Rich Family's Son - Episodes 23&24 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: This is somehow the longest drama I've ever watched and this would basically only be episode 12. Maybe it's really special? It enthralls by being extremely boring? Yes, Jo, am selling this really well!
JoAnne: You sure are! I think it feels long because we're making no attempt to keep up with the episodes, though. I'm finding that it's easy to lose interest that way, but then again, when I do watch an episode I find some little thing, sometimes.
Don't know how we used to do this - keep up with episodes!!! 

Episodes 23&24

Everybody wants Gwang-jae to get them a job at his family's restaurant or even an entire franchise! Greedy horrible people. The first to tun up there is Yong's half-sister Seo-Hee. We haven't discussed her at all, but I actually like her! Plus, she has the hots for Tae-il. Good. Maybe we'll see his abs soon. She'll be his secretary going forward.
I can't decide if she's too flighty to be good, or just enough to be interesting.
Mr. Choi in love with Mrs. Choi:
Let's just pretend the drama is about the Choi's, shall we?
Yong not so sure his mother isn't messing up things again (HE'S SO HOT): 
I didn't get the feeling he was suspicious of her there, just, you know, still overall sad about how she wasn't such a great mother to him but other people sure seem to like her.  (I'm not so much on the hot train but I do think his jaw is perfect. He's a little too mopey.)
Myung-ha after his father catches a glimpse of Mong Mong during a video call (they're at the sauna together, harhar)
This kid is too cute, though. And I love that he's totally into Mong Mong now because she is afreakingdorable.
Meanwhile, Gami is going to hell faster as we can count to 23 episodes. The miscreant of an uncle urges Soo-Hee to sign the divorce papers before it's too late. That man is mean. She stops resisting. We don't see it, but I think she hands them in.
This hamster-faced jackass is nothing but a straight up thief.
Young-ha and her beau run into Kyung-ha and her beau at the night market. Later, Kyung-ha insults Gwang-jae (or rather, the way he dresses! You've got a point there, woman) with text messages sent to her sister. She has such a shitty character. And is jealous. But he DOES dress rather horribly. It's possible these are Kim Ji-hoon's real clothes, by the way. Actors often bring their own clothes in Kdramas.......... yeah.
I didn't get what the big shock was of them meeting, but yeah...Kyung-ha is just an ass. 
Yong! My DARLING! He gives his mother all his money so she can open up her own tteokbokki restaurant. Awwww, he's so cute and awkward. And tall. And handsome! Later, the Chois (minus Yong) pay a visit to the Kims and they are all massively impressed about this "good son". Everybody praises him and his diligence. And stupid Kyung-ha just stands there, thinking how much her life sucks.
You reap what you sow, stupid Kyung-ha.
OMG there's a picture of Kim Ji-hoon with BLACK HAIR in Lee daddy's kitchen!!!!!!! Gaaaaaaaaah! Come back, black hair, come back! Lee Dad is writing a message for his son into his recipe-diary. Of course, not much later, sleazy uncle finds it and decides to steal it. He gets almost caught by the manager of Gami but talks his way out of it. Later, he has Yong's sister (who now works as secretary at Gami) mail it to the States.
Wow.  What a turd.
Myung-ha (what a fool!) decides to spend all his saved money for Mong Mong, so that she can live in a rooftop apartment and won't go back to China. Okay, they're cute. Here's a pic of Yong being sad.
You know what, I'm tired of sad Yong.  Show us cute Myung-Mong!
Nobody tells Gwang-jae anything (he senses something is wrong though! Goooood boy). His mother tells him "whatever happens, you know I love you, right?" and his father tells him the story where he got that hair of the tiger from (the zoo etc. etc.).
This scene was well-acted, the tiger story scene.  You could feel the love of the son, indulging the father who has been telling this story probably Gwang-jae's whole life - and the emotion of the father who lost his wife and was overwhelmed with worry for his sick little baby, so worried about losing him, too.  (But then again, who takes a sick baby to the zoo and stands close enough to touch a tiger?)
Marriage talks continue between Lawyer Mum and Kyung-ha Omma. The Lawyers want a substantial dowry (we knew that), but Kim Omma counters with the rumor about his "girlfriend". Lawyer mum denies everything, but admits there was a girl... a stalker, she says. Aha.
Way to spin that, I have to give her credit.  I did like her point that in order for Kyung Ha to feel confident and stand on her own two feet, she should be coming to the marriage with some independence.  Think about how Korean families are portrayed - as a daughter-in-law she's lowest on the totem pole even if they love her.  She should have a little something to fall back on.  It's not for his family - she keeps her own money.  I didn't hate their insistence on this when I thought of it that way. 

Tae-il is back from the States - I didn't miss him at all, you? He checks the address on the package Seo-hee is about to send off (with the recipe book inside) and THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS:
Trump Co. 
I can't. 
*still laughing*
Tae-il hands the package back to Seo-hee when Lee Daddy tells him to come to his office urgently.


Nothing much happened. Yong was hot and conflicted, Kyung-ha is still so hateable, Young-ha is just a dummy, Gwang-jae the even bigger fool, everybody else does what they always do, but TRUMP is behind it all. I knew it. Ultimate evil.
That might be the best moment of the show so far.