Rich Family's Son - Episode 4 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: One of the mothers starts getting on my nerves and we finally get a glimpse of why Nam Soo-Hee seems so sad all the time.
JoAnne: I hope she stays nice, though.
Trotwood: I hope she stays nice, too. We have enough annoying moms. Why am I annoyed at so many people in this show? One of the few people I like in this show will also probably turn bad, too. (stops jinxing Tae-il, kakashi!)

Episode 4

Mr. Nam the Brother-In-Law busts into the Lee house, all furious because his sister is cautioning Mr. Lee not to expand his business too fast. We learn why she doesn't particularly like her brother and his business ventures... something went wrong when they were younger because of him. Seems to be something bad. 
I was surprised he was such a blustery kind of joke - she seems so elegant and intelligent that I assumed she came from a good family but he makes me wonder.
At the hospital, Young-Ha bumps into Gwang-Jae singing songs to all the ahjummas in the ward. She's very rude again. I can see this getting old fast. Why is she so prickly? Yes, he's a bit of an idiot, but he really didn't do anything that wrong. And he is so clearly so very into her.
Pretty soon doesn't he end up having to work with her, though? Maybe Dad dies in the next few episodes. That should change the dynamic - or at least she'll have good reasons to be pissed off at him.
You just think she's prickly because you think he is cute! I'd be prickly, too. Here he is back without a care in the world, the man who was to have loved her but clearly gave no serious thought to her real life or her real troubles, and all he has to do is show up with rich girls who carry alligator purses or into hospital wards charming old ladies with his guitar while she has to run around working innumerable part-time jobs. I'd probably roll my eyes so hard that I'd pass out if I arrived at this scene. I'd really want him gone. He's remind me of all my own mistakes, too.
In order to match her daughter well, Kim Omma is going to do some "mom-matching" with the lawyer mom. But whom does she run into? Her daughter Young-Ha who is a waitress there. Wow, all the mother can think of is that lawyer-match, and she even scolds her daughter for not telling her about this job later in the toilet.
I don't like her.
I don't like her either. I really hate these parent characters who unabashedly like one childe much better than another. It's one thing for this to be true; it's entirely another to make it so plain in one's actions. I also don't know why she is so freaked out. Young-Ha gave her so many prompts to help her through this. She is the one who will expose them not Young-Ha. She is so phony, I don't know why she can't also fake this.
Oh no... Poor Choi Yong asks Kyung-Ha whether he is just a toy for her. She slaps him for it. Good - how offensive. As she walks away, he demands to know why she's so scared. He never meant to cling, he hasn't ever dreamed of a future with her. He thinks their breakup is timed well and wishes her happiness. These two make me sad.
I don't understand why people get together in the first place if they know they have emotional connection but believe they won't ever be able to marry. Just nip it in the bud - it's easier to forget someone you cared about if you never actually were in a relationship with them.
Pfft. I'm only sad for him. He seems like a nice hard working guy. She has been hiding him and is embarrassed to be seen with him. Why wouldn't he think she is toying with him? Why is it offensive that he is confronting her about her behavior? He should be offended about the way he's been treated. He's right to walk away.
From the horribly overacting Mrs. Choi, Mr. Kim learns his mother is at the hospital. The daughter-in-laws find out too and it's quite a spectacle once they get there. The Kims end up fighting at home because Park Hyun-Sook feels mistreated by her husband and his mother. Not sure why exactly, but it seems she's not the best daughter-in-law usually? This surprises no one. That grandma is not classy enough for the social climbing woman.
Anyway, skip, I don't fully get this.
It looks bad that HE was the one taking care of his mother. Daughters-in-law should be doing that, according to the rules. If he does it, it looks like she's not a good daughter-in-law and shirks her duties. His job is to provide for her financially, his wife's to help out at bedside with food and clothing changes, etc.
Seemed to me it was their arrangement though, him taking care of his mother. He even told his wife to stay out of it per their agreement... 

Gwang-Jae, very handsome, is very depressed and everybody notices at the dinner table. He tells his dad he has "woman problems" and in a cute though not exactly age-appropriate scene, his dad gives him his special good luck token - a "magic" tarot card (there is the eyelash of a tiger sticky-taped on it?). He believes he only became successful because of it and even though his son doesn't want it, it looks like he plants it on him anyway.
Just eww. Dad, he's a grown man, not a 16-year-old boy.
Well, when I first saw it, I thought it was a condom.
We end the episode with Nam Soo-Hee visiting a cemetery. Whoever it is that's laying there, s/he only got a small tile on the ground instead of a headstone and a proper grave. She cries.   
I can't remember why, but I thought it was her first husband, and that he committed suicide.
Most likely because you've seen the next batch of episodes already, ahahaha
I haven't!


Well. Park Hyun-Sook (Kim Omma) is a selfish and really disagreeable person. I really don't like her. In general, I hate it when parents just favor one child over the other. Her behavior in that restaurant was off-putting to me (also because she was so fake).
All that plus her weirdly baggy outfit.
Did she borrow that outfit?

That said, Kyung-Ha's complete rejection of Gwang-Jae's advances are also annoying to me. So he was insensitive, but she just had to dump him like this? That's really bad form.
There must be more to the story. Fortunately we still have 46 more episodes to go.
You mean 96, right? (it's 100 episodes... they updated that number)
Oh man.  We need the hair makeover soon.
I'm not annoyed with her at all. I would've dumped him, too. Yes, it was a bit rash, but he doesn't seem to know her at all, was not aware that he doesn't know her, and in his innocent selfishness doesn't even realize that he really should be trying to know her and her real needs.