Rich Family's Son - Episode 10 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Amaaaazing stuff happens, totally amazing.
JoAnne: Don't worry, folks. I can't always tell when she's being sarcastic either.

Episode 10

When his brother - let me look up their names, people - Kim Won-Yon comes to visit his mother, Kim Jong-Yong (that's the sleaze bag) hides in the cupboard. Granny is rather eager - or should we say over-eager - to hide him from her elder son too. I find it mildly funny, especially since Kim Dad gets the impression she has a boyfriend hidden away. Well, Kim Dad isn't fooled for long and Jong-Yong is discovered. No, these two brothers don't like each other much, ha.
Kim Dad knows a jerk when he sees one!
So it seems our Mr. Choi is embezzling money! Mr. Lee is little concerned, but he does tell Tae-il he really likes Young-Ha. Hahahaha. And he also tells him she likes him! Which is true, but only as her teacher. He should go for it! He should get married! Wow, Daddy Lee. Well, their happy get-together is interrupted by Nam Soo-Hee returning from a drunken shopping spree. Her tinfoil coat probably didn't help.
Dammit, Mr. Choi! You should be ashamed! What I don't get is how he has access to the accounts? He's a driver! What else does he do around there? Also, I don't get the drunkenness - she left with her step-son to go shopping and comes home alone, drunk, with no shopping? Did she have more bags? I don't remember seeing any.
Mr. Choi carries them around his head
Bottom line: she is a total mess (it gets worse in the spring). Upstairs, she slaps Tae-il because he tells her to get a grip and divorce Mr. Lee cleanly if she's so unhappy with him. She's a bit selfish, isn't she. Poor Tae-il is also hurting, but she cannot see it. Only we can.
I get that she's suffering but I don't like her very much right now. What she said to Tae-Il was horrible, especially if it's as we suspect and he's her actual son.
While he drives moodily around in Seoul at night, he sees Young-Ha waiting at the bus stop and naturally takes her home. Poor boy says he has none. But he does get to meet Young-Ha's eager mother (and Yong's sister, who is so smitten she forgets to close her mouth - oh, a new ship!). Meanwhile, Blondie is also going through a major crisis. He even cries. Why, you ask? Because he loves her so much and cannot have her.
All these sad boys. Seems like only Kim Dad has a happy relationship, and in return he's got two fairly shitty daughters. Well, one more than the other.
Oh, finally! A flashback to how they met. At university. Frankly, I would have bedded him instantly, right there, but that's another matter. Since he runs after her because she lost her wallet, she serves him a free coffee at her coffee shop. It's love at first sight, at least for him. We later learn they dated for two full years!
Okay so the blonde hair didn't age well but man, back then he was a hottie.
A drunk Jong-Yong turns up at the Kim house. So, he bankrupted his business in the Philippines and really wants to be an actor. Awww. Daddy Kim takes out a golf club and tries to beat him up. When Grandma, who arrives unexpected, sees the violence, she collapses. Oh, is she dead?
Nah, she's a tough old bird.

It is rather baffling to me how people in the fashion world can wear the ugliest things anybody could come up with? But that's our Kyung-ha! It looks like something out of an Alice in Wonderland play. Anyway, She's still being pestered by that crazy building-owner. Never mind, have a picture of THE JAW! The Jaw is sad because he's climbing and missing Kyung-Ha. Who obviously has to come to the same spot with her crazy guy. Staring ensues.
Helloooo, Jaw. So nice of you to drop by, and I'm glad to see you've got Adam's Apple keeping you company, too. He's being a little shy though, he can come out and be neighborly, we don't bite. Not hard, anyway. Unless you like that sort of thing? No judgement here.
Because Gwang-Jae misses his Lady so much, he goes back to work. That evening, he gets into a fight with a rude customer who is overstaying his welcome. Like a real hero, Gwang-Jae shields Young-ha from a beer-attack. What does he do? He throws some beer into the customer's face too. Ahahahahaaaa.
I laughed, too. I do like that this show isn't stingy with the funny moments.  
They end up at the police station. Afterwards, they walk through the streets together. When she thanks him for being her beer-shield, he starts crying and says he cannot live without seeing her. She starts crying too, calls him a jerk - and then, they hug. Awwwwwwww.
Awwwww. This seems awfully easy, I'm suspicious. Aren't you suspicious?


Can't say this drama isn't surprising me! Now they're back together and it's only episode 10?!
Coulda knocked me over with a FEATHER.