Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 12 (Recap)

kakashi: God of War does something stupid, but it results in Ling Xi getting ample opportunities to fondle him fondly. Lots of filler material, but it's cute, I won't complain.
Bunny: This one gets filed in the top 5 episodes folder. Our ship takes off sailing for me here.
JoAnne:Yes, this episode goes by too fast! With this much cute I expect we're pretty near the angsty bits.

Episode 12

Du Yu begs the Heavenly Emperor for mercy and the God of Lightning calls for maximum punishment, the law is the law after all. It is true, says the God of War, it's a deadly sin what happened. But he is the one responsible for the mess since he did not realize that his General was possessed (and killed everybody). He insists on taking the Yuan family's punishment. Sighing heavily, the reluctant Heavenly Emperor decrees seven bolts of thunder. Yuan Tong is left off the hook since she already repented.
Oiii, this is such a nobody's-at-fault matter. Can't we just all kiss and make up instead? (except for Yuan Tong - that bitch gets no kisses)
He could have gone a TINY bit easier on him, right?  What would that have hurt? He didn't want to punish him at all!
They're all very eager, huh? Bunch of sadists. I thought they all looked shocked, not eager. GoW heads to the thunderbolt platform straight away. The lightning is also eager to hurt poor BB. He takes the seven with his head held high, but when it's all over, he faints on the spot.
So is it my understanding that Lord Puhua (long white eyebrows) is the guy who's in charge of distributing the lightning bolts for punishment? Then what does that Thunder dude do?
Fuck around with the Douche Bros and cause problems, basically.  His daddy didn't love him, probably.

