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Ink in Water

70,300 years after the Ghost War, across the unchanging 36 celestial skies, the gods carried on with their leisurely existence, penning lives and sewing fate.

On the banks of the Yangtze River, a mortal held onto the lifeless body of the woman he loved, cursing the gods.

And below the darkest depths of 18 layers of hell, an ancestor frozen in time begins to stir.

Bai Qian of Qing Qiu thought that as a nine-tail fox, she had chosen her mate for life, and that he was Crown Prince Ye Hua of Heaven. But her convictions are shaken when her teacher, Ye Hua’s twin brother, the God of War Mo Yuan, finally returns 70,000 years after his soul sacrifice. His presence causes bridled feelings to come undone, but Bai Qian is forced to realize that when the heart wants what it can’t have, guilt can contaminate desire.

As they navigate the murky waters between them, both parties deny their affections until they are pushed to further acknowledge them through several lifetimes of heartache and the turmoil of a war that threatens to destroy the Four Seas and Six Realms.