Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 35 (Recap)

kakashi: Nails come out! Good! Finally something is moving.
Jo:  I'm over it

Episode 35

Thirteenth, I think she's fully recovered, is slacking around and then she discusses with the nice maid that someone like Jiu Chen could never fall in love though his readiness to protect Ling Xi was quite remarkable. Yes, asceticism and indifference AND a heart of stone. Also other body parts made from stone, maybe? Of course, Jiu Chen appears behind Shi San, oups. Jiu Chen is such a teddy bear though, I'm not sure why anyone is afraid of him.
I mean, I suppose it would depend on the condition of the body part at the time it was turned into stone, though, right?
Poor teddy misses his Ling Xi... Later in his study, he stares at the Longevity Knot and is sad (they all tell him to stay far away from the mortal world, poor guy). When he is gifted a Heavenly Peach, he wonders... has Ling Xi eaten one and is healed?
Sad, they both eat substitute peaches...
We wish! I'm skipping at least ten minutes of romantic discussions between our wrong leads. It didn't strike me as important. He's very supportive though, and even promises to find her an immortal pill to cure her deafness. Definitely a benefactor... They're THAT close to kissing. God of War, what is keeeeeeping you?!
The fact that he's not supposed to interfere, at risk of ruining her trial?
We're reminded that the Demons are searching for Ling Xi (Demon Lord asked about her). They decide to follow Jiu Chen around, he will eventually lead them to her (hm, that's quite smart). They're waiting for the Blood Moon so they can open the Spirit Abyss and release a demon army.
Aunt Guan is getting serious about arranging blind dates for A'Mo (at the end of this episode, she drags A'Mo to meet a teacher named Shen) while Jing Xiu, who has started to "talk" to birds lately, manages to pull the nails in his body halfway out before he collapses. A'Mo finds him in a pool of his own blood when she returns late at night (I'm exaggerating a little). The clever girl pulls all the nails out! He sleeps for four days (an improvement to last time he passed out)
I have this beautiful woman for you to meet!  She's so sweet, you'll love her.  She can't talk, and she lives with this weird, kind of mean blind guy, and honestly they're a little into some kinky stuff with nails and all, but don't let that stop you...
A'Mo wants to know who did this to him and he wants to know how she was able to pull those awful looking screws out. Helps that she's a Phoenix I guess :) (apparently, those nails are made from phoenix vertebrae) He begins to question and test her, but quickly comes to the conclusion she has no immortal powers whatsoever.

Finally, his retainer He Bi finds Jing Xiu with the help of bodyguard hawks. Jing Xiu is quite happy about Zhong Hao's plan with the Abyss. Cause when it opens, he can get his hands on that King in there. He's far less happy to hear about A'Mo's meeting with the - very charming! - Teacher Shen.
You think you can have everything?


Jing Xiu did a good job in this episode, not too much overacting! He was the only one getting a real storyline. He very much likes A'Mo, that much is clear, but he's also quite suspicious of her ability to pull out these enchanted Phoenix screws. He's close to getting his eyesight back, that'll help you understand, dear.
It seems unfair that only A'Mo has no idea what's going on, when nearly everyone around her does.