Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 16 (Recap)

kakashi: Worst first kiss EVER. Don't despair, Ling Xi. It can only get better with the next guy.
JoAnne:  We now switch from regularly scheduled programming to 50,000 year old virgins.
Bunny: It better frickin' get better. Have we seen this man's filmography? Those lips were made for kissing.

Episode 16

Despite Ling Xi's reluctance, Jiu Chen takes her back to the Peach Blossom Grove. Le Bo is livid that she's only showing her face now and wants to beat her up, but GoW shields her with his body (d'awwwww) (look at that face!!). When the two men are alone drinking wine, Jiu Chen gravely informs Le Bo that he knows of Ling Xi's true identity. Oi.
Which he gathered from basically nothing so he could still be wrong.  Unless 50,000 girls ARE exceedingly rare?
Yeah, I would have probably started this conversation out by asking Le Bo where exactly he picked his baby up from, you know, to double check. 
The problem is: Demon King managed to put his last shred of energy into Ling Xi even as Jiu Chen prevented the worst. That's why she has divine energy since very young (his) and has the ability to wake up both Jiu Chen and the Demon King. Dun Dun Dun. (Le Bo saw God of War there with the child, but he was already dead, his soul destroyed, Le Bo says tearfully.)
Except GoW didn't die, did he?  Or have I missed that point all along?  So when you go into cultivation for tens of thousands of years is that just your soul that goes?
I think maybe his soul "scattered" like Moyuan's did in Peaches? But that's just a guess, I don't think it was ever clarified. My question is, how did he end up in that frozen ice chamber place he woke up from? Did somebody pick him up and move him there? 
Oh my heart... Jiu Chen wants Ling Xi to be safe, that's why he has brought her back.Safe from the Celestials who will want to kill her if they find out. Even if it's just for another day, he says. Poor BB. He's having a hard time too... It's a lot of emotion from an ice block and I think Le Bo realizes it too.
There were no subs for what I was watching I had no idea. *sobs* 
I'm so so scared for them. By that look on his face, you already know he's gonna jump through fire for her. Dammit show, you're gonna gut me soon aren't you?
GoW tries to say goodbye, but Ling Xi has never been obedient... she follows him to the bridge... THAT bridge! As a parting gift, he tells her how to use the Eternal Apple Watch as a weapon (he's dragging his feet, isn't he) (those sad eyes...). She can turn it into anything she wants it to be, for example a sword (little fairy makes a shower of hearts, omg she's so cute).
She really is adorable.
Not shy about her affections at all. I love it.
He tells her to train harder and be less distracted (that's probably hard with you stepping this close?!) and then, he turns to leave. Seriously?! Without a proper "goodbye, be well"? "Are you leaving?" Ling Xi calls after him twice. He stops for a few measly seconds but doesn't turn around. Ling Xi runs after him... .... and goes in for a kiss. Just like she has seen it in the Ding-cave. The Eternal Apple Sand Watch releases ... *squints* ... I'm not sure. Clouds? Flowers? (they're those heart things she made earlier!) that dance all around them. God of War keeps his eyes open and stands still like the ice block he is, even his eyes are disengaged, staring somewhere on the bridge. Booooooooo!
I think there's flowers in there?  God, people.  If you used regular pillows you'd be MUCH better at kissing.
Did they really mean to make this kiss THIS cheesy? It's like paying homage to every bad closed-mouthed asian drama kiss in the history of ever.
"I really, really like you," Ling Xi says and hugs him, why can't he stay by her side? She wants to be with him as a woman. She begs him to tell her whether he loves her too... even a tiny little bit? He remains silent and cool and the poor girl doesn't understand at all. "I don't love you," he tells her after removing her hand from his sleeve. "You're too young and too weak. You don't suit me." He forbids her to come to the Heavens again and off he goes for real (looks slightly hasty) while she sobs and sobs. (Love her dad and his pep-talk later: "Jiu Chen is a loser for not loving you", hahahaha)
The heart wants what it WANTS, you stupid Jiu Chen.
Can we just all agree that Le Bo wins the best doting dad award? When Ling Xi cries and insists she loves Jiu Chen, Le Bo gives in right away and says "ok ok, you love him" just to make her happy. This sweet man, please let nothing bad happen to him!!!!!
Poor Ling Xi is starting to practice martial arts like crazy after this in the hope that she'd be more acceptable to GoW that way. ... Which is a good thing because the Peach Blossom Grove is no longer safe! The Ugly Tribe is helping Zhong Hao to kidnap 50,000 year old fairies. Demon King eats them and spits our their skeletons. Oh well.
