Fanfiction3: A-Li's Three Lives, Three Worlds - Chapter 51 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 51

written by kakashi
edited by LigayaCroft & Panda

Naughty bits alert!!

Gun Gun’s first time had been a total disaster. Much too drunk to be in control of anything, it had been over the moment he clumsily thrust into the equally drunk Demon woman. Li-Ge, upon seeing the dejection on his face afterwards, had patted his back like a benevolent uncle and had said, almost choking on suppressed laughter: “Not to worry, you just need more practice.”

From his Father, Gun Gun had learned that he could do anything if he really set his mind on it - the question was only how much time it would take him to master it. From his Mother, Gun Gun had learned that treating women well was not only the right thing to do, but very rewarding on top. Young, old, ugly, beautiful, it did not matter: Women deserved to receive a man’s full attention, respect and admiration.

So he had studied. There were books with details about women’s bodies. There were countless books about techniques. Books about positions. Books written by women for women. Books written by women for men. By men for men. Books about all kinds of practices, many of them utterly scandalous.

And then, he had practiced. The difficult part had been to correctly match his theoretical knowledge to the women in his bed. He had scandalized many in the process, but that had only attracted countless more. After a while, he had no longer felt embarrassed to suggest things he thought his bedpartner might like. It was almost like a game to him now, to find out a woman’s hidden desires and bring her unprecedented pleasure.

His failure to realize that Mei Lin had never been with a man before had been a true shock to him. He had felt horrible as she had walked out of the hut, holding on to the remnants of her pride like a tattered armor. He wasn’t sure what was worse: that he had lost control and had finished before giving her pleasure or that she had not considered him someone she would trust enough to confide in.

It made sense, and then again not that she was untouched. He himself had said this to her: Pity the men foolish enough to think they could have you. The God of War commands the Celestial forces and is a merciless god. He will never forgive any man who even tries to lay a hand on his only daughter.

Yes, the prospect of having the God of War as father in law frightened most sensible men away. But there had still been so many insensible ones! He and Li-Ge had looked out for her, but very often, they had been too busy themselves to keep a close watch. After she had just joined him and Li-Ge, he had felt a bit bad for not being the responsible Big Brother he had always imagined he would like to be had he had a younger sister. But as they had grown closer, and her sharp tongue had cut his pride countless times, he had stopped pretending. The more she had showered him with her scathing criticism, the less he had bothered to hide the extent of his debauchery from her.

Of course he had assumed she had eventually lain with a man, seeing what kind of examples Li-Ge and he were.

That Mei Lin had fooled them was no surprise. She always showed a brave face to the world when in truth, she was often scared and sometimes lonely. “Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons,” his own Father Lord would sometimes sigh. Gun Gun knew Mei Lin missed her Father, even at her most defiant. He understood that she was actually very similar to him and that it was not hate that defined her current waywardness but the opposite. All she wanted was her mighty Father’s admiration but he refused to give it to her too easily - because he loved her just as much.

It wasn’t that Gun Gun feared the God of War’s wrath - or rather, if it had to be dealt with at a later stage, he would deal with it. But that he had hurt her, that he had not realized she was untouched, that he had so selfishly satisfied his desire without being able to take care of hers … that had troubled Gun Gun for weeks.

He had tried to make it up to her ever since. It had not been easy to get her to open up to him again, but he was a patient man and this meant a lot to him. Now that she let him into her bed every night, he tried to focus on giving her pleasure.

It was easy and at the same time hard. Easy because her beautiful body responded with the greatest enthusiasm to his ministrations, hard because his own body reacted to her like he belonged to an inexperienced boy again, one who didn’t know better than to spill his seed at the first opportunity.

He had to think of the most dull and boring matter possible to prolong the act with her. And that was The Classic of Rights to him. From that, Celestial Etiquette and Ceremonial had always put him asleep when he had to study it, but now, it helped to divert part of his attention away from Mei Lin’s body.

The lust that engulfed him as she stood in front of him looking every bit a Goddess on that market place on Nanking was enormous. Having one of them keep vigil over the wagon and its contents while the other slept at the inn was not an option. Their feet were muddy, their clothes dirty, their stomachs growling - but he could not wait.

“Now, Mei Lin,” he took her by the hand and pulled her towards the wagon, “I really need to lie down with you right now.”


If Mei Lin had learned one thing from her mother’s books, it was that women could enjoy sexual relations just as much as men - or more. Yet, the act itself was still very embarrassing to her - because it was this man. Her lust for Gun Gun seemed untoward. Her truly annoying, womanizing, haughty, vain… brother.

But there was that image of him haunting her, his tall, muscular nakedness… his words, his breath… his shuddering desire. The place between her legs always turned moist at the mere memory, pulsating with a need her own fingers could not satisfy for long.

It was ironic that she, who had rolled her eyes at those women who had whispered about Gun Gun’s prowess and size was now the one getting to know all about it.

