Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 - Episode 10 (Recap)

kakashi: Fun, fun, fun, any episode with Lord Puchi in it is a winner - and Jin Mi hitting puberty (kind of) and doing disobedient things on top is gold. Fans of Nighty will also have a field day.
JoAnne: This drama is starting to look like an early 80s music video.
Panda: *sings and dances to the Boogie Woogie*

Episode 10

Seriously, can we skip all scenes with that Bird and the Mother? That Bird Princess is badmouthing everybody and I want to smack her, currently our lovely Demon Princess. Just go lay eggs somewhere! The Biatch Mother orders the Bird Princess to investigate what really happened with Xu Feng getting injured in the Demon Realm. Why? Because she wants to uncover Run Yu's shady deals. LEAVE HIM ALONE.
I hope she flies into a window.
The princess does not even annoy me as much as the mum. She IS awful.
Okay, but this makes me laugh: Sui He attempts to recruit Night's fangirl to be a spy and tries to use Heavenly Empress' name to bully her into it. It's a giant fail. I'm also laughing about that genormous helmet. Does it perhaps trick people into believing she's a man? 
One large head is as good as another?
You know for the strangest reason, I thought Night's fangirl was the Demon Princess undercover for about 6/7 episodes. LOL.
The girl (Kuang Lu) goes straight to Night Deity to tell him about Heavenly Empress's evil plans. It's not that he isn't used to it. This girl's crush is massive, isn't it - I feel sorry for her. Run Yu is as cold as the night with her (uses opportunity to insert pic), his poor heart is frozen from millennia of being mistreated. Awww.
My sad little sweetie :(
My poor baby :((((( I truly feel for him. The Queen must have made his life hell all through. It speaks to how XF is that they were able to have a normal-ish sibling relationship despite her mealy mouthed presence.
In the Flower Realm, Jin Mi is non-pining for Phoenix. Meaning she would be pining if she had the ability to, but as things are, she just wishes to see a shooting star because that could be the Phoenix coming to see her. Oh, there is a shooting star! But it ain't the Phoenix, it's Night-Night! The kind-hearted man tells her Xu Feng is fine and recuperating, thinking that's what she wants to hear (it is). When she tells him she wanted to see shooting stars (because of Phoenix) he... makes her shooting stars. *dead*
Seriously, he is such a love. The biggest tragedy this drama could have would be him going over to the dark side because he's been hurt so much by his family.
OMG, are you foreshadowing Jo? TT__TT. But seriously, he is such a Good person! He deserves happiness goddamit.
She is delighted (at least) and then asks her Little Fish Immortal to take her out of her prison. For someone as powerful as Night Deity, that's no big deal - and it only takes two seconds of "please-please-please" from her to have him agree. (Side note: rebel streak there, Night Deity? He knows exactly that she'll get into trouble for this, doesn't he?)
But that would imply he WANTS her to get in trouble.  I think he just can't see past wanting to please her.
I agree, I don't think he would do it if he felt she would get into major trouble. He just wants to make her happy.

DunDunDun, Demon Realm, Gucheng, we learn of the plan... the Heavenly Realm said they would attack the Demon Realm a few days after Qiong Qi's release. And we learn... this is not the first time the Heavenly Emperor colludes with Gucheng. That time, he did it to get his throne. This time, he did it to eventually take over ALL the realms. What's in it for Mr. Skin Condition, you may ask? Well... he wants to be Ruler of ALL himself aka plans to backstab the Heavenly Emperor in an opportune moment.
I'm not entirely against the idea.
I mean, YES. Backstab that ass, Gucheng.
The Bird Woman reports to the Empress that she found no dirt on Run Yu (hahahahahaaaaaa) but that Jin Mi was present in the Demon Realm when Xu Feng got hurt. I'm excited because next, our masked assassin appears (I like him tons). Empress sends him on Jin Mi's trail because Empress and Bird Woman have concluded something is a little strange about that Grape. In the Flower Realm, he changes into a woman. Find the 10 differences:
I am curious as to what his deal is- the Masked assassin that is, I guess every villain needs a silent henchman to carry out their take-over the world plans. It is obviously more convenient than to have 2 people yapping away like the Queen and the Bird lady.
S/he snoops around hither and thither and finally finds Jin Mi's high-security hut. When he reports that to the Empress, she decides to go visit the Flowers herself. She pretends to be friendly etc. (disgusting!) and then asks to speak to Jin Mi. How subtle. Head Fragrance Chief - I really like her in this moment - very politely tells her to go f*** herself. But Empress goes to the Hut anyway! She is powerful and breaks the barrier easily... but Head Fragrance Chief is already waiting. Wow, the Empress gets so curious about Jin Mi and all the fuss she actually barges into the hut! Which, to Head Fragrance Chief's shock, is empty.
Queen has no regard for rules. How dare she just burst in anyway? That is Not her Kingdom right? I mean the flower realm seems so separate from all other Heaven shenanigans. It was funny that they both got in and met an empty room though.

Busted, Jin Mi. 
Flower Chief's fault, what type of self respecting prison doesn't have an alarm for when the prsioner escapes? 

