Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 - Episode 7 (Recap)

kakashi: In the last episode, we had swords. In this episode, we have...a sassy Demon Princess! And much, much more. Read on, my friends.
JoAnne:  That is the look of a princess who understands subtext...or at least it's the look of a woman who knows she's now got two hot guys to play with.
Panda: The Demon Princess is a firm favorite.

Episode 7

We're still in the Demon Realm and Jin Mi is greatly excited because the Demon Princess has appeared and wants to see the brothers. I think she is either a) expecting a big party or b) a big fight or c) both a) and b). BY THE WAY, who started shipping Phoenix and Princess Biancheng here?
*waves with enthusiasm*
*waves both hands and a leg frantically*

Anyway, Princess Biancheng has come for b) not a) and of course BOOOOOOOORING, the Phoenix wins and quickly at that. *evil side eyes show like this*
At the point in the fight where they clapped hands together I thought 'ahhh, this is FOREPLAY' and the very next words out of the princess's mouth were 'Why won't you pull out your sword and use it on me?'  Excellent question, Princess.  Excellent question.  
He is shy to pull out his sword in public, Princess. Patience.
There's some chitchat which gets interesting when Princess B mentions the secret lover our God of War must be having - she saw the dream! hahahahahaaaaa, it's not awkward at all. Especially when Phoenix glowers at Jin Mi and she goes: "What? This has nothing to do with me, I didn't tell her anything." AND when Night Deity says, "hey bro, but don't you have strong enchantment fields that usually keeps out my Yan Beast? Did you forget last night?" I think I live to see Xu Feng embarrassed.
His pained face is actually quite endearing, yes.
He is the cutest when he is pouting or sulking. Hehehehe. And I don't know how Night God is missing the clues about Jin Mi and GoW. Or maybe he is choosing to ignore the clues, because Xu Feng is so painfully obvious. Sex dream or no.
Jin Mi gets a bit frightened by Phoenix's evil eye, so she sidles over to Night Deity, which prompts Phoenix to bark at her that his brother is engaged to be married and Jin Mi has no business sitting so close to him. The conversation moves to this marriage arrangement with the eldest daughter of the Water Deity. Sadly, Water and Wind have no children, which means - count on Jin Mi to spell it out in the most tactless ways! - Night Deity's official wife hasn't been born yet. No, not creepy at all.
I love the way Phoenix just sort of soundlessly barks at her like a parent or a spouse.  It's funny but it's also sweet the way he worries about Night, who just smiles agreeably to whatever but must be dying inside.
My poor Night, this is so unfair. So basically if that couple never gives birth,he will never marry? That is not right! Xu Feng totally feels sorry for him and poor Nighty is so used to the ill treatment he hardly shows any reaction outwardly. Just imagine what shit he would have seen that made him so controlled :(((
The Demon Princess learns the brothers have come to capture Qiong Qi and want to find out who set him free. She promises to help them. Jin Mi soon finds another opportunity to be STRANGE when she offers Phoenix dried grapes. I mean.... are they not her people?! 
She even says they suit her because there are similarities!
She is literally heartless.
Of course, she also asks who the lucky woman in his romantic dreams is. "There's no such person," Phoenix replies gruffly. But Jin Mi knows better, she's seen it with her own eyes! Plus, that woman looked a lot like her. "It's you," he admits. But what could have become a romantic scene is not because he immediately rationalizes it. No romantic dream, just an ordinary one etc. there was no kissing etc. but he was actually biting her. LMAO. Since he, a bird, likes to eat fruit.
When you are a grape of very little brain...
Times where I get exasperated about that damn pill taking her brains as well as her heart.
He scares her good, the evil man (and feels promptly sorry about it, pffft, at least before she accidentally throws the raisins into his face). The Princess comes to report there's news of Qiong Qi and they immediately head out to the area he has been spotted (a set we will see again many, many times)... minus Jin Mi, whom the Phoenix locks up since it's too dangerous.
Why do I have a bad feeling about this locked up thing?

