Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 83 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 83

written by Panda
edited by kakashi

When Mo Yuan opened the lid of the chest, Shao Wan felt two conflicting emotions: seething anger and deep regret that made her stomach clench. Considering Mo Yuan’s impassive face, it seemed the damn interruption had given him time to change his mind.

She was much more experienced at expressing anger rather than regret, so she hissed “how dare you…” – as she tried to get up, but his damn clothes suddenly shifting underneath her made it difficult – “…throw me into a trunk!” she finished, managing to struggle to her knees in a very undignified manner. Angrily, she flicked her hand at his clothes in an attempt to remove them, but since she was still kneeling on them, the spell had no effect at all.

She gritted her teeth. “And who…who was that girl! ‘Shifu’? How dare you accep…”

The rest of her words were swallowed when Mo Yuan bent down and sealed her lips in a passionate, hungry kiss.

Immediately, her treacherous body started humming. She raised her hands to wrap around his head – and pulled. He half fell, half stepped into the trunk too, all the while glued to her lips. The instance he was kneeling in front of her, she moved her right hand to the front of his body, grabbing onto his robe, pulling him towards her more forcefully.

But he suddenly broke off their kiss, removed her hands from his body and pushed her away.

Panting, Shao Wan stared into his stormy, black eyes. What now? She tried to grab his head again and to take control over the situation, but he held her off. What was wrong with him? A change of mind again? Why wouldn’t he just do what they were both wanting to do?

Slowly, his eyes still focused on her, he dropped her left hand and seized her hair, wrapping it around his right. Tightly. Then he dropped his gaze to her lips.

Her breathing quickened in anticipation, yet she felt anger again. Damn Celestial. What did he think he was doing? Trying to control the situation? Well, she would not let him. She stared back at him defiantly, but he…he lifted his hand and slowly, sensually rubbed at her bottom lip with his knuckle. Quite against her wish, her tongue slipped out and licked it.

He showed his teeth in fierce triumph. “Good demoness” he said approvingly, and she gasped, angry and…extremely aroused. “How dare you! You…”

Quickly, he pulled at her hair so that her mouth came within easy reach and kissed her again, lavishly, leisurely and thoroughly. He pulled her up into a semi crouched position, then pushed, so that her back came to rest against the cool, rough wood, while his heat consumed her breasts and belly when she lifted her thighs to wrap them around him.

He kissed her… forever. Time seemed to slow and fade until all that was left were their mouths and bodies. Until she had always been in this position, in this confined space, not alone but with this man and his hardness and lips and teeth and tongue. Whenever she tried to increase the tempo of the kiss, or grind into him, he would still his mouth and stop kissing her, and wouldn’t continue until she stopped moving. Not being particularly eager to have him stop this entirely, she decided it was better to let him set the pace.

He grabbed her pelvis and rocked it over his hardness underneath his robes, adjusting her hips to his liking with every change in the angle of his kiss. Whimpering, her senses overloaded with all the sensations blooming over her body. Mo Yuan simply kissed her, like he was in no hurry at all, in total control — until even those thoughts faded away. She groaned into his mouth, her whole being alit with passion.

He took his clothes off very quickly when she was catching her breath and then pulled at her hips. She shivered when her back came to rest on his clothes — from the cold, from anticipation. Hovering above her, his hands skimmed all over her body, rubbing heat everywhere until all her nerve endings felt exposed and raw.

He continued his maddening exploration of her body and she burned in impatience and a heightened state of arousal that was so intense, it bordered on the side of pain. “Celestial,” she ground out, her voice several pitches lower than usual. “We had proceeded much further before… Take me already!”

He shook his head. “No.”

When she tried to rise to come astride him, he flipped her over and tucked her against his chest, he now being the one to lean against the uncomfortable wall of the trunk.

In this position, she could suddenly feel his heart beating frantically in his chest. That gave her courage: he was affected by their intimacy, just like her. She would never again be fooled by his face, she decided. It was his heart that mattered.

