Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 - Episode 6 (Recap)

kakashi: I really like it when men brandish great swords.
JoAnne: Yeah, but they have to know what they're doing, otherwise it's just awkward.
Panda: Oooooh great ridged swords, sign me up.

Episode 6

Epic fight between Monster in nipple suit and God of War ongoing! Run Yu joins the fight. It's a little unfair, all the more so when Jin Mi jumps on the monster's back and rams a dagger into his stomach. The monster, enraged, tries to kill her, but the Phoenix intervenes. Sadly, he is wounded in the process. The Emperor is the one who ends it all with his DRAGON power. Qiong Qi manages to flee though.
I would really like the way the monster looks except for that nipple-y part.
It really had to take all of them to help scare him off. That is both impressive and scary. Plus I am glad Heavenly King here actually has fighting prowess unlike some others I know...
But what did the monster even want? And how did it escape its magically sealed prison? It's all very suspicious. Xu Feng strongly suspects it has something to do with the Demon Realm (you don't say). (Cameo by Zhang Bin Bin, maybe?) Investigation is needed, he suggests. Daddy agrees and gives Xu Feng Da Sword: Its name is Chixiao in case you are interested and it is mighty. Xu Feng is DETERMINED! Go, Xu Feng.
Description:  Man holds massive sword in his hand while all the other men admire it. It's not at all homoerotic.
LOL. All men like to brandish and boast about their massive swords.
Meanwhile, the Grape is a tad worried about the Phoenix (he did jeopardize his own life for her after all). Also, a funny interlude with the Fox Deity and the Carrot, some might call it a filler. But how can they serve a vegetable friend to a vegetable?! It just shows how cruel the Heavens are.
This is just fucking weird, Kakashi.
That was vege-cannibalism! And it was actually a veggie he knew? Not cool Dude.
It's time for Jin Mi to leave the Heavens afterwards, Carrot came to fetch her back after all. But she's mighty reluctant. But not because of Xu Feng (remember, she cannot love him) but because she wants.... to borrow books! The departure is postponed for the morrow since book borrowing is a serious business.
Marie Kondo approves of book borrowing.
She can't love him, but can her kokoro be stirred? I mean you don't have to be in love for that right?
Gooooood point.

She ends up drinking some farewell tea with Xu Feng at night. She mentions thanking him for saving her life and he perks up. How will she thank him? (you dirty little Celestial) She: "Haven't I already thanked you?" Yup, all the possibility for romance destrooooyed with this woman, lmao. It becomes apparent that he is quite hurt from the monster battle earlier - yet nothing a little meditation won't fix.
And maybe some chapstick.
Jin Mi doesn't trust the Phoenix though - she wants to see with her own eyes that he's recovered after some magick golden mist waving and attempts to undress him. Gurl :DDDD she actually manages to bare his shoulder and torso despite his resistance. She chatters excitedly about his scars and this and that and he is... embarrassed and flustered, haha.
His arm is very oddly shaped.
Poor guy's sword must have been at alert ready for action with all her ministrations. Alas she has absolutely no clue. LOOOL.
Jin Mi feels bad his body is so battered and attempts to gift him with a special, rare healing mushroom from the Flower Realm. Well, Jin Mi tries..... maaaaany a times to conjure said mushroom, it won't work! Even when Xu Feng promises to give her spiritual energy. Well, I guess you just have to try really, really hard and you'll succeed! After what certainly must be hours, Jin Mi gets it right. 
Usually they refer to it as a flower, or a pearl...I mean, mushroom seems kind of musty, doesn't it?  Not really the right mood, but then again, they did try really hard for hours so I guess it worked...
Okay, but Phoenix is not quite as delighted as he should be by this wonderful present. (Told you it was musty.) It's because he's smart: a lowly Grape could of course never conjure such a valuable and holy plant. He demands to know how she is connected to the Flower Deity, but she doesn't know. Instead, she takes a bite out of the mushroom and feeds it to him... mouth to mouth. Awwww, it's the first time I feel sorry for Phoenix. He's so stunned by this "kiss". She's so oblivious.
We've all played that game...
I love this - the whole he is going crazy and stunned and she is just like nothing. 
That night, Jin Mi decides she needs to hitch a ride to the Demon Realm with Xu Feng to get revenge for her plant friend Rou Rou. Of course, he notices her hiding in miniature form in his robe, but he doesn't mind the stowaway. Once in the Demon Realm, he shakes her out and she transforms back to human form. When they cross the River of Forgetfulness in a little rowing boat, the ferryman tells them about a meeting he had with the Flower Deity (though we don't know that officially yet). It was real tragic: A man intervened and made sure she could not drink the water of oblivion nor could kill herself.
This is pretty.
Very pretty. That story sounds so sad :( I imagine the Realms are filled with tragic stories though. Just imagine all the shit that goes down between immortals.
The Demon Realm is SO COOL. Love the colors and the aurora and the water and everything. I also like their Demon Realm styling and Xu Feng's futile attempt at keeping a straight face and his dignity.
Do they have bunnies in the demon realm?
Could that be where the playboy bunnies originated from?
Oh look! It's Run Yu. He also wants to have fun in the Demon Realm. Jin Mi finds out the two are brothers... and that her "Little Fish Immortal" is the Night Deity, a Dragon, not a fish at all. Awwww, they all get along so well...... (dun dun dun)... and all in the same house...
Think outside the box, guys. This could be a win-win-win situation.
If only they we had you on the Script-writing team Jo. Imagine the possibilities! Jin Mi would have been a very lucky grape indeed cos both those Gods are meals.
The Yan Beast is also there. We learn from Run Yu it only eats dream, the little glutton but check out this.... it also sometimes BURPS them up. Yup. No privacy with this deer around. We learn (take note): blue dreams are "What you see" (hence true, things you've seen) and yellow bubbles are "What you think" (things you wish were true).
I'm guessing that will be important later.
After Run Yu has left to eat breakfast, Yan Beast burps again... a yellow dream. The dreamer: Xu Feng. Jin Mi watches him kiss someone in that dream. She rightly identifies it as an erotic dream...  and then realizes the woman in that dream is her.
That is probably the shortest bit of foreshadowing I have ever seen.
LOOOL. I agree I was very surprised that we saw the dream almost immediately, so curious to see how that affects her though. Does she start seeing or thinking of him in a new way?
Her wondering why that woman has her face is interrupted by the Demon Princess! She shatters the bubble with her whip. She's belligerent, but as always, Jin Mi doesn't get anything. Demon Princess goes to find Xu Feng.


Hahahaaaaaaa, Xu Feng is in love (or maybe just horny). Poor boy. Jin Mi's actions get worse (undressing the man! Kissing the man!, but she still has no clue. I'm just waiting for the shoe to drop here.
You wait for the shoes. I'll wait for the pants.
Run Yu is in the demon realm and so cute! Ahhhh, I look at our happy trio and feel pangs already at the mess that is sure to ensue. Our GoW is so horny, his eyes are almost crossed. I can't address the love part because a part of me is like WHY? As I said, just because she can't love, that should not stop Jin Mi from feeling horny too? That would be fun to watch.