Rants and Weekly Raves #259 (RAWR)

Trotwood: Really sick this weekend. So sick that I actually couldn't go to Day6 concert for which I had tickets!! Didn't watch much at all. Now that Dr. John is over, I realized I'm not watching any Korea dramas. Too late to try to catch up with currently airing ones. What upcoming Kdramas are people looking forward to?
OH NO, Trot!!! So sorry to hear you're sick and missed Day6, THAT SUCKS. Not looking forward to any upcoming Kdramas since I don't even know which Kdramas are upcoming. Where's Jo?!
Well, I did spend the last week tweeting with increasing disbelief and pointed advice about the 90-Day Fiance phenomenon, but I can share that the big drama everyone is currently anticipating is Melt Me Softly, a Ji Chang Wook vehicle where he is cryogenically frozen and then thawed after many years. That starts on the 28th.  This week we have an addition to the Flower Boy group of dramas (after many years) with Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.  That started today.  Lee Seung Gi begins Vagabond later this week, and Kang Ha Neul returns to TV with When Camellia Blooms, also starring Gong Hyo Jin.  That's later this week.  There are others, but I think that's plenty to get you started, right? 
SakiVI: Is that Kim Nam Gil below?  Trot, get well soon!


The Fearless

I've watched 2 more episodes of this show, and I will probably keep watching because despite the ghosts and the deaths, it's fairly calming. Lego Lee's character is still resisting the idea that he take over his dad's funeral business, but he keeps getting drawn by his dad's detective friend. At least the detective friend believes that he can see ghosts. I think the show is calming because you sort of know that anyone you get introduced to other than the leads is probably going to die, so there is no point in getting invested in them other than a plot point. I didn't see the twist at the end of episode 3 though, so good job show.


Nagi no Oitoma/Nagi's Long Vacation

I was warned about ep 8. And everyone was correct. I am so angry that I can't even put words together. Have you ever dropped a show because it royally pissed you off? This might happen to me here. You guys told me that you had a rant coming on. Well let's do this. Let's rant together in comments. I'm tempted to just think in my mind that the show stops with everyone making gyoza together. 

Watashi, Teiji de Kaerimasu/I will Not Work Overtime Period (Finale)

Let's get this out of the way: yes it was super convenient for the plot to have Yui's fiance cheat on her and decide he can't marry her because he cheated on her and wasn't living the life he wanted. I don't care how they tossed him away. I wanted him gone, so I'm very happy. This finale was satisfying on lots of levels and capped on one of the most satisfying dramas I've watched this year. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't on my top drama list. It really addressed all of the challenges that we have about working and combing work with why we work--to live. If you work so hard that you dont't have time for the things you are working for . . .? This is the first drama that I've seen Yuriko Yoshitaka in, and I'm going to be looking for more dramas with her because she was fantastic. If any of you Jdorama peeps have any drama recommendations with her, please tell me in the comments.


2Moons2 (Finale)

Well, we all knew that it was going to be virtually impossible to close out this story in one final episode, but I don't think people were prepared for the nearly irresponsible editing and pacing of this finale. I wouldn't say that it's the worse last episode that I have ever seen; it's not even in the top five. However, that is only because the show itself was never really that good in the first place. I think the cast did a very good job, especially for brand new actors. But the editing and directorial choices have always been pretty lackluster. Long shots of certain things, long pauses between dialog lines that would never happen in real conversation. I could go on. But to segment a show into 5 parts, only have an actual show in the three parts, with the 5th part being entirely BTS is odd, especially when your lead couple is only in a quarter of the finale. True, it's clearly set up for a season 3 cliffhanger, but that was clunky at best. Still, I'm not really mad unlike others because my favorite couple got most of the show, and I find their plot the most compelling and mature of the three. #TeamForthBeam