Rants and Weekly Raves #247 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Long week.  Lasted about a year so far.
Trotwood: I took an extra day to work from home to try to finish end of year report. I'm still not done. Thanks goodness I'm not watching much, but now I really still can't start anything new. Shaking my fist at everyone who says that things will slow down in summer. pfft.
kakashi: It's gonna be 38°C this week. Mind you, this is Switzerland, not Spain.
Panda: Hi and Bye! Didn't watch a single second of any drama this week. Busy trying to enjoy a bit of summer :) oh, and shopping! But hey, YOLO.


The Secret Life of My Secretary 

Well I for one am very glad to know that Dae Ju was not actually part of a plot to kill Min Ik.  I can understand his complicated feelings but I felt like THAT would have been a bit much to swallow.  Now that the friendships are resolved and the lovers are reunited I look forward to our four leads becoming a true Scooby Gang and I want the drama to end with me able to imagine them as a lifelong quartet of best friends who vacation together and become godparents for each other's children.

Investigation Couple 2 

All caught up!  I am absolutely loving this season - the plot is tighter and because we have a lot of the background on our main characters we get depth without confusion. Plus it's a treat to have No Min Woo back on our screen!

Angel's Last Mission: Love 

Kim Dan is the best angel and Lee Yeon Seo is the best dancer and that is all I have to say on the subject.  Okay plus this:  love love love this story to BITS.

One Spring Night 

Every time I try to come back to this show, Jung-in once again tells Ki-Seok she wants to break up and he replies as if she just asked what he wants for dinner. Sigh. I'm going to go away again and maybe come back nearer to the end. I don't get the deal with his dad though.

Search: WWW

We're all agreed that rich husband loves rich wife in the marriage of convenience but why doesn't she love him?  Is she in love with Scarlett?  Couldn't blame her, if so - Scarlett is really something!  All the main women in this drama are completely fascinating.  The men are basically filler material even when they're really sexy filler material.

Arthdal Chronicles 

Saya is...whoa.  He is one alien dude, for sure.  Is it because he was mostly raised alone? I can't wait to see more, especially now that Tanya is all 'I am the Queen of You Will Regret the Day You Were Born'.  This show is so very much more entertaining than its initial episodes might have led us to expect.  Well, they were entertaining but not in a good way.  I'm telling you though, this show is good. They keep handing us surprises, and I love it.

The Nokdu Flower 

Lady Song's decision to take on the secret mission from the Queen has driven what might be the final wedge between her and Yi Kang, who simply sees that's she's trading with the hated Japanese oppressors.  Yi Kang's decision to save the life of his dongsaeng rather than turn him in to the rebels as the dreaded Ogre has come back to haunt him - Yi Hyun slaughtered a bunch of them when his ex-fiance was about to forced into an arranged marriage.  He's on the run, and it turns out that marriage ploy was simply to catch him out; now Yi Kang will have to stand trial for the deceit and he's lost the respect of all who were dear to him.  And that most recent bloodbath has finally driven Yi Hyun over the edge. He's gone to the Japanese and sworn allegiance to them against the country that he feels handicapped him at every turn.


Hearing really good things about this!


Before We Get Married

Oh my.  If you haven't seen this, set aside 4 hours (5 really) and watch the existing episodes so that you're ready when #5 hits the screens next weekend.  The first episode is a little tough but stick with it.  Jasper and Puff have insane chemistry and the story is one that grabs you hard and asks big questions while giving you PLENTY to obsess over with the OTP.
I am glad that Jo is also watching this. If you are debating, you should go read my post about this show in RAWR #245. I couldn't post last week because I was a wedding minion, but seriously if you ever thought you knew Jasper Lui, you need to watch this show. I don't think I will be able to watch the latest ep before this gets posted, but I didn't get to write about last week's ep, so I will here. I'm a fan of the crazy fiance's sister. She comes back from overseas for 5 minutes and recognizes that her sister has an unhealthy attitude about this engagement. Now that I've seen her perspective on their "mom's wish," I want to know what the mom really said and why there is such different interpretations. I want them both out of these engagements, but I like how the show is making it obvious why they don't belong with their intended, but is also showing how difficult it would be to break out of these scenarios. As much as I don't like Puff's fiance for her, he's a nice guy and really hasn't done anything wrong, so . ..


Theory of Love

I don't know if I would have lasted this long if I hadn't read the novel because once again we have an episode of pain for Third. Every scene is one of painful longing prepping us for when Kai ups his flirtatious behavior to prep for the bathroom secret reveal. I could've felt sorry that Bone got stood up, but since he was a part of this devastating "test," I think he deserves it. Now we get to the part of the story I love: A strong Third and a begging Kai. I need Kai crying on his knees for Third to come back, and I'm going to revel in ALL of his pain.


Kinou Nani Tabeta

Kenji's boss's affair combined with the big reveal about his own past with cheating and with his womanizing dad tells us a lot about why Kenji is so insecure in his relationship with Shiro. Many might have been blaming Shiro for this because he doesn't want to be out publicly yet, but we see in this episode that Kenji has his own demons that dominate the way he looks at and responds to the possibility of losing Shiro. We know it won't happen. Shiro knows it won't happen. There's probably a part of Kenji that knows it as well. Still, we need to feel comforted even when we know we're being unrealistic. Another lovely episode; more affirmation about why these two are still my OTP of 2019 halfway through the year. 


I watched Season 2 of Killing Eve (haven't watched any of Eve yet?  What are you waiting for?  Get on that right away!) and seasons 2 and 3 of Jessica Jones.  That was a lot of Jessica Jones in a fairly short period of time, but it took me on a journey and if it's really the end, I'm okay.