Rich Family's Son - Episode 19 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Yeah, well... anything I should say about this episode JoAnne apart from the fact that if you're still watching this show, just skip it?
JoAnne: Not really.  If you're having a busy week, you can save 30 minutes here.

Episode 19

Some things happens that I won't recap, blabla, ahaha, the sister-in-laws all hate each other, nothing new, then, Kim Dad goes to the construction site because Jong-Yong is already missing from work. It's the 3rd day, mind you. He's actually at his mother's place, pretending he's dying. I don't like it that she keeps protecting this man-child.
Yeah, I like this halmeoni but man I wanted to kick her.
Ahahahaaa, the Dream Lawyer's name is Hyung Bin :D He sends Kyung-Ha flowers. She notes how similar they are but, as he adds, "there is no spark".  When he brings her home, Jong sees them together. Oh no... poor Handyman.
This lawyer is clever.  I now absolutely believe he's reeling her in bit by bit, not as a friend but as a romantic interest. And I wonder if maybe he doesn't have all the money she thinks he has, just because that would be such an obvious lesson for her. I welcome that, but I do feel bad for Yong in the mean time. But Yong! Go find a better girl!
Yong's sister Seo-Hee - I like her! - wants another job and straight out asks Gwang-jae when they're out drinking to give her one at his restaurant. He says he'll talk to his dad. Who clearly has other problems: how to save his business? He puts Tae-il in charge (good, I think?), since he trusts him to find a good solution and asks both Tae-il's Dad and Tae-il himself to keep the disaster from Gwang-jae an the employees of the restaurant.
I think Tae-il has the business sense but once again he's bearing all the responsibility for what? To hand it over to Gwang-jae some day?
His wife, he gives back the divorce papers that she threw away. He tells her to submit them if something bad happens. She and Gwang-jae can live on the properties under her name, it's sufficient. She rips the divorce agreement apart right there. It's an emotional moment for these two... right until Gwang-jae comes busting in and they have to pretend everything is fine.
Oh so she was going to divorce him because it was her brother that ruined him? Yeah, right.


I'm glad Lee Dad isn't just behaving like an idiot anymore. He's actually an adult! For the first time, I believed he built up an empire with his hands alone.
Yes, I was impressed with his response to the situation. Except for the part where he keeps Gwang-jae in the dark. It's not so much that I think Gwang-jae could solve the problem, but I think it's about time he had to live in the real world and take on some of the burden here.  
Maybe the shock of what is going to happen will instantly turn his hair black.