One of his arms wrapped around her, holding her tight. His hardness nestled and pressed against her bottom, so she moved and ground her buttocks against him until he let out a guttural growl. His second arm moved down and his fingers slipped into her cleft which unfolded instantly for him. He explored her with the mastery of someone who knew every inch of her sex. His fingers pressed apart her folds, tracing them and then pinching them gently in a move that had never failed to drive her wild.

As she tried to writhe and move to hasten his advances, his hold tightened. He pulled her more firmly against his chest until his muscles imprinted themselves against her back and her breasts rubbed against the hair and muscles of his forearm. He contained her as their energies swirled around them, almost a tangible force but lacking that negative, static bite it had once had. Maybe because she had little will to fight him, she thought. Maybe because she was weak and weakening. She almost came undone when he speared two fingers in her. She whimpered and tried to curl against his arm, but he held her still in that iron grip. All her inner muscles squeezed unto him, as if she could somehow force him to her nub, but he just kept exploring at his own damn slow pace.

“I think I will kill you soon,” she moaned, being quite serious.

He laughed.

That laugh drove her wild. She wanted to hate it. She wanted her body to shut down in revolt. And yet it just seemed to blossom further, the muscles of her sex trembling around his fingers, her lips writhing in a vain effort to get his hands where she wanted them.

“Mo Yuan,” she moaned his name, heat washing over her in her desperation. His fingers, still deeply buried inside of her, rotated a little, pressing against the walls of her sex, testing, stretching. She whimpered. His thumb slowly drifted towards her nub and she stilled her movements in breathless anticipation. His thumb passed briefly over her clitoris and she gasped, her walls clenching against his fingers, her legs scissored under his. He lowered his lips to her ears and whispered. “I like it when you call my name.”

She cried out in frustration. His hardness, rock solid against her, taunted her. His control over her aggravated her. She could make him. She could make him do what she wanted. But no— she couldn’t take control while he was holding her like this.

His fingers spread a little inside her sex, the purr inside his body reverberating through hers. “Beg me,” he whispered into her nape. “I like that, say it again with my name.”

“You damn bastard.”

He pulled his fingers out. “Not that name. The other.”

She felt empty beyond belief, and she tried to buck up to press herself against his palm. He pulled it away.

“You always want to have things your way, Shao Wan. But this is going to happen on my terms. We go slow—and I want you to beg me.”

“No” she protested furiously.

He chuckled and draped his hand over her once more. “You’re begging me with your body already, little Demon.” His palm rubbed lazily, heavily over her, deliberately just short of her clitoris. “You’re so hot and so wet and so…open” His fingers flicked over her exposed sensitive folds.

Her body jolted helplessly against him.

“It cannot be that hard to open up for me in other ways too?”

“Celestial,” she said threateningly, “you will regret this!”

“Only if I let you play me, Demon Queen.” Now his voice sounded dangerous. And he was: dangerous. The fewer defenses she had against him, the more dangerous he became.

But she had no wish to play him. She quite obviously didn’t even know how to do that. But...she had her pride. Begging him like this, in this position, for what they clearly both desired…she could not. He would have total power over her and she couldn’t have that.

“I…can’t. I…can’t…,” she stammered.

“That’s a shame,” he whispered.

“I can’t let you have all the power,” she whispered back, yearning for his touch so much she wanted to bawl.

“Power?” he laughed again, though more softly, sending a tingle down her spine. “Shao Wan, you still don’t understand? When it comes to you, I am powerless.” He ground his erection firmly into her bottom and she leaned into it, rubbing on him, satisfied when a faint tremor passed through his body.

“Say it,” he breathed, his chin rough against her neck as his facial scruff rubbed her. “I’m begging you to say it. By the Ancestors, it excites me when you say it.”

He was begging her to beg him. All of a sudden, she felt protected, held against him so tightly, his breath harsh in her ear. The strength of his arm stretched around her felt like a promise: Let go, I have got you. I’m as vulnerable as you are.

