Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 54 (Recap)

kakashi: Payback time. One of the most satisfying episodes, unless you're a Su Jin fan.
JoAnne: Do such creatures exist?

Episode 54

Bai Qian is very drunk and very heartbroken. Ye Hua loves someone else and she is just a substitute! Why else would he have recognized the mortal Su Su and not her, Bai Qian otherwise? Likely, when they first met, he fell for her because she had her eyes covered, just like Su Su. Fengjiu suggests he should talk to Ye Hua about it, but Bai Qian is too depressed to listen.
I can understand how this would rock her, really, even when he's been so loving toward her.
She tries to sleep, but it's too bright ... she's especially angry at the stupid Soul-Gathering Lamp. And ... breaks it, with a flick of her arm. Nooooo! I mean YEEEEEES, but noooooooo because of how valuable that artifact was. I cringed so hard.
Why was it even lit at this point? I think I asked that before, too. I genuinely don't remember if there was a reason beyond 'so it could piss BQ off and she could break it.'
There was Su Su essence in that lamp and it's now free! Bai Qian pricks herself on one of the shards - and maybe that is what makes the Su Su essence recognize its host, in any case, it starts entering her body. And she remembers everything. Especially the bad stuff. Bai Qian knows she is Su Su! Ah, the pain she must be feeling ...
Well, and this.
Down in the mortal realm, mortal Ye Hua pines for his Goddess from Qing Qiu. He turned down every single woman being forced his way, aggravating his mother so much she died (haha). Su Su, who was pushed at mortal Ye Hua by that mother too, respects his faithfulness. She knows he only has one woman in his heart. And it's not her.
I was surprised that the mannequin actually had emotions at all, and really loved that she wasn't just an extension of Su Jin. It seemed to me that she truly loved mortal Ye Hua.
In Qing Qiu, Bai Qian declares she needs to get something back. Her eyes. OHYESPLEASE! Once Mi Gu and Fengjiu understand that she used to be the mortal woman Su Su because of her trial, they are both like: absolutely. She needs to get back what is hers. Haha.
All I remember thinking at this point was OMG yes I am sooooo ready for this, and please: make it as painful as possible for Su Jin. 
Fengjiu realizes it could get dangerous and follows her aunt. After getting the Kunlun Fan from the lake, Bai Qian goes straight to the Heavens - and is let in. Feangjiu on the other hand, who is a bit behind her, is stopped by the guards. Ha, they don't recognize her! Because she also just stalked Dong Hua in Taichen Palace.  And they don't believe she's the Princess from Qing Qiu either.
Can't she just poof past them?
Bai Qian is awesome. She goes to Su Jin's palace, puts her stupid maid into some kind of force field prison and enters Su Jin's chambers. Be afraid, Su Jin, be very afraid.
I love Ye Hua and all but I think this part is my favorite part of the whole story, really. Maybe someday a fan will make a highlight reel of all the times Su Jin got dissed in this drama. Wouldn't that be awesome?
Su Jin (I haaaaate the way she always folds her hands!) is gloating - she thinks Bai Qian has come because of mortal Ye Hua and goes on and on about how the fake Su Su takes such good care of him. Wroooooooong move, Su Jin. Bai Qian does not give a fuck about your fake Su Su. She has come to get her eyes back. Yes, Su Jin. HER eyes.
She is so bad ass. I love how she waltzes in and sits down like that. This girl is dangerous.
Bai Qian offers to have Su Jin remove them herself - or she will do it. It may hurt though, because she's a bit drunk.
Su Jin's terror is so satisfying. Her whimpering just enrages Bai Qian more though - Su Jin acting frail is just an act, she knows. Merciless and fully deserved, she rips her eyes out of Su Jin's eye sockets to take them back. Great acting from Yang Mi here, by the way: she is outraged and yet, deeply hurt and I want to both cheer her on and hug her.
It's true, I feel the same.
Is this enough? Of course not. Bai Qian says Su Jin owes her two times: Once for the eyes, twice for the Terrace. She considers the debt for the eyes paid. As for Zhuxian ... either Su Jin jumps off herself; or she could volunteer to use her feeble powers to guard the Bell of the East Emperor. To never step foot inside the Celestial Palace again.