He is rushed to his palace where Qing Yao examines him. He had to use a lot of power and now the cold disease is back in full force. So what did the smart woman do? Seal his powers so he can't use them anymore, hehehe (why do I like this. Her resting bitch-face is growing on me. It's growing on me too. I wasn't totally charmed by her at first but now I appreciate her contrast to Ling Xi). If he takes his medicine as instructed, he should finally recover, she says. And yes of course, he'll get his immortal powers back too.
Well isn't that easy peasy. Can I go to medical school for immortal medicine instead?
Shoulda done that in the FIRST place.  Qing Yao, not you, Bunny.
The one nursing him in his powerless stage is Ling Xi. She puts fire basins everywhere to ensure he's warm - when she could and should just add her own body heat!!! - and busies herself fanning the heat in his direction all night. (Ok, time out. How did girlfriend NOT light the bed on fire? Did anyone else see all those little embers flying everywhere??? And she kept fanning and fanning... I about had a heart-attack.) And another day. And another night. And... a long time, leaving everybody worried. Exhausted, she falls asleep with her head on the bed. And her hand on his chest. Girl couldn't help it, she had to cop a feel. 
Heheheehe... I'm so proud of her. 
She was feeling her patient's heart beat, get your minds out of the gutter!
When he wakes up after 7 days and 7 nights, he realizes his powers have been sealed immediately - but he also feels horribly dizzy, like he's been poisoned! Well, the one who poisoned him is Ling Xi, the dummy, she has not let in even the smallest waft of air since the beginning! Since he's quasi a mortal now, he has CO2 poisoning! Totally love this show's humor.
Seriously, I could watch 60 episodes of the two of them just being trivial and hilarious like this.
I look forward to fights about who's hogging the blankets.
Jiu Chen insists on sitting outside on his balcony afterwards even though the clouds gather all around them (is it because he cannot control them without his powers? Ahh, I was wondering why that was happening). This is one of my favorite scenes in this episode, man, hahaha, so funny.
He looks hot in that cape. Can he be sick more often?
Yu Li, that fangirl woman who thinks she's going to marry GoW soon, has a fit of jealousy when she hears some maids gossip about that beautiful fairy who nursed GoW to health. She goes to GoW's palace with a "9 Dragon Fire Box" for him and heavily insults Ling Xi first chance she gets. Wow, he's too tolerant of that witch! Maybe because he's tired?
Well... I'm not sure he would snap at someone like her, even if he was at 100%. That's a part about Jiu Chen I can appreciate. He's not impulsive. Unless the situation really calls for it, I don't think he'll act. Besides, Fangirl is harmless and I think he can tell that Ling Xi can hold her own. 
I don't picture him snapping at her, but I expect him to do exactly what he did.  He heard that bitchiness outside.  Called them both in, showed the bare minimum of politeness to Yu Li and dismissed her quickly, all in front of Ling Xi.  It was calculated to put Yu Li in her place AND remind her of Ling Xi's.  Yu Li left disgruntled with Ling Xi smiling.  He did what he needed to do.
He goes to sleep while meditating with the 9 Dragon Fire Box next to him and Ling Xi is having a ball trying to imitate him ... only to fall asleep herself. With her whole body swaying from one side to the other, she looks hilarious. GoW wakes up to this and laughs... and then his face turns very serious. He must have realized something? He tells her to take the Fire box with her when she wakes up. Dragon fire is good for cultivation and she needs to cultivate more instead of sleeping, says stern uncle.
This moment - Jiu Chen having a genuine laugh and then suddenly his face drops - I think if there's one scene to show that he's starting to be privy to his feelings, it's this one. And of course, it freaks him the hell out. All complicated by the fact that he still suspects she's a demon. But they're soooo damn cute!! (all I wanted while watching this part was for him to grab her when she fell over, but I guess the alternative was pretty hilarious)
Yes, this was good.  You clearly see him just naturally and comfortably enjoying her and then the moment when he realizes that's what he's doing and it sobers him completely because he knows what a problem that might be.  So do you think he's going to make it his mission to get her caught up on cultivation?
But what is this! The Dragon Box sends out red, sinister light when Ling Xi's asleep! Her crystal reacts (a defensive mechanism?) but it's not enough - a sign appears behind her right ear and sends black smoke towards the lamp. Her Dad misses the alarm down in his hut because he's drunk.  
Somebody needs to take this man's job.
And maybe kick his ass a little bit. But back to that box: what the hell did the God of Medicine plan for that?
Zhong Hao makes a reappearance! Hotness. He pledges his allegiance to the Demon Lord and talks about a way how to break GoW's powerful seal. Demon Lord likes this very much and gives Zhong Hao his weapon to use. He goes into the desert and gets the help of a very ugly tribe (isn't it the Demon tribe?). The leader's name is Hei Chi and Zhong Hao orders him (her? it?) to find a baby with both demon and god powers who was born at You Du Mountain 50,000 years ago.
Am I the only one who laughed when that tiny demon popped up out of the sand like a gopher?
In the Spirit Realm, Jing Xiu gets word about this all. Could the baby in question be the Queen's daughter, he wonders? The Queen sadly fondles a flute, which she brings to Peach Blossom Grove the next day. Le Bo recognizes it as Mo Huan's flute - and thus learns that he's dead. Overtaken with grief, he runs away.
Woah, what the hell, he really just takes off with that flute! That's not cool. He just took the only thing this grieving woman has left of her husband...
She didn't seem surprised or concerned by that, though.  My impression is that she brought it to him and fully expected him to leave with it.


Excuse me, what? Didn't get that last part and its significance, but let's assume we will be told why that flute matters to Le Bo soon. Or was it just a device to get the Queen and Le Bo into the same scene?
What would the purpose of that be? The two parents of a cursed baby finally meet?
I do not for one minute think Le Bo is Ling Xi's father.
But he is! (just not by blood right?)

The most noteworthy moment in this episode for me was Jiu Chen's face when it changed from laughter to sadness while looking at the sleeping Ling Xi. Is it that he realized he likes her and it scares him? Is it that he realized he likes her but knows she must have something to do with the Demons and that it can't end well?
Yessss. Sorry, I pretty much wrote about the same thing up above, but yeah, I agree. It's a significant scene for their development. But so easily missed. Chang Chen's eyes and his acting - there's so much to take in from just a 10 second clip.