Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 27 (Recap)

kakashi: Tingjun finally gets some.
JoAnne: Oh thank GOD.
He is not quite himself though.

Episode 27

Tingjun is shaking badly and finally collapses in his throne room. Creepy guy comes in and feeds him a pill. So …. is he the one who makes him like this? Or is it the aftereffects of the Boner? Tingjun then curses Feng Tianyi - even if he crashes Sky City into Wingkind City, Ling’er’s heart won’t be his. True, true.
There've been times when the aftereffects of a boner left me kind of weak-kneed...
A human is captured outside Wingkind City, with artificial wings. He is in fact a messenger from Tingjun, inviting Feng Tianyi to Humankind City for negotiations. Feng Ren is quite freaked out by the quality of the fake wings - if the humans can fly, Wingkind is in grave danger. Why not just fly together, dude? Where's the harm? Humans are much stronger than them! Guessing the “invitation” to Humankind City is eeeevil, Feng Ren decides to go in WKE’s stead. Such a good uncle. Only: Tianyi finds out about it (through Pei Yu) and declares he must go himself! He is the emperor after all. Such a good boy.
He's dumb as a box of rocks, but his intentions are good.
At Humankind, Fuling hears from the valiant bodyguard that Tingjun holds three Stars Court Masters captive. She manages to get the key and the valiant bodyguard opens the Masters’ cell. They don’t get far. Luoling and his circus assembly have been waiting. Now, they have the perfect excuse to kill them. Plus, they were drugged by by the Seven Poison Soul Eater Powder. Gasp! It means they only have 3% of their normal powers. Fighting ensues! The choreography is good!
I thought I just dreamed this. It really happened?  Wow.
The one Stars Court Dude who looks like a bad Elvis impersonator sacrifices his life so that Yu Fei can escape - Senior Uncle, the drunkard, dies first. The valiant bodyguard dies last. At one stage, Yi Fuling intervenes, though her “Stop!” has little authority. The circus ensemble is just about to rough her up when Tingjun appears. He believes the Stars Court Masters needed to be killed and when he learns about Fuling’s involvement, he vows to lock her up until… some event that remains a secret. So thrilling. She slaps him. Bravo, he should be slapped much more.
I wonder how this all would have ended if she could have just slapped the corroding boner right out of him.
Feng Tianyi chooses this very charged moment to fly into the throne room in Humankind City. The one to appear is Luoling though, who is quickly turning into the main villain of this story. Luoling tries to make it look like Yi Fuling is in danger, but Tianyi doesn’t fall for it. He realizes they just try to threaten him with her. He knows Tingjun would never hurt her.
Yeah, it's not like he would take her up into the sky and drop her non-flying ass, or anything like that.
He forces Luoling to take him to Huanzheng (he knows he must be there because of those wooden wings on that messenger) and is indeed taken to Sky City. Tingjun also makes an appearance, right when Tianyi uses his whip against Huanzheng, whom he considers a traitor. Tignjun has an eeeevil plan: trade Fuling against Huanzheng’s life.
No corroding boner muscle memory for that pairing, at least.
Tianyi tries to keep up his game of “I don’t care about Fuling anymore”, but when Tingjun squeezes her throat, he caves, thinking Tingjun isn’t what he once was, meaning he could very well be crazy. That was easy. Tianyi is handed over to the black-clad creep.
It's like musical people around here, just handing this one to that one and the other one to the next one, and such like. Ooh!  Hot Potato, the Human Version.
Huanzheng has rebuilt Sky City and set the course towards South Yudu City. Of course (for excitement), this course cannot be altered by anyone, not even Huanzheng.
Cuz no one ever makes a mistake or changes their mind ever.
Tingjun kills Luoling for drugging Fuling and suggesting he should just take her body and make her his. Luoling’s last words are about Tingjun’s horrible loneliness and eternal pain. Of course, it was the State Master who told him that.
Just a boy and his corroding boner memories, forever alone.
We learn of State Master’s ultimate plan: the Celestial Door occult practice. It goes like this, please try not to laugh: “Make you become Feng Tianyi, make Feng Tianyi become you.” (meaning their fates will be switched) —> Tingjun will be the God of Shooting Stars Flower’s true love. Tingjun will only be able to live half an hour, but hey! Half an hour is better than nothing!
I honestly do not remember this. Do you think I reached my stupid limit and deliberately blocked it out?
To perform the occult practice, they have Tianyi tied up in some weeeeeird steampunk machine. Tingjun is put on the other side. State Master turns a wheel… electricity saps around the two, there is a thunderstorm… Massive energies are released, both scream and scream … then, silence. Has it worked?! Tingjun opens his eyes ……. it seems it has.
How can you tell? Did he suddenly turn hot?
Feng Ren is worried - Tianyi should be back already. In comes the sole survivor of the Stars Court Masters’ massacre and tells Feng Ren about the unholy happenings.
Quick, go play your keyboard and be emo!
Tingjun is in the forest with the lifeless (=roofied) Fuling. The idiot is going to pour his and her blood on the amulet. Damn, he is going to make her scattered. And he knows nothing about it. The amulet shimmers, blows stardust on Fuling and she starts glowing as she is lifted into the sky. The Goddess is here. Wingkind is doomed: Sky City will launch and crash into them.
I don't know how you keep this shit straight, honestly.


Almost there, almost there. 
But don't hold your breath, because if you do you'll die.