Just jump, Su Jin.
Su Jin is shaking and whimpering, but she defies Bai Qian! This will not happen! Fine, says Bai Qian, then she'll just go and talk to the Heavenly Lord herself. She doesn't though. I think she just doesn't have the energy, once she's out of there. The crushing weight of the sad, sad Su Su memories drive her to Zhuxian Terrace. She thinks she can no longer marry Ye Hua.
Number one: Su Jin, I think you might be counting on support that won't be there for you; and number two: Bai Qian, you can. You can! He took your eyes to save your life, please understand.
Fengjiu is still trying to gain access when Dong Hua appears with Si Ming in tow. They're about to go down to the Bell, because they've realized Ye Hua may be keeping something from them. Here is Si Ming finding out Bai Qian = Su Su (Dong Hua stays hidden):
Hahahahahahaha I love Si Ming and I hope he's part of the fanfic. Third Uncle and Cheng Yu need their story, too.
Su Jin is on her way to the Heavenly Lord and meets her uncles on the way. She demands they uphold justice! Fuck you, Su Jin! Fengjiu comes running and confronts her with all her evil lies ... in vain. Our little Fox knows nothing of the rules up here and stands no chance against the scheming Su Jin. The appearance of Dong Hua changes that though. I cheer.
Oh thank God, be useful, Dong Hua. Be useful.
Mortal Ye Hua is dying. Of heartache. His Goddess never came back to keep her promise. He is so incredibly sad ... he knows that his short life is but a few days for her, but he cannot wait any longer. Faithful to the end, this mortal Ye Hua. He even wants to be buried with the string of beads she gave him.
Oh for crying out loud, give me a break.
Ye Hua wakes up at Kunlun (I wonder why?). His trial was much shorter than planned ... awwww. Dying of heartache. Not everybody can do that. Since he had an unscripted trial, this won't affect him. In fact, he is able to use his arm again after this! So the reason he had no arm in the mortal realm was that he could gain it back through his suffering?
Well, I am glad he's back though so I will let that stupid mortal story pass.
Mo Yuan approaches (he interrupted his meditation) - and tells Ye Hua he is his twin. Ye Hua isn't exactly overjoyed, but I guess it's a lot to wrap your head around. Mo Yuan tells him how Bai Qian used to take care of him when he was in Lotus form. Perhaps it was destined, he says. A fated romance they both should cherish.
This is so sad. Mo Yuan is a really good person.
Su Jin is front of the Heavenly Lord, crying for justice. Let me be the judge today, says Dong Hua Dijun. He has no stake in this matter and he will judge wisely. This, the Heavenly Lord realizes, is the only way to not piss off Qing Qiu.
Or you could have not been an ass and encouraged the bitch to begin with, you old coot.


Awww, Mo Yuan and Ye Hua. I wanted more! Ye Hua could at least have smiled at his Big Bro! He was so happy to finally meet him. Oh well, we have fanfic now for that kind of stuff :)
We will right all the wrongs! Fill in all the gaps! Smooth over the misunderstandings! Provide reasons for a whole lot of people to make their partners really, really happy!

Awwwww, mortal Ye Hua. That was so sweet. And I loved how the Su Su figurine was just there for him, but never wanted more. She totally accepted that he was in love with another woman.
How could someone as hateful as Su Jin have created such a good thing?

Su Jin: guarding the Bell will just not be enough. I would have pushed her off the Terrace, pulled her out again just when she was about to disappear and from the top. 10000000 times or so.
Bloodthirsty, are we? I like it!

Bai Qian's heartache is fully understandable. I would not consider marriage to a person who had made me suffer that much, even after considering everything. She is considering everything, or is trying to, but having those memories back must be so horrible.
But - just as she is a different person now, so is he. I think I would have to approach it that way. He was young and very stupid, but his love was real. He wasn't strong enough to protect it or wise enough to understand how to do it, even if he could. Things are different now.