They find out Qiong Qi is hiding in the biggest cave in the Demon Realm. He is wounded from his fight with Phoenix, but that's not the problem... The problem is, if he dies by "ordinary" means, he'll destroy everything around him with his poison. Xu Feng knows: they need to remove his demonic nature and reseal him. For that, they need a weapon from the Demon King, hence, they head back to the Capital.
So he's basically HIV in sometimes-Dragon form.
Interesting. I am really curious as to who released him from his imprisonment.
At the Demon King's palace, Xu Feng has a lot of convincing (and threatening) to do. King Yancheng finally agrees to give them his Demonic Chu... or rather, give it to his two sons who join the party. Oh dear.
Have you SEEN that thing?  It's the least user friendly 'personal pleasure device' in existence!
Why do the two sons clearly look so stupid?
Our friends are back at the inn (where they left Jin Mi), discussing how to lure Qiong Qi out of that cave. Since he is injured, Xu Feng suggests they use medicinal herbs or food. But since Qiong Qi only likes to eat human babies, they cannot really use that option. Night Deity knows: he likes mushrooms! Reishi mushrooms in particular. Yup, those Jin Mi knows how to make. So... she comes too. Who thinks this will end in a disaster? *puts up two hands*
Oh ye of little faith.  She's the STAR.
*puts up both hands and leg*
With the mushrooms, she manages to lure Qiong Qi out. The two princes are so gross and annoying, as expected I'm hoping they'll be eaten quickly. Everybody hides, but Jin Mi is still making mushrooms (remember, she wants to take revenge for RouRou and absolutely wants to lure Qiong Qi out a lot, hence she needs many mushrooms) until Xu Feng grabs her and carries her to safety.
*sigh*  What.  Yes, I'm really only here for the romance, and while this might not be the romance I wanted it's the romance I'm getting so whatever.
Night God has my love but Jo, Xu Feng and Jin Mi are indeed cute together.
Qiong Qi appears and eats mushrooms like they're potato chips. But when he gets to the last one - that Jin Mi didn't quite get to finish - it's hard like stone. Luckily, Xu Feng already managed to draw a magical net around Qiong Qi when he shouts out his pain (poor monster even loses a tooth). Less luckily, the stupid princes step forward, brandishing the Demonic Chu much too early. Qiong Qi transforms into his true form, breaks through the net and attacks them. Are they dead? It doesn't look good.
I suppose that depends on whether you want those fools to live or not, though.  I'm fine if they go.
I will admit I was surprised that they killed the Princes. I knew they would be useless and cause nothing but trouble but thought they would only lose an arm or two. (ppppst, spoiler... they're alive)
Xu Feng uses a Phoenix Arrow to intervene, but he misses the monster. His brother is cool too (see below). And Princess Biancheng! All three: cool. They take on the Monster together, but wow, he's strong. I'm not even sure on which side I am right now... Minus the red eyes and the strange nipple shirt, this Monster is handsome.
He really is.  Do we know who he is?  Are the netizens oohing and ahhing over him and making fan accounts so that he turns into The Next Big Thing?
Sadly no oohing and aahing over QQ. The people whose popularity exploded where the leads and Night God. Back to the fight, Night was so cool! I l also liked that they didn't make QQ weaker in this fight especially considering how hard they fought with him at the Heavens gates. 
I really liked this. Night is so cool.

From behind her rock, Jin Mi spots the Demonic Chu on the ground (the princes dropped it) and makes a run for it. Of course, Qiong Qi notices and turns to attack her... prompting Xu Feng to jump behind her in order to shield her with his body. Silly boy, Qiong Qi hits him full force on his back. That's gotta hurt. Also, he transforms into his True Form again. Because Jin Mi threw cactus thorns into his eyes, he is blinded and in his anger, spews venom around. Charming. Here's a picture of Night.
Thank you.  Thank you very much. We need to love on this boy a lot because he's not going to get any in the drama.  Well, I don't think anyone's going to get any, but he's not going to get any PLUS he's not going to get any love.
Nighhhhhht!!!!!! *sobs*
More fighting. Then more. And more! At one point, Xu Feng shouts at Jin Mi to use the Demonic Chu and repeat the sealing spell after him. She does it! She really does it! But afterwards, she faints into Xu Feng's arms and, because there is venomous blood on her face, begins a teary farewell speech. Only... Phoenix informs her there is no more venom in that blood, it's all in the Demonic Chu. This is why I like Jin Mi:
She's so CUTE I can't stand it. Everyone SHOULD fall in love with her, it's only right.
Once they're back at the inn, Xu Feng seals the monster back into its cauldron prison. Well, this ended surprisingly well? The two Celestials declare they will take it back to the Heavens and turn it to ash there with their father's permission. Still, they do not yet know who released him in the first place - though the brothers have a strong suspicion (share it with us! You must share!). Night Deity excuses himself, he has night-duty... while Xu Feng (injuries? Hello?) needs to bring the Demon King the news that one of his sons has been very gravely injured. Dun Dun.
That won't go well.


Fun first half with lots of embarrassment for Phoenix and Jin Mi at her very tactless best, haha and an action-packed second half with bad CGI but still lots of fun. I really was expecting Jin Mi to mess everything up, but this time, she actually didn't! She was useful. Mushrooms and Demonic phallic Chus! It's progress!
I was trying to make a joke about male genitalia but it's beyond me at the moment.  However, it would be very easy to turn this entire drama into a cautionary sex tale.
I enjoyed this episode. I like Demon princess (been a fan of actress playing her since I first saw her in Princess Weiyoung) and my baby Night is just so pretty and good at fighting. SIGH