For a bunch of fairies, they sure are helpless... like herding lambs.
That news makes it to the Heavens of course and Jiu Chen is called before the Emperor to report on his countermeasures. He sent one of his boyfans, Kai Yang, to investigate. Jiu Chen seems a bit worried, but mainly he is angry with Yun Feng, who didn't take his job (= to watch Mount You Du) seriously enough. Yup, he's pining after Qing Yao, that's why. Is this kid ever going to learn anything? When Kai Yang comes back to report that all the fairies that disappeared were 50,000 years old, GoW sends more soldiers. 
He really needs to whip these pre-teen babies into shape, are they really all that he's got at this point?
Yun Feng really has messed up again, has he? Only because of his negligence could Zhong Hao do this stuff. But Yun Feng is mainly wallowing in self-pity. GoW tells him to live up to who he is - an immortal with great skills. Yun Feng seems truly sorry and promises to be less lazy. I'm not buying it. But he also doesn't want to be like GoW (hahaha) who he thinks is much too hard on himself.
Well there is a fine line that both of them completely ignore,  it's not like he doesn't have a point about that.
Of course, the dummy must mention Ling Xi and how she did GoW good... then noticing he hasn't seen her around. GoW deflects and first opportunity he gets, he drags Yun Feng, who was talking about getting drunk with Le Bo since GoW would take care of everything, to You Du Mountain, haha, seriously Yun Feng. You learnt nothing.
Pretty face, empty head.
Other than being Jiu Chen's foil, I'm starting to have a hard time grasping the purpose of Yun Feng's character. He's a significant enough supporting character and yet he doesn't add much to the story aside from chasing Qing Yao around and making occasional comments to Jiu Chen about Ling Xi. He's not even really comic relief. Maybe I'm asking for too much.
 The next day, Ling Xi helps two fairies against those Ugly Brutes. A guy who is self-identifying as "a messenger of Queen Mother of the West at Kunlun" also comes to their help. Behind some rocks, this guy sees Wu Wan and recognizes it as the Bai Ze Beast. He did not just take Ling Xi's pet to Kunlun, did he?!
Noooooo don't take little Fluffy Butt!
Grandpa with the sticky fingers, GO AWAY.
Soon after, the Demon Brutes attack the Peach Grove. Le Bo is having an extra hard time defending himself in the forest until Jiu Chen comes to his help. The Demons are alerted to the Celestials' presence this way and change their plan. If they can't get the Ding, they'll get a Sky Eater.
What's a Sky Eater?  Is that the Bai Ze Beast?
It's that other antler beast (Tun Tian monster, I believe?)
Kai Yang feels them leave and reports to GoW - they quickly come to the conclusion that it must be about the Sky Eater. Bingo, boys. Coincidence wants it that the Queen Mother of the West is planning to have some spectacle around its death AND almost everybody we know is invited. (I liked Mo Yuan's Kunlun better)
Yeah, this looks like the Victorian Era of fae home decor.
Really. Did the historical-accuracy-quality-control guy fall asleep on the job that day? What are we looking at here?
Ling Xi also comes to get her pet back, deciding to take some back entry way to avoid the crowd. Somebody else had the same idea... Zhong Hao. Ling Xi is the first to discover the poor Sky Eater in a green pool (toxic)? It's her old monster friend. From episode one.
Call PETA!
Well we already didn't like that Queen of the West lady for her bad taste in decor, now we definitely don't like her even more for torturing cute fluffy animals!!!


Hahahahaha, imagine the script writer session where they went .... "how can we get everyone to the same place again" and they went... "I know how! Kunlun! Everybody has to meet at Kunlun." "... but how?" ..... "who cares. Why not.... why not have them kidnap the pet!"
I want a cross over from the Kunlun boys.
Are we sure this is Kunlun? I know in Chinese mythology the Queen Mother of the West lives there, but is that the case here? I thought Yun Feng flooded Kunlun and wiped it out ages ago when he got drunk...
Could be fake news. But they said this is Kunlun. I know, it's hard to believe...

The kiss was terrible, I'm sure we can all agree, but God of War played it REAL well. Not a single sign in his face that he might be lying. No break down later either, he just continues functioning like always.
I think the cold did something bad to his nether regions.
pffffffffft. It's called self-control, Jo, self-control. 

I like the interaction between GoW and Yun Feng a lot in this episode. Man, Yun Feng has a LONG way to go.
He's for sure still an idiot.