Rants and Weekly Raves #161 (RAWR)

kakashi: New, new, new, new! I won't even try, it's overwhelming.
JoAnne: Some of it may actually be next week? If so, this conversation will make no sense because those listings will disappear...
It's still a gazillion new shows, Jo... 
Trotwood: It's only been three days, and I'm already woefully behind. The only thing keeping from feeling drama frantic is imagining how frantic the subbers must be!
SakiVI: I was fine trying during the week, but now, the one show I was really anticipating, Revolutionary Love, I've had no time for. I'm mad at myself.


Temperature of Love 

Jung Woo knows, now. On the one hand, thank God - I would be irritated by another week of 'oh wow look how they just missed each other in the street.' On the other, awwww. He's genuinely hurt, I think. And this brings me to the scary portion of the drama because: is he going to turn nasty? He has no reason to do that. Yes, his friends are in love with each other, but no one ever lied to anybody, and what kind of crazy is it that plans to propose to a woman who has clearly drawn a line with you for five years straight, anyway? Still, it's hard to be angry with a fool who has Kim Jae Wook's face, so mostly I just feel sorry for him and hope he doesn't turn vengeful.
But he was so scary with that actor guy. He went from calm to "I could cut you" in a second. I tweeted Jo right away and said I almost peed in my pants during that scene. I agree that he shouldn't be angry. Hurt yes, but if there is anything that Jung Woo and Hyun Soo do very well is draw the line with second leads. I've never seen the likes of this before. I almost melted completely when Jung Woo told the hateful Hong Ah that not only was Hyun Soo a higher priority than she is but that Hyun Soo is a higher priority than everyone. I'm hoping that she tries to use Jung Woo against them, and he realizes that he doesn't want to be such a bratty ball of steaming petulant narcism and helps them out instead. I think they're going to need it because their mothers are NOT going to like this relationship either.

20th Century Boy and Girl (New)

So far this show is the visual equivalent of a big warm happy hug. Sa Jin Jin is a sweetheart and she's surrounded by sweethearts and I love her and I can't wait for the romance between her and Gong Ji Won. I'm not as interested in the friends' romances at this point, but the show doesn't really want us to be, yet. For everyone who bemoans the lack of solid female friendships in KDrama, though, these are friends to love - so I will enjoy their stories when the time comes. It's just that I'm going to enjoy Han Ye Seul and Kim Ji Suk more. (YAY Kim Ji Suk is a LEAD and will get the girl!!!!)
This is the show that I'm so behind in. They didn't help by doubling up episodes the first night. I love how they have been friends for so long and that Sa Jin Jin is the anti-snob super star. I'm interested in the the flight attendant's romance because I think she needs love the most of the three. I'm also thinking that it's a nice to see that there used to be a guy friend in the tight group and what that means.

Witch's Courtroom (New) 

I liked this show even though they've given us a heroine that I would not like in real life. She's fun to watch, and it will be interesting to see how they have her change and how far the show will allow her to be dubious in her quest to win, especially since the drama world has less patience and, thus, a lower track record for female characters like this to have a turn around.
This sparked and immediate and visceral reaction in me: rage. I have never experienced sexual harassment in the work place and in all my many (many, many) years of working, have only ever been aware of one instance where someone I knew was harassed. The harasser was investigated immediately upon complaint and was removed from his position permanently. I understand anecdotally that this is a rare result, so I'm left to wonder what is happening around me that I don't know about, as well as wondering this: WTF is wrong with a person that they think this behavior is okay? Which I suppose is a long way around of saying that the show wasn't enjoyable to watch because I was so angry at the bad guys, and even at our 'heroine', who has a LONG way to go. I don't know if I want to continue to experience that, but I will try next week all the same.    
I dunno, I like our self-serving heroine. I think she'll win over every harasser and rapist out there.  The thing that annoyed me was how she'd put a massive deposit into her flat - I think it's a rent-up-front deal- and yet this "hero" doesn't have to honour that and can just demand more money?  Come on!