There's a bit where Sui He bothers Xu Feng. Poor heartbroken boy, leave him alone.
Sad is not a good look on him. He just looks dopey.
What he doesn't know - Jin Mi is actually in the Heavens! In his brother's palace. Run Yu who returns from his night duties finds her rather unhappy. She tells him why: she wants to know how Phoenix is doing. He is fine, Night assures her, but she cannot go see him herself because she would attract undue attention. She finds reason in this - and because she wants to see more shooting stars, he takes her to the Cosmic River. It's pretty cool. As far as dates go, Night wins.
'I know you want to see my brother but come, stay in my house where I'll keep you a secret from everyone and I'll give you whatever you want.' It's feeling a little manipulative, truthfully.
I don't want to agree with you Jo TT__TT. Nightie might not be as innocent as he appears.

She observes how lonely he must be, always working in the cold of night, all alone, but he says: "Only people who have experienced a lively atmosphere know what loneliness is." Saaaaaad. And: "I'm destined to be lonely anyway." Saaaaaadder. Jin Mi gifts him the seeds of a flower that only blooms at night - just like him. And she promises to look at the flower together with him.
I mean it's not like I don't understand how desperate the poor boy is for some affection!  Do you have to KILL me with it?  But I can't help but think how close we are to some kidnapping stalker who convinces himself it's a love affair.

She tells him she doesn't want to go back to the Water Mirror - can she stay in his palace? (Guuuuurl, please, too much!!) But they get word the Head Fragrance Chief is on her way to the Heavens since she has guessed correctly she must be here. Night suggests Jin Mi should hide in the mortal world where she's not that easy to find. That's where they go! Told you Night has a knack for dates.
Okay fine he's not exactly locking her in his attic but STILL.
YUP. I am getting uncomfortable with this especially since Jin Mi behaves like a child really. He should not take full agency for her like this.

Jin Mi busts out the magic hairpin again and Little Fish Immortal gives her the name Sir Ling Guang. Later, he charges the Earth Deity whose land they're on to guard Jin Mi well. He is... chatty (an ex bandit, Night tells Jin Mi, before he became an immortal)
Night looks so handsome here, and Jin Mi looks like...well, if a grape came to life, this might be its expression. Couldn't you pick a smarter piece of fruit, Sad Boy?
That Earth Diety makes me laugh, and he looks completely useless.
In some nearby town, Jin Mi runs into our lovely Lord Puchi and decides to to spend time with him since Night Deity had to return to the Heavens for his night duties. They go have drinks. Puchi's mood:
He looks SUPER familiar . I'll have to think about this. Whoever it is he reminds me of is not Asian, though, I know that much.
Puchi is a just a natural trouble maker isn't he? Even from the screenshot below you can see the wheels turning in his head, and you can almost hear his thoughts out loud about being mischievous. I get it! Puchi is Mayhem from that Insurance commercial.
After making sure Jin Mi's guard (the Earth Deity) passes out from too much wine, he teaches her about the four great fun things in life: eating, drinking, playing, and pleasure. Jin Mi is quite interested what playing and pleasure are, since she already knows about the other two.
Even the Anti-Penis Pellet is no match for curiosity.
Haha, called it! Earth Diety- absolutely useless. 

Hahahaha, I love this drama.

Puchi leads her to an underground casino to "play" and Jin Mi clears all the tables (because she hears which stone is which during mahjong). They are kicked out, which she almost welcomes because this gaming is too boring for her. But Puchi is super happy about all the money she won.
From Sui He (and the Flower Delegation who suspects he is to blame), Xu Feng hears that Jin Mi has once again escaped from the Flower prison and is concerned. Soon, we see him in the mortal realm, talking to Earth Deities - his nose or rather, he scent led him here. Sexy.
This drama does a good job of taking a viable second lead and making him seem completely unsuitable just by having the main lead seem so destined.


Xu Feng, have you come for playing or pleasure? LMAO.
Wait til she figures out you get them both.
Playing and Pleasure is the absolute best!

This episode was a lot of fun, I adore Puchi and his mischievous ways, he's exactly what Jin Mi needs. Can't wait for him to teach her about "pleasure", ahahahahahahaaaaaaaa.

Jin Mi's cluelessness goes to new extremes in this episode, but this time, it's not Phoenix who suffers (with him, it's somehow okay, since he's so high and mighty and I LOVE to see him taken a few notches down), but Night. Him, I pity a lot - his brother (and occasionally his father) are the only people being nice to him. Apart from Yan Beast and that fangirl who is a bit too stalkery for my taste. Her face when she saw Night with Jin Mi at the Cosmic River...... aww.
Lots of broken hearts here, even if it is mostly pretty funny.
I love Nightie but Jo's commentary and a re-exmining made me uncomfortable with his actions in this episode. Sure Jin Mi asked to be taken away from her quite ineffectual prison, but that didn't make it alright for him to confine her to his palace; and then whisk her to a completely different world and not even stay with her afterward! It made me uncomfortable.