“Please” she burst out. “Mo Yuan, please.”

He bit down into her nape with a growl like a wildcat and pressed his palm hard, rotating her sex against her pubic bone. She jumped into him, convulsing against his hold, her body finally free to give itself up. Everything in her dissolved and shattered while he held her together tightly. When she came back down from her high she was stunned to discover tears in her eyes.

His hands gently caressed her through the aftershocks and letting her subside slowly until she was so drained, she was almost asleep. But he turned her over and underneath him and lapped the sweat off her temples. He pushed her hair back from her damp face and pressed it down, holding her head still as he kissed her all over face, coming back to take her mouth again and again.

Wrapping both his arms under her, he lifted her and squeezed her against his chest as he slid into her, as if he couldn’t hold her tightly enough, as if he wanted them melded into the same person. Her body started to tremor again around him, tightening reflexively and he made a low, hungry sound.

She ran her hands down his back, rejoicing at the familiar feel of his muscles in play, down the arch of his spine to his taut buttocks. She grabbed unto them and held on as he plunged into her deeper and harder, enjoying the fast, fierce pace he set. She was very close to coming again from the intense pleasure of the hard ride, the use of her, the way he so clearly enjoyed it. She looked at him in wonderment, wanting to say something about this wondrous feeling inside of her, but he was focused on his own pleasure, his eyes of the darkest night as he moved faster and more intently against her. She clenched down once more with her inner muscles as she hit her peak again. It sent slow, dreamy waves through her entire body, a gentle shake that filled her with warmth and happiness. He thrust deep, deep into her and finally with a loud yell, he came undone. She held his trembling body very tightly against herself, like she never wanted to let him go again.


When Mo Yuan opened his eyes to look at the beautiful woman in his arms, he felt one thing only: happiness. She was finally back. He had missed her so much.

Three heartbeats later, he knew that his weakness for this woman could cost him and his Tribe everything. But it was too late for caution: with her, it had always been all or nothing. And nothing…was not an option.

“Why are you staring at me?” she sleepily whispered, “are you thinking you made a mistake?”

He bent forward to kiss her, not wanting to think about her question. She returned his kiss joyously and a deep, hungry sound emanated from him. After tasting her again, he only wanted more. Her lips, her juices tasted like nectar, it was thoroughly intoxicating and he felt a craving deep within himself. Dragging his mouth from hers with an effort, he nibbled on her earlobes and she shivered. Her reaction elicited another groan from him and he squeezed her tighter, her every curve plastered to him. She squirmed and scooted closer so that they were even more intimately joined, her core nestled right on top of his hardness, giving him no reason not to lose himself again inside of her, yet demonstrating how little control he had.

Never one to sit passively, she explored his jaw line with her tongue and teeth, nibbling, scraping and sucking everywhere. His fingers stroked her belly and he felt tremors starting to shake her body. Eyes hooded with desire, she rubbed her hands over his chest before lowering her head to flick her tongue over his taut nipple.

“It’s uncomfortable in here,” she suddenly said, pushing herself up to her elbows. “I shall not advise other women to make love in a trunk. Plus, I will advise them to avoid being dumped in one by all cost.”

“My apologies,” he whispered tenderly, pressing a kiss on her temple, “let’s go to the bed.”

She sighed and wriggled lazily next to him but didn’t stand up until he pinched her succulent bottom lightly.

"Ow!” she exclaimed, “you brute!” Mumbling to herself, she added: “Celestial propriety my ass.”

He laughed and stood up after her, watching in reverence as she stretched and languorously strolled towards his bed, her feet viciously kicking his boots that were in her path. By the Heavens, how beautiful she is. He had never met anyone who was so confident and sure in herself and her pleasures. He had also never bared himself like this to someone so deadly.

When she got to his bed, she half reclined, looking at him contentedly, her mouth in a half smile.

