Rich Family's Son - Episode 6 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Hot kisses. Isn't this a family show?
JoAnne:  Let's be fair.  That kiss was awkward AF but ended up okay.
Trotwood: You have all drunk the Kim Ji Hoon kool aid. You wouldn't put up with his shenanigans if it were any other actor pulling this stuff. 😉
Stick around.  If history repeats itself I will end up spending most of the drama raging, and that tends to be amusing.

Episode 6

Kyung-ha is not having fun at the company dinner. Her colleagues drag her along to a karaoke place afterwards anyway. On the way home, her taxi passes by Handyman's shop - and she looks at him with obvious fondness... until she catches herself and looks away. She obviously doesn't deserve this hot piece of a (lovesick) man.
My mom always said it's as easy to fall for a man of means as it is to fall for a poor man, and that's true, and there's nothing wrong with it. But Kyung-ha, you fell for a poor man. No fair punishing him. No point in punishing yourself. We all know he's going to end up inventing a pick-less lock or something and becoming a chaebol anyway, right?
I'd feel sorry for her if I liked her more. I mean if they made her character have problems with his status because she was really afraid for him or something but they make her out to be too much like her mom. Her family doesn't help either.
At home, Young-ha thinks of Gwang-Jae's sweet words. She tells herself she wouldn't have broken up with him if the café hadn't failed. And we get the sweetest flashback of them kissing. With this filter, his hair looks silver. I totally dig it.  
Meh. Also, I still think the kiss is weird.
It's because he is a good kisser and she is not.
Kyung-ha comes home and the two sisters get into a fist fight - Kyung-ha is in a very bad mood and she picked this fight by talking down to her younger sister about the private loan and her inability to get a proper job (well, and then Young-ha says she can't even find a man on her own but needs a matchmaker for a lot of money :). Overall, very mature... NOT. They even take it to the living room and their dad records it with his phone. Why not.
This was disgusting. They're grown women acting like brats on a playground. That they keep fighting even in front of their parents, that Kyung-ha has the fucking NERVE to call for her mom, that her mother immediately sides with Kyung-ha instead of kicking BOTH their asses...just gross. They're treated like infants, still living at home, parents making the big decisions for them - no wonder they act like little animals.
This is what I mean about not liking anyone but the handyman in this show. I'm going to give it another week (for Kim Ji Hoon factor), but I may not be able to stick this one out even for my love of Kakashi.
But what if you add your love for ME, too?
Nam Soo-Hee cannot sleep - the judgmental words of the two women in the department store play in her head. She takes several pills. Poor woman, she is barely holding up (her husband is developing a new menu and isn't there to help her)... also very sad is Choi Yong, currently drinking in a street tent. Have we spoken about his jaw before? Maybe we should. He is considering deleting a chat room he had with Kyung-ha when Young-ha comes stumbling in. Right behind her... Kyung-ha. They got kicked out of the house, haha.
His jaw is what makes him attractive, particularly in profile. I'm not giving those two brats the time of day right now, so if you want to talk about his pretty little ears or his fluffy hair or spend some time wondering why his shirt is SO FREAKING BIG, I'm perfectly fine with that.
Like I said, the best thing in this show is this man. I'm already waiting for him to be in something else (googling him right now). Apparently, he was in 20th-Century Boy and Girl. I don't remember him, but then again I really didn't pay much attention to that show. I feel sorry for that now.
He must have been the cute pilot that the stewardess friend thought liked her for a little bit. It was only 2-3 scenes that I recall.
They're both acting so strange Young-ha realizes something must have happened, which leads to Kyung-ha pretending everything is fine.
I'm going to break a soju bottle over that little diva's head in about 30 seconds, not that her sister is particularly endearing at the moment.
Nam Tae-il (oh yeah. he's the other person I like, but Kakashi has convinced me he is going to turn evil, so I just get sad every time I see him) is leaving for his business trip to China and meets Lee Dad outside the house, where he is waiting for Gwang-Jae. Come ON, the man is a man! Lee Gye-Dong gives him money and tells him to relax a little - and to please trust his dad. Whatever that dad did, it seems pretty damning (or course we all know it has something to do with Nam Soo-Hee's husband suicide, right?)
Gwang Jae's dad is seriously creeping me out, but I like his clear fondness for Tae-il.
And Tae-il seemed touched, too. Yeah the dad is really bugging me. He is really such a child. It's like the only real adults in this show are Tae-il and Nam Soo Hee.
Gwang-Jae is out with driver Choi (Hyo Dong) and talks to him about his woman problems! Mr. Choi seems to be a very smart man, because after they talked, Gwang-jae goes and asks his dad for a job. At the restaurant. From the bottom. It's about the biggest present he could have made his father.
I don't think this Choi is Choi Yong's dad, though.
You may be right, but Mrs. Choi has had children from two fathers! So who knows
He knows about Gwang-Jae's relationship with Young Ha and knows that she is working at the restaurant. He helps contrive the awkward situation that I hate.
Of course, he'll be trained by Young-ha :D
Okay, I'm catching on. She's still in love with him too, otherwise she wouldn't need to act like she does. 
Sigh. Internally I'm screaming 'grow the fuck up!' about 10 times a minute. This is actually pretty good for  Kim Ji Hoon drama, though.
This is what I find so frustrating. Make up your mind. Just because he's hot and a good kisser doesn't mean that he is good for you. In his current state of preschool mentality, he is not good for her. Come on guys, if she were your friend and he wasn't Kim Ji Hoon, you would be advising her to run away and focus on getting debt free. Loving him is just going to get her stuck in the Korean equivalent of a trailer park fighting over a used X-box.
I think the Korean equivalent of a trailer park is one of those shipping containers...
Oh dear.
Damn, that boy is cute.
I don't forgive easily. He is cute, and this would make me want to punch him in the face even more showing up at my workplace when I'm trying to move on.
He's extremely polite and formal to her. He also lies about this being a coincidence, cause: "I think we're destined to be together." He further lies about his family's restaurant failing and that he wants to learn the ropes here at a family friend's place so that he can rebuild the restaurant. Uh-oh, don't jinx it! "Uncle" Choi backs his story by the way.
Why. Why must you lie. Why.  Imagine each syllable punctuated by the sound of me smashing my head against the back of my chair.
Aha, the meet-up with the lawyer finally takes place! He's a real up-himself asshole whose parents allegedly own each and every building in the neighborhood.
Holy Hell, he is hilariously awful. The whole flippy hand finger snapping thing this guy came up with as a bit of business is genius.
She deserved this date. Maybe this will wake her up to what she threw away.
After his first day, Gwang-jae asks for a welcoming party, but everybody is busy, so Young-ha says she'll do it. Conveniently, she erases her number from his phone and tells him to act like this is the first time they've ever met. Like old magazines you never read again. "I don't throw out old magazines," he says after giving her the salt (From a place in Bolivia he talked about to her before), "you'll never know when you might want to read it again." Okay, I might have whispered "please read me."
I might have whispered 'gag me with a spoon'
I thought she handled this well. It would be good for them to start afresh and get to know each other who they are now rather than two years ago.
Is his hair subtly changing color on us?  Will he suddenly appear a full brunet and only then will we realize?


He's so earnest, I find it hard not to like him. I still don't understand what her problem is. If she had not broken up with him without the bankruptcy in her café, what's stopping her from rekindling the hot sexy flame now? She's clearly still very much into him (hot kiss flashback!)
I do have to agree with you. This is so contrived it hurts.
I'm just sitting over here by myself grumpily thinking how handy man needs to move.