The Advisors Alliance 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 - Episode 17 (Recap)

kakashi: Who dunnit? We don't knowsit.
panda: things get murkier in this chapter
JoAnne:  I guess it's about time for that.

Episode 17

Cao Pi is tortured massively, even after he passes out, which is  against the rules. One-Eye is so hateful. All the more funny that Cao Pi mocks him by closing one eye...
I am surprised One Eye has the guts to go so all out in his questioning. I know he thinks Cao Cao hates Cao Pi, yet, I am still shocked at how brutal the torture is.
Honestly I don't even remember why he's being tortured. I'm not watching this fast enough, or it's just not resonating strongly enough with me.

I'm a bit confused next because of a boy who is sick. It seems like this is Cao Pi's son? But... wasn't he just inside his first wives belly? Or is this a son from another wife? Help? The kid is hallucinating and obviously missing his father Cao Pi a lot, because he keeps mistaking Cao Cao for him.
I was too, but as I said a couple of episodes ago, the editing sucks. Yes, this is Cao Pi's son from his first wife and the poor baby wants his dad.
He was married before?  He has kids?  Or at least one kid?  They just drop that shit in our laps like oh yeah, by the way?
Guo Zhang offers to go "serve" her husband in the cell and is granted her wish. Sima Yi is trying hard to get Zhong Yao (who was he again?) to help him bust Cao Pi out of prison, but the guy is known for being extra skilled for keeping out of trouble in politics. After asking his father for help with this matter, Sima Yi asks for an audience with Cao Cao. Aha! He says he wants to visit Cao Pi and proves his loyalty by not caring about the danger he's in by coming back to Cao Pi's house.
Cao Pi's first wife breaks my heart because she also wants to go tend to her husband but cannot leave her ailing son.
Where has she been?  So the captured prisoner wife who acts like she's the main wife and is all gracious to the teenybopper is really just a second wife with no standing ANYway?
Next up, him and Ghao Zhang visiting the worse for wear Cao Pi. Sima Yi gets him to give him his bloodied clothes, which are then delivered to Missus Cao Cao. It's a great shock to her. Sima Yi says they need someone impartial to look into this case, not someone who hates Cao Pi. Who could that person be? The one Sima Yi has been trying to mobilize for a while (Zhong Yao).
Zhong Yao is obviously one of the good ones. With him leading the investigation, there is hope for a truthful resolution.
Wait, so the first wife IS the captured prisoner wife?  Dammit, I'm lost right now.
Very dramatically, Cao Pi tells his wife to write down all the poems he remembers for him... he seems quite ready to die. Ah, that's not necessary, bb. Papa Sima is at it. He indeed gets this Zhong dude to become the one to take on Cao Pi's case instead of One-Eye.
I hope One Eye gets punished for being such a mean spirited a-hole. 
I wonder if all the prisoners get to sleep under such luxurious furs, though.  I also always laugh at the fact that the good side, the soft and furry side, always faces it.  Put it on your SKIN, fools.
Director Zhong asks Cao Pi all kinds of questions regarding his father and what was in the letter. Cao Pi answers honestly and is obviously completely filial. After the wounded Prince has left,  Zhong turns to a door and bows... it hid Cao Cao, who heard every word. He is a bit concerned for his son's health... asshole. Zhong promises to find who forged this letter - by comparing all the handwriting of the courtiers who were friends of Wenruo and had access to his study (to deposit the fake letter).
He is Such a terrible father! Urgh.
Ohhhhh, the letter.  That's right.
Oh, I completely forgot that Cao Zhi is also still in prison! Well, when his father visits him, he confesses that it was him riding through the gate, not the elder Sima brother. It also seems he has nothing to do with the letter and neither has the Weasel. He also speaks well of his brother, saying he'd never do something like this. We learn that Cao Cao likes this little one because he is merciful and kind - and because he hopes he will show this to the people
How many chances do you give someone? Just because he has a good heart doesn't mean he will be a good leader. He is also weak and indecisive. I know this, Cao Cao knows this, Cao Zhi knows this.
He's merciful and kind?  He killed a guard who was doing his job.  He blamed his advisor for something HE did.  Where's the mercy and kindness, Dad?
Outside the prison, all courtiers loyal to Cao Pi camp. At the Zhong Mansion, a discovery is made. But it seems it's going to have grave consequences.........


This one was very slow...
I am just angry with Cao Cao with this head in the sand approach to choosing a successor.

I don't get Cao Cao. Sure, his little poet son is also quite alright, but he cannot really believe he is better than Cao Pi? 
I'm getting tired of all of them and all their bullshit.