Cupids: The Amazing Eiffel-Tower-Loving Series

"Kammathep" is the Thai word for Cupid. Channel 3 created "The Cupids" series with the following plot: eight single woman working at a matchmaking agency must get boyfriends within a year or risk losing their jobs. Each story consists of 7 to 10 episodes. And since Paris used to be called "The City of Love", I can only surmise that the PD wanted to beat us over the head with Eiffel Towers, much like Oil is trying to do to Att.

In the course of watching the show, it almost became ridiculous how many of these things showed up! I did my best to make sure they were all distinctly different. In some instances there were two similar ET's at opposite ends of the room. Also, there were two sets of ET bookends - do I count them as 1 or 2 ET's per set? Since technically they are cut in half...

Anyways, the entire series was a total of 61 episodes, broadcasting from March to July 2017, with an average of 7 episodes per story arc. Enjoy!

Story 1: Kammathep Hunsa


Story 2: Kammathep Ork Suek 


Story 3: Kammathep Online


Story 4: Loob Kom Kammathep

This plot involves human trafficking between Thailand and France, so there were some establishing shots.


Story 5: Sorn Ruk Kammathep

We have two dilemmas. One, there are two sets of ET bookends; one in his office and one in his studio. However, inside his studio, it seems to be the same ET just traveling around the space (and nearly braining him).
Below is potentially the same statue being moved around the room. And the 2nd set of ET bookends:

Story 6: Kammathep Sorn Kol

The third screen shot is an old-style map of Paris, with the Eiffel Tower showing on the banks of the Seine River.

Story 7: Kammathep Jum Laeng

I was floored. There are no new ET's to be found in this arc. Seven episodes of No-ET. I didn't know what to do, so I inserted a pic of Spike versus Vincent from CowboyBebop, fighting on it.

Story 8 Final: Kammathep Prab Marn 


So, in the end, my best guess is around 43 Eiffel Towers.  There must have been a discount rental for them at Props-R-Us.  I will return to my regular ET Sighting blogs in the future. Stay tuned and keep an eye out!