Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 1 (Recap)

kakashi: *cracks knuckles* Let's do this, friends! The 3310 universe is inviting us to gobble up the "sister"-story of our beloved Three Lives Three Worlds We're Still Writing Fanfic Years After it's Done and I feel obligated to do my very best to love it. They will drop two episodes Monday to Friday (10 a week. Yes. 10. A. Week), which is a crazy schedule so just forget right away that I will ever be able to keep up. I have a life. 
JoAnne: I will at least drop in. If you recall, I was the only one here who liked Peaches but managed to keep her sanity. I may have to serve as that moderating influence again.
Bunny: I'll just go ahead and take responsibility for bullying a certain somebody into recapping this ginormous 60-episode beastly thing ((RIP kakashi's life)). Also, it's my first time recapping so please be gentle!!! *curtsies*

Episode 1

The lovely Ling Xi (Ni Ni - who thought dubbing her was a good idea?! I second this! Not a fan of the squeaky dubbed voice at all -- is it the same person who did Bai Qian?) is reading a book with pictures about how the God of War sealed the Demon Lord and then was trapped in Chang Yan Sea. Lovely, carefree Ling Xi is living in lovely LaLaLand with peach trees, ponds, but no Zhe Yan. She giggles and then goes to sleep.
Thus my first hint that this was even related to Peaches. It's true my heart did leap a bit at the sight of the Orchard, though.
Ahh... you know when things start out looking this dreamy that it can only get uglier... and uglier... from here
Though her surroundings are lovely, she has a very violent dream - not for the first time, apparently. In it, Celestial forces are up against Demons in a horrible battle. CGI has improved only slightly, but the outcome is just as dire. A man in white (yes, it's Jiu Chen (Chang Chen), the God of War) slays everyone, friend and foe alike but at least he doesn't end up soulless.
Perhaps, to kill everyone, you have to start without one anyway?
not the God of War. Thanks.
Winter is coming. You're welcome.
Ling Yi's wine-loving father Le Buo doesn't have an answer why his daughter is always having the same dream. I don't know either, but here's a pro-tip, girl: Don't read violent stories before going to sleep. (I'm going to follow my own advice and not watch Attack on Titan again late at night)

