's just a substitute for Su Su. I don't have a good feeling about this! Su Jin is too devious and clever, she knows people's weaknesses too well!
Let's hire someone to kill her.
It's a joyous day for the now adolescent, mortal Ye Hua - he ranked first in some royal examination - when the Su Su replica is thrown into his path. He mistakes her for Bai Qian, the woman he is waiting for day and night, but only for a second. Taking pity on her (awww, he has a good heart), he accepts the poor woman as a servant into his manor.
No, no, no awwing. Remember how badly it went when immortal Ye Hua took pity on a woman and let her be a maid in his palace? Have we not learned anything?
Bai Qian is in the elixir chamber at Kunlun and it's been six straight days, we learn. It takes a lot of effort to heal Mo Yuan, doesn't it. She has the cutest chat with Sixteenth about the olden days. He almost tells her about his affairs of the heart, almost. Teasingly, she blasts him like she used to, but that catapults him across the room. Oh no. Hardly any power left.
Poor baby, let us snuggle him.
She guesses it has something to do with that brief romance of his. Bingo. A woman he calls a hundred, a thousand times more pretty than Bai Qian. He tells her he is going to the Sea of Innocence, the burial place of the Celestial Tribe, to guard the tombs. Until he vanishes into the realm of nothingness. It's such a stupid vow.
Well, it's more useful than becoming a hermit living in a cave on a mountain, I guess.
Mo Yuan will leave for meditation the next day, but he is back in the wine cellar, reminiscing. Bai Qian looks for him all over the school and finally finds him outside. She has the elixir with her. He accepts it gracefully but remains silent. Bai Qian finds his behavior a bit odd and asks whether there is anything else? He asks when her wedding is and then tells her to behave once she's married and living up there. She will, she promises him, and she has Ye Hua now, who will take care of her. She also hopes very much he will make it to her wedding.
Yeah, I'm thinking that's one single guy you won't be able to pair up with some spinster bridesmaid, Bai Qian.
After Master has gone into extensive meditation, Sixteenth leaves as well. Bai Qian also takes her leave from Second (he is the only one remaining to guard the school for now). He has something for her: The Soul-Gathering Lamp! She left it behind in the West Sea.
Do we need it anymore? Should we have a yard sale?
She goes straight to the mortal realm after this, to see her Ye Hua. But when she gets to his previous manor, she learns he no longer lives there. The 18 year old already has his own household, because he's a genius, already holding a ministerial post at such a young age. Bai Qian is visibly proud of her Ye Hua, until she steps into his new house and sees him drinking with Su Su. We learn the young master isn't well at all. The reason? He is lovesick.
I think it's just that funny hat.
Bai Qian doesn't hear this though. Like Su Jin has planned, she instantly gets jealous to see him with another woman.
Whatever else she is, Su Jin is certainly good at spoiling the mood.
Su Jin, who told her horrid maid to alert her if Bai Qian tried to see Ye Hua, appears next to Bai Qian immediately. She informs the High Goddess that she has made a wooden figurine for Ye Hua against his loneliness, of the person "he misses the most": which would be the mortal woman Su Su. Obviously, she adds, that figurine is taking good care of Ye Hua. And obviously, he has fallen for her again even after taking the amnesia potion, because he cares so much. Bitch. I do hear everyone's warning though: once the Crown Prince finds out about the figurine, you'll be in deep shit. Can't wait.
Maybe he'll make her eat the figurine. May she choke on a wood chip - or maybe she could rupture something trying to pass a splinter? hmmm.
Bai Qian is quite heart-broken after this. And full of doubts. Is it possible he just loves her because she looks like Su Su? He even mistook her for her when the met at the Eastern Sea in episode 30! Is she nothing more than her substitute? Indeed, that's her conclusion. Silly woman.
You would think that a woman so capable, so enlightened, so powerful...nah, I guess we all have our thing.
Okay, have some 4th Brother smiling because Zhe Yan gave him candied peach blossoms. He's so cute.
We should do a K/M/F for the Boys of Kunlun. I wish they'd do a tastefully nude calendar... strategically placed peach blossoms, maybe a lotus for the bigger guys.
Bai Qian locks herself into her Fox Den and mopes, while having the lit Soul-Gathering Lamp next to her. She then starts drinking heavily. Never a bad idea.
Why did she light the lamp? Who are we trying to resurrect now?


Bai Qian being jealous of herself even though mortal Ye Hua only pines for her is silly and I don't like it at all. Luckily, this drama moves swiftly, as we have noticed before, so let's just enjoy Bai Qian's extremely beautiful gown and hope she remembers soon that she and Su Su are identical.
They're only identical in appearance, though. They were quite different in personality.