Rich Family's Son - Episode 2 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: It continues.
JoAnne: And we...sort of liked it. I know! I'm still reeling from shock.

Episode 2

Oh, someone is climbing! Is that very much in where you are too, guys?! Here, everybody took up bouldering recently. Anyway, this is Kim Kyung-Ha (I love this actress! She is so pretty), Kim Young-Ha's sister with her lover, Choi Yon. His skill level is not so great, since he has just started. They're very cute together but just when they want to kiss (PDA!), her phone rings. It's her mother. Kim Kyung-Ha reluctantly takes the call and promptly lies to her mother about being busy with a modelling job all night. Aha. Methinks she has plans.
Look at that profile. Look at how he looks at her. Methinks the plans are shared!
We get to meet another new character... Myung Ha! Park Hyun-Sook calls him "son"... so she got lucky with a boy the third time she tried? He seems to be studying out of town. Another cutie, by the way.
IT'S FLUFFY PUPPY! From This Life! The one who wasn't a serial killer! And then he was in the one where he fell for the girl in the wheelchair, what was that...was it I'm Not a Robot? I think he's an idol but not from any group I ever paid attention to so I'm not sure.
At a high school reunion, our OTPs dads meet. Lee Gye-Dong never graduated, but it looks like he's the most successful. They persuade him to drink alcohol. Hmmm, why doesn't he drink, I wonder?
Some people just don't. Even in Korea.

They agree to meet sometime soon when Mr. Lee leaves early because his only son is coming home from his journey right now! Okay, Gwang-Jae is the baby of the first wife who died giving birth. No birth secrets, it seems (we meet yet another character, Mr. Lee's driver, whom Gwang-Jae calls uncle - this is Mr. Choi, I think he is our slightly untalented climber's daddy? Though I'm not sure at this point).
Oh, I completely missed that connection! Looks like at least one apple fell really far away from the tree...
At the Lee house, the mother is busy cooking delicious things for Lee Gwang-Jae. Oh, I really like how much love there is in this family!! 
I'm suspicious.
Okay, Gwang-Jae is really thoughtless his (step-)mom went all out cooking delicious food for him but all he wants to eat is his father's Dak-galbi. A sad "Mr. Nam" returns, sighing over a present he has in his car. When Mr. Choi calls him and asks whether he can get some deboned chicken from the restaurant he lies about still being there so as to not make it sound like it's a hassle. So, do we know why he lives at the Lee house?
He's the step-mom's nephew but he's so caring toward her I kinda want him to be her secret son. I mean why does he need to live with them otherwise?
(SakiVI popping in to say that i can see why step mom wants a divorce.  She's so unhappy, and father and son are so inconsiderate, I want her to have her divorce and be free and happy and live alone.)
Gwang-Jae is not only thoughtless, he's also super spoiled. So he wants to be a travel-writer, he declares. He just wants to live freely and has itchy feet). In other words, he has no clue what to do with his life. His father is unhappy because he wants him to stay and so is his stepmom, but not because he's a scallywag, because she probably doesn't think she has a real place in these two men's lives. The only one who is considerate towards her is Nam Tae-il.
I felt quite sorry for her. She seems to genuinely care for that brat, and I guarantee you Dad always puts him first, too. He does seem to love her, despite the rather shocking thoughtlessness over dinner.
Awww, big sis is making out with her Choi boy... though she feels bad bout lying to her mother and he feels bad about keeping their relationship a secret. As we find out later, he is the son of the poor neighborhood ahjumma and the Lee driver! Neighborhood ahjumma and our heroine are very friendly. There's a younger sister in that family too,
These families are practically incestuous they're so intertwined.
Well, when her Dad walks home after a quick visit to his mother (who lives downstairs where the Choi's live... why not with them?), he sees his elder daughter kiss Choi Yong. Hey, it's rather heated.
She probably owns the building and built them that nice apartment on the second floor. Chois being less well-off would have a smaller place, and she probably doesn't want the stairs anyway?  Maybe they lived all on the first floor to start out and then moved upstairs.


This format is something to get used to. The episodes are probably not produced as little entities and the break at approximately 30 minutes seems arbitrary. Or was this a cliffhanger?
Sometimes there's not even a cliff hanger in other dramas.  It's just whatever is happening at the half-way point in the show.  They break to show a commercial and then come back.

Anyway, got to meet many more characters, everybody seems a decent human being. The only one who gives me "will turn bad"-vibes is Nam Tae-il. He's either sad or angry or both. Or just depressed? Something is up for sure.
I hope hot handyman Choi gets angry and goes off and gets rich and comes back to taunt big Sis.