Rich Family's Son - Episode 14 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Boring, boring, boring, then, something happens to finally move the story along. Hooray.
JoAnne: Psst...if you keep saying it's boring above the break, no one will bother opening the post, and then we'll be bored because no one comes to visit and chat!
What! But our recaps are NEVER boring. In fact, they get better the more boring the material we're recapping is. Come READ THIS! 

Episode 14

Tae-il is working late (is that his room, if yes, he's beaming SWOT analysis to the wall), sighing and looking at (fully clothed) pictures of Young-ha on his phone. It's a shame Trot is no longer commenting because she liked him and I so decidedly don't. He gets massively on my nerves with his "I have worked so hard, Young-ha, darling" (all in his head). He's not noble, just an idiot.
Look at this way: he's not sneaking and taking naked photos of her. That's a point in his favor, right?
Gwang-jae gets home very troubled from the club. His dad is asleep on the couch (a fast sleeper, it seems), his stepmom thinks about whether she loves him or not (I think she doesn't, she just stays with him for convenience). Soo-Hee gives him the following advice: confess! Uhm, I think he has done that already, but never mind. Also: he should beg! Okay.
I think he might have been a refuge for her, but gah, he's so annoying. I'd be tired of him.
Tae-il's face when he sees his aunt and his cousin hug. Plus... did he hear them talk about "Young-ha"? No, it doesn't seem so. He's just jealous blondie gets all the love.
Well it IS unfair.
 Yikes, now he is giving me stalker vibes. (But you're right, Jo.... she isn't naked in the pictures. That's a plus)
Lots of phone PPL follows.  Well, and Gwang-jae needs to send one text to win her back. Jokingly, she tells him to buy her a car, only he thinks she's serious, which infuriates her. Just work out your issues, kids. Thanks.
They're both idiots.
Kyung-ha is helping herself to a rather sizable glass of liquor in her room (to forget her heartbreak, the STUPID WOMAN) and Myung-ha is daydreaming about his Chinese exchange student. What's his problem exactly? Why does he think he shouldn't like her?
Kyung Ha should just drink herself into a stupor and spare us her mopey presence for the rest of the drama. I guess Myung Ha recognizes that his exchange student love is silly and potentially embarassing?
Tae-il gives Young-ha food magazines from overseas and asks her to call him Oppa. Ahahahaaaaa, she's too uncomfortable with it. He's so Shifu-zoned it hurts. And what hurts even more is that he DOESN'T GET IT.
I feel bad for him, though I also think he can do better. And should, rather than going bad.
Young-ha's mother and aunt go to check out Gwang-jae's family restaurant, the greedy vultures. Who cares, as long Gwang-jae is happy! He meets with Young-ha, but obviously still doesn't get why she got so angry, which doesn't matter at all in the end because she cannot resist him, however dense and stupid and spoiled he may be.
They are actually well-suited, since they're both cute and nice and IRRITATING.
Here's Myung-sun beating up her husband. Oh well.
I would hate this more if they weren't going the wrestling route. I still don't like it much, so I want it to go away because I don't want to not like HER.  
The sleazy uncle gets bad news.... uh-oh. He rushes to his sister and tells her to get those divorce papers she has with Mr. Lee. Aha. And he tells her to go submit them - he is leaving.
OKAY.  This is making sense now. It explains her ridiculous brother and that OUTFIT from the other week - her family is trash.


I'm so excited. Finally.
Excited about what, though?
That we'll soon get some ACTION. And maybe a hair change? (Dream on, kakashi. I looked at episode 28 and...................)