Wine-loving father is a skilled physician and made a pill for someone in the Heavens but he's quite clear about the fact that Ling Xi isn't allowed to deliver it herself (in fact, she's been kept prisoner in Peach Blossom Paradise for all her life). Well, he also said it will go bad soon, this valuable medicine - So she decides to deliver it herself when she can't find Le Bai's apprentice.
Every good story starts with one bad decision.
Parents, take note. Don't lock your daughters up.
The Heavens... not shabby! Did they get an upgrade?
I will say this is a pretty one, for sure. At least we don't have clumps of plastic flowers.
The skies are blue this time instead of pink!
Good timing too: it's the God of Lightning's Promotion Ceremony! (= Lightning Trial) Oh but girlfriend doesn't have an invitation... too bad, guards won't let her in. When she touches a dead tree near the front gate and it goes even deader by disintegrating entirely! it causes enough of a diversion for her to sneak in anyway.
I feel like that's important somehow.
Once inside, she meets Star Lord Si Ming (Zhang Haiyu, *this woman here cries many tears, it's not our original Si Ming with the sexy voice!*) and High God Yun Feng (Li Jiaming), both friendly fellows, and sees the God of Lightning, Tianlei Zhenjun, who, our girl learns, is going to be promoted to... God of War!!! No no no, that's not okay!!! Ling Xi thinks so too, but she needs to move, the guards are looking for her. She leaves the medicine with Yun Feng and makes a run for it. What do we reckon, is his True Form a fox? (*nudge nudge wink wink*)
He's so CUTE.  And Cai Cai! (No,Jo, wrong story.) I might have the name wrong?  He was the guy who was going to take over an empire, that drama with the Sima Li character? (The God of Lightning is)
As she flees, Ling Xi is shot down by the Celestial guards and crashes at an icy-looking place. It could be a palace of sorts and is a bit creepy, but she continues her flight by running into some chamber. The pursuing Celestial guards say she committed a grave crime by doing this and leave to report it.
Listen dudes, you left your post unguarded. Don't think I didn't notice.
Only in drama universe would you fall while flying and coincidentally land smack dab in a very remote and secret location in which you will discover the one thing that will change your life and the fate of the world forever.
Further in, Ling Xi comes across a frozen someone meditating on a dais. It looked a bit like Mark. My heart reacted. She thinks he's frozen from meditating too long, lmao. She also finds him handsome. And then has fun poking him. Seeing he is holding some kind of pendant in his hand, she pulls that out and begins to rub it and blow it. It reacts! White stuff comes out... no, it's more blue. It goes straight for his fancy looking heart and revives it.
Good lord, what is this rated?
She's like: coooool, what's happening here when he opens his eyes! And stares right into hers. He's thawing, that bodes well for the future.
Sexy times coming!
He's also extremely confused, he could have been deep frozen for quite some time (50,000 years, actually). Also, she babbles frantically about not being bullied easily and that there's soldiers outside and that pendant? That's hers. Claiming she is going to get her weapon to fight him, she runs away.
She's a little liar, isn't she!
Awwww it's a meet cute.
He does this cool seal (gotta tell Kakashi about it) and his sword starts flying towards him. It's called Kunlun sword! What a nice. 
It reminded me of that finger game we played as kids:  Here's the church, here's the steeple, open the door, here's all the people. (I will admit, though, that at first with all the smoke I thought 'why is he holding a hotdog?'
I saw even worse things..
Meanwhile, the Current God of Lightning is quite serious about ascending to God of War and is on the Lightning Platform for his trial. Yu Feng is comparing his abilities to Jiu Chen's, finding them lacking (he's a Jiu cheng fanboy and calls him senior). Quite unexpectedly, a previously sealed monster appears and the (not quite ascended God of Lightning) offers to fight it. But when Kunlun Sword zooms by, the beast flees and the God of Lightning follows after. A man is united with his sword! Rejoice.
Who here thinks that monster came from the tree outside the gate?
Ling Xi is flying home when suddenly, the Tun Tian monster appears next to her, hahahaha. It behaves like a pet and eventually, she ends up on its back. That doesn't look so good when the monster is forced to land by God of Lightning and his people.
What is this? Did a deer and a dragon mate? More convinced than ever that Dino came from the tree.
It's strangely cute to me...
Hey, Ling Yi fights well! Leave her alone, you stupid Celestials. The Beast is strong and it takes the sudden appearance of Kunlun Sword AND its master to subdue it.
That man and his sword can subdue me ANY time.  I won't even fight.  Unless he likes a little bit of a wrestle?
Let's never stop with the sword jokes. They have a special place in my heart.

Mmmmm look at that furrowed brow
The Heavens have their God of War back and everybody seems happy - well, except Tianlei Zhenjun. He's also the one insisting most vehemently on Ling Xi having to be punished, claiming she must be associated with the Demona. In the process of her interrogation, she lies about going into the ice chamber and the God of War denies having seen her there as well. Hm. Interesting.
Despite being bullied, she doesn't reveal anything about her father. Which is noble but doesn't help much because he's actually come to the Heavens after Qing Yao (Zhang Zhixi) who works in the Heavens went to fetch him (he's her Shifu). So they're from an almost distinct tribe? Le Buo is delighted but super astounded to find the God of War alive. And would you believe it, the God of War requests that Ling Xi stay with him in the Heavens as his servant. Only for a short time. Hmmmmm. I think he knows something we don't know.
Oh, I think we know.
Wakes up after 50,000 years of sleep and summons the first fair maiden he see's for company. This God of War knows what he's doing (ahem, unlike someone else we once knew) 


This wasn't bad at all! It moves quickly, OTP has already met, and we can already love some and hate other characters without feeling bad about it. I'm assuming we're going to get three angst-filled lives in three worlds and who knows, maybe a happy ending - but overall, it doesn't feel like a light drama... there's much sadness in the God of War and quite obviously, our heroine carries a dark secret that will make things very difficult. 
Nah, they just keep random fighting fairies locked up in peach orchards for kicks!
So far... I like it. I makes me extremely nostalgic for Peaches. My only gripe right now is NiNi's dubbing, which is a bit distracting, hopefully my ears will adapt. Favorite part so far -- her daddd -- LOVE him!!! He's like an alternate universe Zheyan on steroids.