“Are you staring again?” she asked, “let me tell you, it’s a waste of time. Come.” She smiled a deliciously wicked smile and beckoned her finger to him.

He did not want to waste even a blink. He slid his palms over her rib cage and covered her breasts with his hands as soon as he had joined her on the bed. They felt heavier and hotter than he remembered, but they still were the most perfect breasts he had ever touched. His thumbs caressed both tips at the same time and he swallowed her low moan with a passionate kiss. When he lightly pinched them, her reaction sent a white hot lightning streak through him.

“Celestial... Mo Yuan,” she purred, arching her body in response and grabbing the back of his head, filling her hands with fistfuls of his hair as she pressed her lips to his. “Heavens, you feel so amazing,” she groaned against his mouth. “I was thinking earlier I made the mistake, but mistakes don’t feel this way.”

He kissed her even more frantically now, pouring his overflowing heart into his kisses. You have not come just to seduce me and get your feather back, have you? He asked her in his head.

Lowering his head, he turned his attention to her breasts again. He took one peaked nipple after another in his mouth. Alternating between licking and nibbling, he made her squirm and grind against his thigh. She tasted so delicious, but her breasts were not his final destination. He slid down her writhing body, leaving a trail of kisses in his path.

When he got to her hot core, he lifted his head and said: “I like to finish what I’ve started.”

Her delighted laughter soon turned into moans as he spread her wide open before feasting on her. She was so wet already, so ready for him and he thought it prudent to silently recite some of the most boring texts he knew, for composure. He grasped her as she trashed around and held her down, pushing his tongue even deeper inside of her, licking her nectar, marveling at the taste which was so different tonight.

His tongue rubbed tight, tiny circles on her nub and he slid two fingers in her. Her inner muscles clenched and gripped as he moved his hands. He could feel her release was near and he moved faster, but suddenly, Shao Wan sat up, very flushed from desire but clearly determined.

“Stop!” she demanded. “I am not doing this without you in me. Your fingers are quite skilled, but they’re a poor substitute.”

She pushed him back and scrambled on top of him, lifting herself up, then lowering herself skillfully, burying him to the hilt. Her eyes dilated, she leaned forward, her breasts bobbing around his mouth and he immediately grabbed one and licked it. He dragged his tongue around the nipple, laving and teasing it mercilessly while her hands gripped his hair painfully, holding him tight. He finally suckled on it, hard, and she whimpered as he navigated his second hand to her nub, furiously rubbing it until she fell on his chest and came apart with a long moan.

Energy pulsated in the room and he instinctively braced for the impact but what came was infinitesimal again. The energy surge had changed and while still very intense, it was no longer clashing, no longer hurting, but instead bathed his tent in the most intense blue light. Quickly, he struggled to add more camouflaging spells around the tent. He would not tolerate any interruptions again.

Her inner walls trembled around him, the muscles clenching and unclenching around his erection. Knowing she would be highly sensitized, he tried to give her time to recover but she lifted her head, smiled and began to move on him. She slid up, and then down and then forward, all the while never fully disengaging from him, always making sure his tip remained in her before slamming her body down on his. She rode him without mercy, without pity, her hair whipping around her back. It was the most beautiful picture he had ever seen and his heart slammed so hard in his chest he became afraid it would burst.

Her movements got more and more forceful and he could feel that she was about to come again. He grabbed her hips and stilled her, then started moving, finally dictating the pace. He thrust up into her, sliding, slipping before plunging back into her slick, warm folds.

She leaned forward once more, her nails digging into his shoulder, finding his pulsepoint beating frantically on his neck and licking it. Her tongue sent a shockwave down his body and he increased his tempo, his fingernails driven into the tender skin of her hips as he frantically moved within her, his body straining towards release. She then sucked and clamped her teeth on his neck and with a roar he came, the veins popping out of his neck, raw and needy. The tremors that shook her body at the same time indicated that she also found her release.

