Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 28 (Recap)

kakashi: The second life starts in earnest and Jiu Chen finds a way to weasel himself back into A'Mo's/Ling Xi's life... in a most endearing way. The little liar.
JoAnne: How does he get better looking all the time?  Is it the smiles he just casually flings around in this arc?
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Episode 28

Not able to let bygones be bygones, Yun Feng kidnaps Ying Qao's ex-husband (now in a different life, hence with no memory of that time) to learn how to make rice porridge. Yeah, cause Ying Qao mentioned how much she liked that porridge (I think it even was what she fell in love with or something?). Ex-husband may have known how to cook in his earlier life but he sure doesn't know anymore. FILLER!
Amusing, a little.
It totally was. :) 
Qing Yao has a hangover and Yun Feng has porridge! Self-made? Qing Yao eats it all! He may have talents after all. But not enough to keep her near, haha, she leaves as soon as she gets a chance.
She's enjoying his pursuit, a little.
Oh! Will you look at that, A'Mo is all grown up! Jiu Chen might have a hard time finding a place in her heart because man, does she love her courtyard tree :) Her Father's friend (they're both doctors I think) comes to ask for A'Mo's hand in marriage for his son Ziyu (of course, the bratty sister would like to marry that guy too). Daddy Lin can barely believe this and assumes it's because the Songs owe him a life debt, but no - they seem to be genuinely fond of A'Mo.
Maybe Ziyu will put her in mind of her beloved tree one way or another...
It better be like everlasting wood! 
Clearly, A'Mo's dad finds it hard to let his girl go but he agrees to the marriage since he is certain the Songs will take good care of her. Aha! Looks whose snooping when the marriage is announced in front of the family (and bratty sister throws a tantrum because she's not the one getting married...): GoW! He's in Si Ming's palace watching the mirror that shows the mortal world.
I'm going to find a way to slap that girl.
He doesn't like this marriage business in the least but he doesn't blame Si Ming for Ling Xi's fate (thanks, cause it's not Si Ming's fault at all, those fates quasi write themselves). Still, Si Ming seems to have prepared a little something to appease an angry Supreme God: the information that it's most likely Huodou (he's no longer a guard after his cauldron assault) who is connected to Ling Xi's loss of hearing.
GoW goes straight to the Demon Tower after this and tells the Blue Demon that his former master is dead, not dying as Yuan Tong claimed. Huodou loses it - his plan was to go ask Zhurong himself why he framed him. Well, Jiu Chen knows the truth: first off, Zhurong was killed by the Demon King. And second, he didn't frame his mount as deserter at all, he actually protected him so he could survive. Poor Blue Demon... it hits him hard to hear this because for the last 70,000 years, he's felt unjustly treated, worked towards getting his senses back (Pehua took them as a punishment) to go confront his master.
This was actually quite touching. You are very right that this actor does an amazing job with all that facial gear on - he still very realistically portrays emotion.
In the aftermath, Jiu Chen hears all the details about Ling Xi's heroic suffering to get the fiery essence from the remorseful beast. GoW realizes his Love only heard his harsh words in the Hall and not what he came to tell her after. Huodou - who wants to stay at the Tower to focus on cultivation - is so crushed about everything, he gives GoW his five senses to make up for his sins.
Oof, that hit GoW hard.
Those senses look like superslime. The kids here love it.
Si Ming cautions GoW against rushing to the mortal world to give back Ling Xi her hearing, she would not be able to take it (being in a mortal body and all). Instead, he gives him a spiritual seed in a bottle to plant in a good spot together with Ling Xi's hearing. Once the tree is grown it will bear fruit - and once Ling Xi eats the fruit she will be cured of her deafness.  
Are they going to plant it in her yard?
Tree battle! Blooming peach tree vs. spirit fruit tree... which one will she love more? 
A'Mo gets a choice to refuse the marriage from her father, but of course she won't do that - she's too good a girl even though she looks really sad that she has to leave him. She's into medicine just like him and has quite the talent, but her father also takes great care to teach her. He really gets the BEST DAD award (plus his voice is better than Le Bo's). She goes to the forest later to collect medical ingredients but gets into trouble there - someone has left traps and she gets caught in a net just as the weather turns stormy.
The right moment for the knight in shining armor to sweep in and save her! Jiu Chen has learned sign language, awww. She asks straight away whether he is the immortal who has protected her all this time. He declines that, duh. Liar! She comes to the conclusion that he must be her future groom Song Ziyu, whom she knows to practice martial arts.    
You ever wonder if he put the net there so he could 'save' her?
I am SURE he did. He's so sly (and as we find out later: shameless).

GoW doesn't deny that he is that individual (sneaky - it's kinda like lying too though) and, upon realizing she is injured, tends to her ankle. Charged moooooment :) He carries her through a peach tree forest, he looks so happy, d'awwwz. It's starting to rain (wanna bet he asked certain deities to help, haha!) and A'Mo directs him to that house she's been to with her father before. A forest abode of theirs I guess? 
Everything's just peachy between them...
Jiu Chen runs through the rain to the main house to get a fire pot while she waits in the pavilion. She keeps wondering why he's here and worries about how wet he is while he worries about her being cold. She touches his hand later and realizes it's ice cold... the cold sickness!? She also realizes he has no pulse. That's pretty shitty, haha, does he need Nüwa stone for a heartbeat? He assures her he is fine and it gets a little awkward with shy glances here and there.
I don't know how she ever looks AWAY, to be honest. I'd try not to blink.
They sit in that pavilion for a long time... it stops raining eventually, but Jiu Chen quickly raises his hand to make it rain a little more (pffft, seriously - that's not really the best way to get a girl :) so is it him controlling the weather all along? Tsk tsk). No wonder his cold sickness is back! His hand turns icy, but hey, at least he can sit there with her a little more... (so what, is the fiery essence not fiery enough?)
He needs looooooove.


Jiu Chen is so sweet and awkward, d'awwwwwwz! He's also really gentle with her, I bet he feels so guilty about everything. A'Mo keeps throwing him puzzled looks, she's a smart cookie and I'm sure she's thinking that this young master Song is behaving quite strangely.
She kinda likes it, though.
Kinda a lot

Loved how he made it rain more and almost got caught by her, hahaha. 

Anyway, so glad they've reconnected!
FINALLY!  We don't care about the other stuff!