Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 29 (Recap)

Kakashi: WTF show! First fluffy white dogs, now innocent pet peach trees?! Leave our favorite things alone!! So many smiles though.
JoAnne: We live for these smiles. It's sad about the trees, though.

Episode 29

A'Mo returns home, she's limping; at the door, she's running into her father who wanted to go look for her just now. A certain contently smiling God is watching how she's led inside.
With some weird alien dude growing out of the top of his head.
Once he can be sure she's well, GoW goes and plants the spirit seed in the front yard of that house they just spent time in together. It's called Peach Blossom Hut? While he's at it, he uses more of his magic to furnish the house really nicely.
Because that won't be suspicious at all.
Like he predicted, A'Mo's ankle is no longer hurting later that night. She thinks about the young man she met and how nice he was. Still thinking it's her groom, she smiles. Right after, she tells her worrying father she met his future son-in-law, who understands sign language! He is so happy to hear this! And continues to practice speaking with A'Mo. GoW who is lurking smiles again.
He should be thinking SHIT now I have to go find that guy and get him to learn sign language!
The bitchy sister doesn't stop trying to spoil everything, I don't think we need to spend more time with her. Luckily, the memory of that encounter in the forest keeps A'Mo smiling for longer. Her birthday is coming up on the next day - her last birthday in this home before marriage. After she's gone to bed, the servant discuss how the peach tree in the courtyard would always bloom for A'Mo's birthday, looking particularly lovely. No wonder, she keeps talking to it like its a pet!
Plants respond, you know.
Bitchy sister is so jealous, she has someone cut down the peach tree. Okay, that's just ridiculously mean, wow! Before that, the quasi farewell scene with the estranged mother and A'Mo who tells her she wants to share her longevity noodles with her is quite heartbreaking too...
Mom finally gets her shit together, though.
I particularly liked the "serve your husband well" pep talk. NOT. Haha
GoW can't make one peach tree bloom for A'Mo's birthday anymore? No problem... he'll just let an entire grove bloom for her! That puts a radiant smile on tree-grieving A'Mo's face (after scaring the shit out of her first).
I loved that. How extravagant! 
And then he keeps saying he's not a god, yeah, SURE
P.S. We hear Jing Xiu is no longer in Shan Ling realm and Bratty Princess is looking for him in the mortal world.
Less of her the better.

P.P.S. Qing Yao meets her ex-husband (who is on the brink of recognizing her, kinda like that sneeze that doesn't come) in a restaurant outside town. Before they have a meal together, she cures a servant's son. A bunch of soldiers who are also at the restaurant witness this. Uh-oh, we know this isn't good because up in the Heavens, Si Ming tells GoW one of Ling Xi's tribulations is coming...


Can the bitchy sister marry Yuan Tong? These are two people who deserve each other.
And turn this into a GL series? Do they have GL series? Or just BL?