I don’t want to fall asleep, he thought as he tiredly wrapped her in his arms afterwards, I want more time, cuddling her close to him with barely any space between them.

“I feel quite old,” she declared, “I never knew I could feel this tired after a bit of love making.”

“Are you not well?” he asked, suddenly quite concerned. It was true, she looked more fragile even in her unearthly beauty - softer, less fierce, making him want to wrap her in the softest furs and take care of her.

“Just some pains in my abdomen,” she sighed, “but they’re gone at the moment. You drove them away.”

“Fong Hung is back, isn’t he,” he inquired.

“Yes! You sensed him? He is about this tall,” she said, indicating his height with her hands. “He eats all the time!”

“Can he protect you when I am not around?”

Shao Wan snorted. “Did you just say ‘protect’? You are delusional if you think I would let you protect me, Celestial.”

“Those ‘bodyguards’ of yours most certainly won’t be of any use!”

“They’re all very handsome at least.”

Mo Yuan took a deep breath and pressed his lips together. He was instantly livid. Talking was necessary, but he wished they could hold it off for longer. Her wrapped in his arms was pleasure. Them talking about their situation was not.

“Are you jealous?” she asked sweetly.

“About as jealous as you would be if I had five graceful and beautiful female servants fawning over me.”

“Ah, they wouldn’t be fawning for long. I would rip their heads off. We Demon women do not share our mates as long as we are interested in them!”

Mo Yuan sighed.

“Why are you sighing?”

“Because I feel we are going to start arguing in a few moments.”

“No fighting tonight,” she said and stretched. “If you start nagging me, I will just kiss you until you shut up.”

“And how long do you think this tactic of you will work?” he asked, irritated.

“I don’t know, handsome Celestial,” she said her fingers beating a pattern on his chest. “Let’s not think about it - yet. All I know is that I have missed you, missed this.”

“So have I,” he said, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

“I don’t think we should deny our urges anymore,” she continued. “I only got that horrible idea because of you in the first place.”

His irritation was rising. “So are you suggesting we continue to be intimate with each other while our men, my men bleed fighting in a battle you started?”

“Mo Yuan, it’s not-”

He stood up, angry at himself for being so weak with her. He truly was a lost cause. That Shaman had had surprising foresight.

“Will you stop pacing, you are making me dizzy!” she exclaimed from the bed.

He stopped and stared at her.

“Celestial, for someone you so slow to act, you’re very quick to anger.”

“Because you always get under my skin.”

A shuttered look came over her expression and she turned her face away.

Lithe as a panther, he pounced over her. “Why does that make you uncomfortable to hear? I have said it over and over. Don’t you believe me?

She tugged at his arm. “Celestial, let’s-”

“What? Let’s make love? That is not the issue between us and you know it. It is what comes after. You have apologized for believing I took your feather, for not trusting me then. But these are just words.” He put his hands over her rapidly fluttering heart. “You still don’t trust me in there.”

She frowned. “If I didn’t trust you, I wouldn’t be lying here. I don’t play these kind of games.”

“Is that so? I think you are here because someone who knows us well orchestrated a meeting between us.”

Her frown deepened.

“Shao Wan, unless you truly trust me, this will end badly. You need to tell me about your plans.”

“Just like you trusted me with the fake battle plans at Kunlun?” she said tartly. Was she hurt?

“I lied, Shao Wan,” he confessed with a shrug. “I couldn’t reveal how badly I had failed in my duties as the God of War. Me and my brother had sleepless nights making new ones in a hurry.”

“Shame, they were good plans,” she said smiling. “But it’s good you changed them, I would have taken advantage.”

“I know,” he said as he smiled back at her.

He went back to the bed to hold her, even though he still felt irritated. For someone like him who planned every move and its every consequence in intricate detail, losing his reason over the secretive Commander of the enemy forces was about the worst thing that could happen. And yet, he had no choice. It was both very frightening - and very exciting.

Chapter 84