It still hurt. And she felt constantly sore. But she could not stop thinking about the next time he would bed her from the moment she woke up. Luckily, she had also learned something else from her mother’s writing: That like so many other things, sharing a bed with a man was about power. Even when truly intimate with someone, yielding power easily was not advisable, unless you had absolute trust in your partner.

But how could one trust someone that deeply? She wasn’t even sure her mother trusted her father to that degree. Or why else would they live apart?

“Now, Mei Lin,” breathlessly, Gun Gun took her by the hand and started drawing her to the wagon, “I really need to lie down with you right now.”

She gasped. Scandalous! There were many people around.

She tried to kick him, but he simply gripped her harder and when he swiveled her around so that her back hit the wood of the wagon, he looked satisfied like a hunter who had just cornered his prey.

“Please,” he said in that raspy voice of his that was a sign of his agitation, “I cannot wait.””

His eyes… his eyes were burning like black fires. She had forgotten what he looked like with his immortal powers... maybe a self-protection mechanism. When he had smiled to himself mere moments ago, her knees had gone weak. How could mortals even look at him and not faint on the spot? If she would be told to name one thing that deserved to be called perfect, it would be him.

A good thing she didn’t really want to resist him or else, it could have become very messy.

“I…,” she started, her own heart racing as she looked up into his face, “I want…” she had never said anything like this to a man, would never have thought it possible she would. “I want you to… have me,” she finished and felt excitement rush through her like a thunderbolt.

She did not have to repeat herself. Breathing heavily, Gun Gun moved forward, cupping her hand in his face and bending down to kiss her like his life depended on it. His tongue inside of her mouth lit her whole body on fire. I don’t think I care if people see us, she thought in wonderment, lifting her hands to place them on his heaving chest. By the Gods, I want him so much.

He lifted her up like a doll and she wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling the giant hardness in his pants, slightly rubbing against it. “Hmmmmmm,” she sighed against his lips. He started walking, carrying her around the wagon, somewhat out of sight.

So he had some sense of propriety left after all.

He sat her down on the wagon’s ledge, wetting his lips as he looked like he wanted to devour her, but he took off his coat, took the tent and some blankets from the wagon and threw everything underneath it.

“Bai Gun Gun,” she said with a snort, “you really mean to have me lie in the dirt? I’m the daughter of a Queen!”

“I…,” a look of desperation crossed his handsome face, like someone who feared that a most delicious treat was about to be snatched away from him.

“Why am I the only sensible one around here,” Mei Lin sighed. “Get that tent back up here,” she ordered him. “Remove some of these jars from the wagon and let’s put the tent cloth on top here. Like this! But don’t you dare use magic!”

He did what she told him with great haste and it was a miracle nothing broke or fell, but soon, there was some space on the wagon, while the jars and packed teas he had removed were underneath the wagon for protection.

“Let me,” he breathed and climbed up to arrange the blankets and their cloaks to settle down on. Mei Lin had to smile. It was funny how they always glossed over this part in those racy novels and plays: how making love sometimes required quite a bit of preparation.

“Get up here,” he ordered her, but she felt suddenly quite shy again. Her fire… what if…

He made a sound that gave her goosebumps and jumped down, grabbing her by the waist and lifting her up in one smooth move. Quickly, he climbed up himself, crawled behind her and started pulling her backwards by the waist, underneath the cover.

It was getting dark outside, which she welcomed, and in that space they had built, between the big jars and underneath the tent cloth, it felt cozy, safe and very exciting. His body radiated heat and she extended her hand to touch his face. Eagerly, he grabbed it and guided it to his mouth to suck at her fingers, at the same time starting to unclothe her.

Gun Gun’s hands roamed over her body, finding the straps to her dress, untying them expertly, moving fabric aside. It was like every inch of her reacted to the sensation of his hands on her and she arched her back, moving even closer to him. His hands found her breasts, his fingers her nipples and he pinched and twisted them, stealing a little yelp from her.

Footsteps outside made both of them freeze.

But they passed and he started kissing her, first on the mouth, then on her breasts, then down her belly and between her legs. As he moved backward he banged against one of the jars and cursed.

“Maybe I’ll go to the inn now,” she joked but he growled and slid his finger inside of her. She was dripping wet, well, had been from the moment it had become clear what Gun Gun had in mind with her, and so he added a second finger, then a third, moving them slowly back and forth, picking up speed. When he touched her nub with the thumb of his other hand, Mei Lin came, moaning loudly as the waves of pleasure shook her body.

“Shhhhh,” he hissed.

That instantly made her anger flare. “I don’t plan on being quiet just because you couldn’t wait a few days!”

They held their breaths and listened, but nobody seemed to be coming. Only the oxen snuffled softly and from further away, they could hear people laugh and talk.

“I will just glue my mouth to yours,” he whispered, “and swallow all your moaning.”

