Rich Family's Son - Episode 15 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: I present to you... Kim Ji-hoon's bed hair!
JoAnne: I'm more interested in Kim Ji-hoon's bed shoulders.

Episode 15

Soo Hee backstory: We see how she found her husband dead and then had to go to prison - as an accomplice for "fraud distribution". Of course, she was innocent and had a horrible time. Her father, too, seems to have done some shady stuff. Remembering all this, she has a breakdown. At least that means she is not going to file those papers. Though I'm thinking, maybe Lee Dad would be better of without her.
Ah, so she comes from a family of crooks and her husband was a crook, too, but she's not a crook.  And Tae-il is legit, too?
Kim Omma now brings her husband to the Soup Restaurant (to change his mind about Gwang-jae, of course) - but what a surprise! Kim Dad realizes this is his school friend's place! Before long, Kim Omma realizes that this is Gwang-jae's dad. She brings up her daughter Young-ha, and Chief Lee asks them to tell their daughter to come back to work.
It is always nice to hear someone compliment your child's work ethic.
At the same time, Young-ha tells Gwang-jae she cannot date him openly, she needs time. It's because her parents have such a low opinion of her and she wants to change that. Gwang-jae got paid, by the way, and it's quite hilarious that he has no idea what to do with that (smallish) amount. In his world, there is nothing you can get with it. Omo, are his roots showing?!
Maybe it will change color soon.
In a scene with Mr. Choi shortly after, Lee Dad learns of his son's affection for Young-ha. He asks about Tae-il's connection to her, but Gwang-jae tells him he has another girl. Yeah, you wish. Or rather, HE wish. The real shock for Mr. Choi and Lee Dad is to learn about Kim Dad's disapproval. Yet, later, Lee Dad calls Young-ha and confirms she likes his son.
This should be interesting.
Oh, Young-ha has completely repaid her debt to her father! Well done, girl. Her sister on the other hand - wtf is she wearing? - has a matchmaking meeting with the lawyer. Yes, so that entertaining idiot was not the lawyer. This is the lawyer. He is serious and rather cute - and honest. So his mother expects his bride to bring a large dowry, a tenth of what they own. Now he... he was in love with a woman, but she was poor. But he is willing to marry Kyung-ha if she delivers the cash. How very romantic. Kyung-ha says she likes money, but no thank you. She'll reconsider if he has a bit more. Buahahahahaaa, she's a bitch, but this point goes to her. Okay, again: WTF is she wearing?
Since I don't live in a place where dowries are customary, all I know is what I was told in school - and I don't recall it being anything like 'selling' anything.  You join the family, you bring assets with you to contribute.  I don't see that as offensive at all, unless you want to insist on 'only love matters' when talking marriage. Still, I found THIS guy - not insulting, but unnervingly frank.
Well, it's not the last she sees of him. Hey, I like him. And they're quite cute together! Sorry, Yong, new ship. Get someone better. 
I like him, too.  I wouldn't mind seeing more of him.  I refuse to think this makes me a traitor to Yong since we've already said we think he deserves much better than Kyung-ha.
Tae-il is alerted to the crisis by his aunt and vows to go get his father (who didn't go to the States, but to Shanghai). He also vows to protect her. So much love all of a sudden. Weird.
But he's always been very kind toward his aunt, what do you mean?  I decided this episode that he is so good to her because he feels guilty about how his father has messed with her life.

Hilarious: Lee Dad shakes Gwang-jae out of bed and drags him along to the Kim house to convince Kim Dad he is worthy. When Kyung-ha hears about the visitors and that Young-ha might get married to a rich man's son soon, she goes and sees Yong in his shop to vent her anger. What a bad character she has.
Bad character perfectly expressed by a hideous wardrobe.


I look forward to every Yong scene. Make him the lead! Sorry, Kim Ji-hoon, your immature character sucks.
The Jaw.  We need a bigger boat for this ship.