Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 34 (Recap)

kakashi: They're torturing us with the OTP separation, aren't they?
Jo: Yes. But they did give us Five Bowls. He's no Baby Yoda but he's not chopped liver, either.
But mildly bad CGI.

Episode 34

It's not easy for A'Mo to find a job, but finally, she does (thanks to Auntie Guan)... with Dr. Sun! I'm thinking she could have asked there on Day 1, but hey, who am I to judge. Dr. Sun can miraculously taste things again when his taste buds were completely destroyed before! And because it's such a joy, he won't stop eating :) Also, A'Mo is quickly upgraded from a maid to a real helper at the pharmacy when it becomes clear she knows her stuff.
Please tell me Dr. Sun gets gout from overeating or something, and she takes his place as the doc?
There's a comic relief monk named Zhu Zizai who's trying to tame Baize Beast - he's been cultivating for all his life, but that won't help him much. Five Bowls isn't interested in him at all and decides to fart on him. Why not, show.
The word cultivating is ruined for me and I blame a certain royal someone on the TList for that.
Luckily, A'Mo comes along and takes Little Five Bowls with her. She introduces him as "little dog" to Jing Xiu, who knows it's a magical beast. He maltreats it when A'Mo isn't looking :( he thinks Five Bowls has a hidden agenda, but noooo, not our cutie beast! A'Mo decides to call lit Xiaobai - like that little doggo she had in the heavens. That evening for the first time, A'Mo wonders about Si Ming's words... that benefactor? Could it be Jing Xiu? (Noooooo)
Wait. If Jing Xiu is mean to Five Bowls I'm sorry, but I'm sinking that ship.
GoW realizes Thunder is investigating him and Si Ming advices him to stay in the Heavens because of it. Noooooo! Jing Xiu is making moves! And GoW is missing her so much :(
What, that puppy torturer? Pfft. Don't worry about him. He's dead to us.
Yuan Tong has one supporter left, her fiance (The lovesick fool) and many enemies, one of them Thirteenth, who has a score to settle. A duel ensues, which ends with Thirteenth kneeling in front of Puhua for breaking Heavenly Laws (and the Yuan temple...) and GoW called there to help. But Shisan is not only ready for ten strokes of flogging, she demands more - so that she can go back right away to hit Yuan Tong some more. *snickers* GoW grounds the bloody Thirteenth after this (obviously for her own protection) - and she asks to at least be grounded in Si Ming Hall, hahaha.
I love that girl!
Less haha: Jiu Chen's teacher asks about the fire essence and then scolds him massively for being led awry by the temptation of love. He means well, I guess - since Jiu Chen is his successor (to guard all living things), nothing bad can happen to him. Shifu fears that Jiu Chen might do something stupid like sacrifice himself (again). Shifu is ready to go get that cauldron and bring back the stone heart, even if it is the end of Ling Xi.
The episode ends in a most satisfactory way - with GoW ignoring Yuan Tong and then, when she won't stop following him, using pity-tears on him, he tells her that he can barely stop himself from pushing her into the pond she pushed Ling Xi into.
Honestly, that relieved more of my stress than a massage.


Should have pushed her in.
THAT would have relieved more stress than good sex.