The Advisors Alliance 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 - Episode 8 (Recap)

kakashi: A wedding and a death and lots of tests for Cao Pi.
Panda: Even though I mourned the sinking of my ship, I still found the scene pictured below moving.

Episode 8

Sima Yi is making fun of Cao Cao by reenacting his meeting with the Ruler for his follow stable "boys", oups - Cao Cao sees it all. But he laughs about it, just like his cute-as-a-button son. Cao Cao mentions how smart Sima Yi is - and how he wants to teach his son how smart people control smart people. Aha!
Sima Yi got Cao Cao spot on, and I think it's a slight failing on the Actor's part that I bought his Cao Cao portrayal 100% more than I buy his timid Sima Yi portrayal. Anyway, the scene was cute. The two are truly in a battle of wits and wills.
It was funny - including how terrified they were to be caught. I love that Cao Cao is that rare man who appreciates competition from below.
Cao Cao's first wife visit the Prisoner - to tell her to forget Cao Zhi, who is now engaged to another woman. Oh no, she looks so crushed...all the more so when she hears WHOM she has to marry. But not only for herself, but for him - a prince who has to marry a prisoner who used to be married. She pleads to be sent to another town, but it's futile.
It made me sad how she has no control over her life :( Also I never fully knew how much she truly cared for Cao Zhi.
Cut to the wedding night ... that was fast. Cao Pi is drunk, Zhen Fu sad. She tells him she'd rather live at a temple for the rest of her life. Who will make the other suffer more, they both wonder? Awww, babies. I wish you a happy, harmonious marriage. If you have each other's backs, things might turn out alright.
I know this is so not my ship but for a brief moment, I couldn't help shipping them and I even felt a moment passed between them. They make such a fine couple too from a purely shallow perspective.
They could at least be friends.
Ah, but Cao Pi feels his humiliation keenly - and the only one he can turn to is Sima Yi, who is still at the stables. Sima Yi tells him why his father gave his younger brother a good match and him a widow: because he is afraid of him, he has too much backing from various families. It also means he has not yet made up his mind who is to be the Crown Prince. Once again, Sima Yi refuses to "follow" Cao Pi at the end of their conversation.
Every time Sima Yi rejects him, my heart breaks for Cao Pi. At this point, I wonder why he keeps rejecting him. Obviously he likes him more than his dad and brother and I know Sima is smart enough to realize he won't be left alone so why not just follow him?
Because he might end up dead?
Oh no, Guo Zhao comes by with food for Sima Yi ... sad, the two interrupted lovebirds are so uncomfortable around each other. But Guo Zhao, the brave soul, even toasts to Cao Pi - and he makes it clear how unhappy he is.
Ahhhhhhh My Ship!! :(((((
Poor babies :(
Unexpected heartbreak next: Cao Cao's smallest boy dies ... the one we saw at the beginning of this episode (Chong). Shouldn't have killed Doctor Hua Tuo indeed - karma's a bitch. Cao Cao rages at Cao Pi, saying a lot of mean things (like that the death of this small boy is good for him).
I felt so sad, that cute boy! Karma is a bitch indeed. Guilt must have eaten away at him to lash out at Cao Pi so because his accusations really made no sense.
That was vicious, indeed. And pretty much proof that little Chong would have been the chosen son.
New character! (will that ever end?) Ding Yi / Zheng Li, a recommendation by Weasel ... who says this is about more than being an advisor, it's about becoming a son in law! Alas ... Cao Pi is against him (because he has lost an eye). Not sure what evil game Yang Xiu is playing again, but he's hateful. It seems he wants to recruit this guy to support Cao Zhi.