This Life is Our First (New)

More than 24 hours later and I'm STILL laughing about Doo Joon's cameo. I think I'm going to like the sense of humor in this show, and I definitely like the pairing of Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki. God, he's particular, this guy. I like the way they're filming this, with the two of them going about their separate lives but the video shows how they overlap. I can't wait until they realize they're living together. I have high hopes for this.
That was HILARIOUS!! I do love the quirky humor, and I really like the main characters, too. So many hateful people though. Her dad is a complete fright. His blatant favoritism for his son is so far out there that it's almost caricature, and the co-worker guy who tries to force himself on her in her desperate state? And let's not forget his parents who are ready to bribe him to get married and the father threatening to divorce the mother over it. I just want more of our pair watching Arsenal, so I don't get out my slapping outfit. It's already getting worn out by Hong Ah in ToL.
The dad is horrible! I want him gone, and that co-worker too. I hope that actress who plays Lee Min Ki's mother doesn't shriek a lot in this show. In others I've seen, she shrieks and shrieks.

Age of Youth 2 (Finale) 

I'll start by saying I love this show and these girls and would be very happy to see them come back for a third season, but...what the hell was that? Clearly they didn't have enough time to end the story properly. I'm disappointed. Update: I just read an interview and now I know that the version I watched did not include a pretty important epilogue.  I think if I had seen that I would be upset (because sadness) but not disappointed in what appeared to me at first to be a poorly executed finale.

Mad Dog (New) 

This is the type of show that makes me want to fast forward not because it's bad but because I'm so anxious while watching. Even though I knew what was going to happen to the wife and son, it didn't make it any less painful to watch it unfold. I like the team a lot, and it's a credit to the writing that I have bonded with them as a team so quickly that I'm already wanting to punch Min-Joon for smugly interfering with them. I didn't expect the identity reveal at the end, but I am now curious to know why he seems to hate them so much when really it would be more understandable the other way round. It makes me curious to know what role the insurance company plays in all of this. Yoo Ji Tae is hitting every single emotion. I love him pre and post tragedy, and I like how there are core things about him that do not change. He is also SMOKIN' HOT. Jo Jae-Yun is excellent in this as well. He always is and adds such layer to every side role he has. I want to know how he became a part of this team and why he wants to be a nurse. 
I didn't expect that twist either, but loved it. I didn't think he hated them at all, though. He went to all that trouble to connect with them - if anything, he wants to be part of it although I don't doubt he has changes in mind. But Kang Woo, he does hate Min Joon for profiting from the death of Kang Woo's family, but that makes no sense. He also blames the insurance company for paying out that money, which also makes no sense. Perhaps we'll get more insight into that as we go along. The insurance company chairman seems vaguely suspicious but that could just be my lingering reaction from the actor's recent appearance in The King Loves, and I am not sure his daughter's guilt is only because she 'put them on that plane.'
I think he is mad that they are going to pay out the money when it is declared a suicide. Most insurance companies don't give such payout since a suicide is not considered an accident but another, if sad and gruesome, way to make a fraudulent claim. This policy does cover suicide though, but maybe he thinks it's still wrong.

While You Were Sleeping 

Cutie Cop Woo Tak better be okay. That's it.
If he isn't, we'll go kick some ass.
Already on stand by for a plane ticket just in case.
Yeah!  And he has a corgi!

Buam Dong Revenge Club / Avengers Social Club (New) 

This is getting very good ratings, but no one is subbing this yet. I really wanted to watch this more than any of the new ones, but I get the feeling it's going to go the route of Argon--no young cute actors or an OTP romantic center thus no subs. Sigh. UPDATE: Someone sent me a link to subs for the first episode, but I'm not getting excited because apparently they were translated from Chinese subs of the original. Sigh again, because this episode--even though it started slow--was my favorite of the first episodes all week. These women have scoundrels in their lives but not like the over the top horrible people we've seen in some of the other shows this week, but the kind of horrible people that we know--cheating sycophant husbands, abusive spouses, and parents of bullies who are bullies themselves. I'm going to love watching these people get taken down, and I already love each of the heroines.
At this point, I've only seen one episode, but I really like it. Everything Trot said, plus the puppy. (Not sure husband was a cheater, though. I think Puppy pre-dates the marriage.)

Go Back Spouses (New) 

I like. I welcome the chance for our stressed-out, unhappy couple to go back to the past and figure out how they got from point A to point B and maybe pick up some home truths along the way.  I really felt bad for them both, in the present. They're so caught up in getting through the days and just surviving that grind that they've completely lost sight of each other and of themselves, even. I will happily anticipate their eventual return to present-day and each other.