Fine. She pushed against his upper body and when he landed on his back, quickly grabbed his warm, pulsating erection. “What are you… aaaaaaah,” he moaned as she put it into her mouth as deeply as she could and started sucking on it.

“It tastes good,” she declared when she needed air and started swiveling her tongue around the top, where there was a bit of sweet moisture to lap up.

“I will come if you don’t stop that,” he pressed out. “Mei Lin, please… ahhh.”

“Shhhhh,” she hissed at him, “don’t be so loud!”

“I will claim it was all your idea if they catch us,” he pressed out, but nobody was coming and she decided she had made her point and wanted to have his hugeness inside of her.

“Climb on top of me,” he demanded, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her up, “ride me. At your own speed.”

That was exactly what she had in mind. She had to lift herself up quite considerably so that she could put the tip of his erection against her opening, lifting up the makeshift tent with her head. She giggled at that and he tickled her a little to make her giggle even more, but then she got serious again because her body demanded a sort of stimulation only a man could provide. After rubbing herself all over his hardness to make it wet and slick, she positioned it at the entrance and slowly pushed against it. She was still very, very tight and stiffened, afraid of the pain. Gun Gun’s breathing was rapid and even intensified when he lifted a hand, sought her nub again and started to slowly massage it.

“Hmmmm,” she made, feeling how the tension was starting to build in her belly again. She took him in a little further… and a bit further. Taking her time to let her walls adjust until it felt comfortable, biting her lips in utter concentration and from the pain, she finally managed to take in a large part of his shaft.

Gun Gun was murmuring something under his breath like he always was when they were making love and she started to move herself up and down, while at the same time rotating her hips.

“It feels… so good,” she moaned. It was pain-pleasure she felt, pain-pleasure inside of her and from where his fingers continued to pinch her nipples. It made her nerves tingle with anticipation.

“Come for me,” he demanded.

She moved a little faster, and faster, her eyes fluttering shut right before yet another orgasm rocked her body, different this time, deeper, longer, more forceful. She bit into her hand to muffle her outcry, but he pulled her hand away and sat up, to capture her lips with his as promised. She moaned into his mouth then until she thought it was over. But it wasn’t because he had started moving inside of her now, with slow, careful, shallow strokes. His hands gripped her buttocks and pulled them apart, seeking and finding her other hole. As his fingers got busy teasing it, he intensified his strokes, pulling out a bit more and pushing in a bit more too.

It was enough to make the jars all around them clank together rhythmically.

“Say my name the next time,” he breathed into her ear.

“Stop ordering me around!” she moaned.

“My name,” he insisted, “I want you to come and say my name.”

“Bai… Gun Gun,” she exhaled and another orgasm jerked through her body.

“Ahhh,” he moaned and exploded inside of her as well, pumping his seed into her womb seemingly without end.


Gun Gun felt warm and very happy as he wrapped his much larger body around Mei Lin’s small one, his hands on her soft breasts, her head against his shoulder. He nuzzled her neck and sniffed her hair, marvelling at how much he liked her scent. Not long to go and he would be ready again. He was racking his brains for another distraction because Celestial Etiquette and Ceremonial had failed to do the trick this time. To hear her say his name in the throws of passion had been too much. Again, it had happened much quicker than he had planned. At least she had enjoyed it.

He moved his hand to her triangle and started to gently stimulate it.

“I’m sleepy,” she grunted. “And I think I will go to the inn now to get some sleep.”

“No. Stay.” He didn’t think he would be able to sleep without her next to him. “I will let you rest.” That, he said with all the regret he felt because the way she nestled against him, it would have been easy to simply push a little. She wouldn’t even have to do anything and he…

“I really want to sleep,” she yawned, “it has been thoroughly exhausting these last few days.”

He grinned happily.

“I mean my patients,” she gruffly added and snuggled a bit closer. He pulled the blankets around them tighter, because it really was much too cold to sleep outside at this time of the year and tried to settle down for sleep too.

“I… I am sorry,” he said when it became clear that part of his body had something else in mind entirely.

“At least I now understand why some men need harems,” she said, trying to keep her voice steady and bored. But he heard it, the slight quiver and the excitement and he moved his hands down her body again, finding renewed wetness.

“Just lift your leg a little,” he whispered into her ear, “I will… like this… you don’t need to move.”

Very slowly and not very deeply he pushed and then moved in and out of her, adding his hand to stimulate her lightly. He slowed down as much as he possibly could and listened to her breathing.

“Do you like it,” he asked her after a while. “Or are you asleep?”

“Dreaming, maybe,” came the faint answer.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Don’t you dare,” she gave back, sounding lazy and very content.

“I am very happy with you here,” he told her later, right before he felt her orgasm ripple through her body. The feeling of her tight walls clenching around him inevitably brought on his own orgasm and as he let go for the second time within her glorious body. He kissed her neck underneath her ear, very gently and whispered: “I don’t think I want this to ever end, Mei Lin.”

But by that time, she was already fast asleep.

Chapter 52