Weasel up to no good again. 
Why would Cao Pi think his sister wouldn't be treated well just because the guy is half blind?  Because he's not 'perfect'?  Well, anyway, if Weasel likes him he must be shady or weak, so whatever the reason, Cao Pi is probably right.
Remember Xu Shu / Yuan Zhi, the Sima household family friend? Most likely not, but anyway, he asks to be let go from Cao Cao's service (he was the dead kid's teacher). He wants to return to his home tome to serve his old mother. Now, that hometown, unfortunately, is in an area that Cao Cao will go to war against soon. And despite his assurances that he will just be a good son and advise nobody, and because of his previous connection to Liu Bei, who is also in that area, Cao Cao orders Cao Pi to "handle the case".
It hurts to see how Cao Cao treats Cao Pi with such disrespect in front of Weasel. It truly does. And I feel he would have indeed let Xu Shu go if not for Weasel's influence.
Cao Pi is our favorite guy, isn't he.
Ah, but Cao Pi is a good guy. He is ready to help Xu Shu, if he helps him. It's a bit funny, out of thankfulness, Xu Shu recommends a person to Cao Pi, guess who: Sima Yi of course! He says it depends on how capable Cao Pi is to recruit him. Yes, lovely Cao Pi, don't give up!
Cao Pi's face when Xu Shu said Sima Yi made me laugh. Our boy has been trying ever since! He keeps getting rejected :(
But they will eventually join forces, right?  Right?
Cao Cao doesn't seem to trust his elder son one bit! He sends his own assassin, but he already finds Xu Shu's room empty. Next, Cao Cao sends Ji Bu after the teacher - to kill him if he resists. Oh boy, I don't like this (always happy to see Ji Bu though).
So am I- happy to see Ji Bu that is.
Mmm, yes.  Ji Bu.  We always like the quiet guy with the big sword. Especially if he maybe is pining for someone that he can never have.
Ji Bu catches up to the carriage somewhere in a forest. Xu Shu knows exactly what's up. They fight, it's short: soon, Ji Bu has disarmed Xu Shu. But when Ji Bu wants to kill the teacher, his mother comes running and starts pleading with Ji Bu. Who, as we already know, is a bit of a softie. He lets them go!
I have a bad feeling about this. They both know Cao Cao won't  tolerate such insubordination. Ji Bu's life is in danger. 
I sort of thought that ever since we found out he has history with Sima Yi's wife.
Oi, Cao Cao is furious about Teacher's escape and takes it out on Cao Pi, Head of the Investigation Office. Ji Bu, apparently, has run away and it's clear somebody leaked Cao Cao's intention to Xu Shu. Cao Cao gives Cao Pi three days to catch Ji Bu or he'll be executed. Ouch. You all know that's an impossibility?!
I hope he is really not going to kill him after three days. 
Cao Pi wouldn't. He's a good guy. He wouldn't, right? He wouldn't.
Cao Pi's advisors try to come up with a plan. Cao Pi is pretty sure his father won't have him executed, but he also thinks he knows more than them. The worst that will happen, he thinks, is him being humiliated in front of everyone because of his incompetence. That, to him, is worse than being executed. They MUST find Ji Bu! (This is all overheard by Lady Zhen. What is she thinking? Is she finding her husband a little hot at least?)
Cao Pi knows his dad sort of arranged this to make him look incompetent. That must hurt. I also couldn't get a read on his wife or Marquis Yan when he confirmed Cao Cao's plan. I know he likes Cao Pi or is he now on board with Cao Cao choosing his second son?
Yan's gonna be on board with whomever actually gets the spot, and until then he's going to hedge his bets. But I think his heart is with Cao Pi and if he can swing things toward him without being noticed, he will.
Cao Pi goes straight to Sima Yi and asks him whether Ji Bu is at his house. Ahahahaaaa. Sima Yi says he hasn't been home for days (probably true). I love the interaction between these two, hahaha. Cao Pi: "Don't work at the barn anymore, go and help me save the world!"
LOL. Also when Sima Yi asked how he was involved in all this, I could sense Cao Pi frustration with him. It's like wooing a very stubborn partner.
Ah, but when the bromance begins it will be all the sweeter, will it not? I'm counting on bromance.
Of COURSE Ji Bu is hiding in Sima Yi's house! In the barn, to be precise. But what to do?! Sima Yi is thinking long and hard. Ji Bu thinks this will all end badly and wants to turn himself in. Sima Yi decidedly does not like his wife touching "Brother Ji" - and likes it even less that Ji Bu calls his wife by her name! :D Here is what he thinks about the situation: Cao Cao isn't after Ji Bu at all. And he thinks Ji Bu should hide at his house for a few days. 
Huo Ji taking in all the drama made me laugh as well as him keeping Ji Bu in the barn. Sima's jealousy was hilarious.
It's unnecessary but hilarious, yes. Ji Bu may have a thing for Sima Yi's wife but she doesn't have one for him and I don't see him doing anything to try to sway her, ever.


Sima Yi's jealousy is :D
His wife is so much into him, he has nothing to fear, the silly man.
My favorite character is Cao Pi in this, so I was very happy to see so much of him in this episode. I just want him to be happy, poor baby.
Sima's jealousy was not unfounded at least from Ji Bu's side; but his wife only has eyes for him. I can't wait for him to be fully in Cao Pi's corner because so far, no-one else seems to be. I would love to know more about his wife though, does she now have some feelings for him? Has the marriage even be consummated? Cao Cao is looking for any excuse to take Cao Pi out of the running, that I find very dangerous.
Let's all root for Cao Pi. I want him to win.