Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 33 (Recap)

kakashi: Eat the peach! Eat the peach! Eat the peach!!!!
Jo: We should be saying that to GoW...

Episode 33

Shanling Queen hates the Celestials so much, she even lies to them about Zhong Hao, who conquered her territory and uses her as a puppet? Wow, that's some really self-destructive grudge... Zhong Hao is getting ready to unleash Demon troops onto the realms, but his godson voices concerns. They're brushed aside, of course.
What the hell is on the back of his head? Also - you don't think his eyes are really that color, right?
A'Mo is cooking for Jing Xiu, it's cute how she removes the fishbones before giving fish morsels to him. He in turn is concerned about the little cut she got from collecting clams earlier. When he talks about leaving and being a burden, she assures him he's not. Besides, this isn't her home either, she's just a squatter.  More romantic scenes and chitterchatter follows. Ling Xi tells him he can be her ears, and she can be your eyes and I say: just get married! She is a bit too preoccupied with the Peach Tree to notice his growing tenderness though. And GoW is preoccupied with Queen Ling Yue's behavior, which he finds strange.
How DARE they give us such a sweet ship when we all KNOW it won't happen? MONSTERS.
The magical peach tree is bearing ample fruit! The practical A'Mo thinks of ways to use them all while desperately looking for a job. She gives some to Doctor Sun in town. He tells her to make wine! Then he eats a peach and later an affliction of his is cured (but not in this episode - he previously damaged his taste buds). We now start waiting for the wine to be ready (it takes half a month) or for Ling Xi and Jing Xiu to eat one! (Can you believe they tasted not a single one?! Does that make sense?!)
Not a bit of it.

GoW misses his Ling Xi a lot... when he meets Five Bowls in the Peach Grove, he has an excuse to go to the mortal world. However, just when he studies the empty Peach Tree in the yard and wants to take a step forward, Si Ming comes to fetch him. Hahaha, is he doing this deliberately, our Star Lord!? But no, it's Lord of Thunder who is making trouble. He insists on going into the Demon Tower... but there's something GoW is desperate to hide in there...
I have so many jokes about that head piece I can't even pick one.
God of Thunder hurts Thirteenth while trying to bust in and only turns away after Jiu Chen tells him the Heavenly Emperor has ordered the Tower shut, nobody can enter. It sounds like a convenient lie, but it's true! Remember that time Heavenly Emperor came to Jiu Chen's palace? It was him who told GoW about the cauldron. Naughty, naughty! But of course, if it ever gets found out..... dun dun dun. Below, you see GoT's thinking face.
It hurts when you only do it once in a while.  
P.S.: Ling Xi's brother (someone remind me of his name?) goes to the Heavens to fight Yuan Tong - to take revenge for Le Bo's death! He has hairy armpits, we see later, when he's down and out again. He's also grounded, Heavenly Emperor forbid him to enter the Heavens and wants him to stay at the Peach Grove. Ha! But he severely hurt Yuan Tong... and all the doctors hate her because of killing one of theirs. It's payback time, biatch.
I should feel sorry but I do NOT.


I really can't believe Ling Xi didn't take a bite off one of those peaches!!! They looked so ripe and juicy...
Just another reminder of her chaste, ascetic life.

And I can't believe Jiu Chen doesn't know yet who is squatting with her!!! What extremely bad intelligence this God of War has.
Perhaps that's why Si Ming keeps interfering.

Last: Is it really possible to lip-read Chinese without using hand signs as well?
How do you lip read a tone?