Man Who Sets the Table 

There's nothing I like so much about this that it would balance out the hateful parents, and I find myself choosing to do almost anything besides watch episodes. Dropped, permanently.  I don't think anyone else here is watching, either?

Good Thief, Bad Thief 

Now this, I do still want to watch, but it's always last on my list and so I never get to it. It goes on my 'Someday, Eventually' list.

The Package (New) 

I'm only mildly curious about why Yoon Park is so mad at Lee Yeon Hee.  I'm actually more curious to know if I'm right about the ahjumma having a terminal illness, and that the couple everyone assumes is cheating is actually a father with his out of wedlock daughter.  Are they in the same hotel room?  I didn't notice.  But Paris is pretty and so is Jung Yonghwa, so I'll watch a bit more.

Black (New) 

Y'all are gonna have to explain to me what was so terrible about this show because I've watched the first episode and I'm into it.  Hyeri's traumatized girl, Oppa's likable but sorta dim detective turned dead reaper as a pair who go around saving people?  I'm cool with that, but not if there's more vomiting.  I'm done with the vomiting.

Revolutionary Love (New) 

I waited so long, and I'm still waiting. I need a clear two hours, away from work, and away from mum who keeps blasting turkish soap operas.
Siwon is lovable, of course.  They're all lovable.  But I feel very 'been there, done that' about this.  Plucky girl, unworldly spoiled rich guy with 'friend' who's been brought up to basically clean up his messes and take his punishments...meh.  If it wasn't Siwon I wouldn't be back.  Change my mind, show.
I like her because she isn't the traditional Candy character, but even though I love Siwon, I wish they didn't make him such a doofus for so much of this and so blind to what has always been happening to his "friend." I also need to know NOW why his friend is putting up with this job when, as prosecutor said, he graduated first in his class and was recruited by other firms. it had better be good, otherwise, I may just read recaps on this one.

Great Teacher Oh Soon Nam 

Looks like Mad is getting rehabilitated now that our main couple have saved her.  And wth, Trot didn't you also find it weird that CEO Yong kept a letter from Evil Hwang's father in her scrapbook, but never showed it to him?  She is a weird one, that woman.
I feel as though they want to redeem her but they don't think about her character development enough and then just slap random things onto her history that don't make sense. I think it's interesting that Evil Elf keeps having these visions of Mad's dad trying to kill him--enough to physically react. I don't know what Mad's putting in his drink, but it's effective.

Sweet Enemy

Unfortunately, I know that the cliffhanger of the heroine about the cut off the female 2nd lead's hand is probably a dream or will be prevented. I'm still on the male 2nd lead's ship and they keep that afloat even though we know from the poster that she doesn't end with him. Is it too much to hope that he sacrifices himself and leaves her alone to be with our darling chef? 
I think DN is going to stab right between Se Na's fingers and scare her that way.  I seriously want that entire Hong family in prison, no redemptions.  


On Your Mark


We both think that the new copboss is Sinnerman, right? Update, 10 minutes later: Nope. Never mind.
I absolutely still think the new copboss is the Sinnermann!
Oh good, because I keep going back and forth.

Attention, Love! 

Too busy watching the debuts this week. Semi-Psycho and Dimples and the gang will all be there waiting for me, it's only one episode a week.

The Good Place 

Ooooh, Tahini and Jason had SEX.  Wait, is her name Tahini?  Isn't that sesame paste?  That's not a name...

The Exorcist 

This week, the renegade priest with his defrocked exorcist pal save a girl from her crazy-ass mother who has been trying to pass her off as possessed.  Since she's now in need of foster placement, oooh, look, it's the connection to John Cho the Handsomest Foster Dad Ever and his band of kids on the increasingly spooky island.  This is how the duo will get connected to the possession, of course.

Fear the Walking Dead 

Too busy with the debuts to see this yet, but I hear there's a shocking death.

American Horror Story: Cult

I lied.  If I were all that busy with the debuts I wouldn't have had time to watch all the existing episodes of the current season of AHS, which I did do this weekend, yes.  Despite the horrifying masks and violence, I spent a surprising amount of time laughing because it's about the political climate we live in and the depths of despair some of us are feeling, but really pushed to the limit.  Don't get me wrong, I hate Trump with a passion - but these people (the lesbian couple) are batshit crazy.  It goes without saying that the cult folks are, too. I find myself substantially more interested in this season than in any previous, barring the first.