Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 37 (Recap)

kakashi: Wow. This GoW can be jealous, petty and rather shameless. Having to live without her is one thing but having to find out she's been sharing a house with another man... too much.
JoAnne: I feel like mortal arcs should be considered like hall passes, don't you? What happens on Earth stays on Earth and all that.

Episode 37

Jing Xiu has made it more clear than ever that he wants to be A'Mo's beau! But she's clearly uncomfortable with that notion and explains to him that she's in fact - engaged. It's an excuse, isn't it,she's not really thinking she'll see her "fiance" again?
I mean, she could probably ride that forever - just because you never see the guy doesn't mean the engagement is OVER, right?
Exciting things happen that night! (No, not what you think, JoAnne). First, that little ugly Demon locates Ling Xi but finds Jing Xiu - and a lone peach ripens and falls off the tree. The ugly Demon works for Jing Xiu, he has a life debt! (did we already know this? I'm not sure but I'm not surprised hence it's possible we already knew). Anyway, Jing Xiu is eager for the Spirit Binding Abyss to be opened. Yeah, THAT we already knew. 
I think we did learn that a few episodes ago? I can't remember HOW though. Is 'spirit binding abyss opening' a euphemism like 'cultivation'?
Medicine King has made a "Stone-Aid Pill" (immortal Viagra?) and gives it to the Heavenly Emperor - not that he needs it, he's as healthy as can be. Next up is Thunder, coming to complain about Jiu Chen, but the Heavenly Emperor tells him he already knows about the Cauldron and he is certain GoW will put it back after he no longer needs it. He also tells Thunder to be smarter about things and not to fall into the trap of others who just want to sow discord. Of course I don't like Thunder, but he's actually not doing backstabbing, underhanded things like others. When Yuan Tong approaches him to find out what happened during his talk with the Emperor, he tells her she has to leave the Heavens.
He's just that one immortal with a stick up his ass. There's one in every drama.
In the mortal realm, two peaches have fallen from the tree by now and finally....... finally...... A'Mo smells it, washes it, holds it in her hand while she fans the fire, looks at it and then........ BITES INTO IT! Her hearing returns immediately. The first thing she hears is the fire, then the wind rustling in the peach tree, but it's almost like she cannot understand what is happening to her.
She's been deaf for like, 10 minutes. She forgot already?
Hm, she's been deaf all her life, actually! :D 
She runs outside and look who has chosen this very moment to finally go see her so very fortuitously? Yes, it's the God of War. Maybe he has a peach-eat-alert-o-meter in the Heavens. I melt when he says her name and she asks in tears that he repeats it. She's in happy tears when she tells him that she can suddenly hear again. A good moment to step reaaaally close, yup. She's shy, but not disinclined to such skinship.
What happened to I never want to see you again, I hope I forget all about you?
She doesn't remember her past life, Jo
Boo, Jing Xiu turns up. Aaaaaaaand the competition is ON. Too funny how Jiu Chen nudges her to tell that "Brother Xiu" that they are engaged. Jing Xiu isn't cowed (he doesn't yet know who this guy is) and he says, well, he wasn't as lucky as to meet her before, but it doesn't really matter, because he lived with her all this time while they helped each other. Hahaha. GoW's face...
Like he found a worm in his peach?
They have lunch and wow, things are tense (A'Mo kinda notices, but doesn't get it). Xiao Bai wants to be fed by GoW, haha, which A'Mo notices as strange, seeing how the little "dog" was always quite distant with Jing Xiu. GoW smirks, saying the animal is smart and can distinguish between good and evil. Jing Xiu retorts it might also just be the stinky smell. That's.... not funny.
Because wouldn't that mean... HE smelled?
The two men exchange insults hidden behind pleasant conversation - until A'Mo hastily leaves the room. Both warn the other about not having a clue whom they're facing. Well, my money is on GoW. When A'Mo readies his room for the night, he starts quizzing her on that man who is living with her, did she forget they were engaged? To her, that promise was nullified when she left her home. Not at all in his opinion. He came for her, he says - and touches the Demon mark behind her ear. It disappears.
Ohhhhhh, she doesn't know he's HIM... she thinks he's that other guy, the son who wanted to marry her. Okay.
Boo, Jing Xiu turns up. What a cockblock! More pettiness between the two men follows. The whole thing upsets A'Mo so much, she even throws poor little Xiao Bai out of her room. She wants to sleep alone.
Well that's just uncalled for, A'Mo. Poor little fluffy baby.
Did we think the men settle for the night? Nope. GoW, whose fiery essence is running low, meditates with a blue ball (yes, I'm sorry. At least now two blue balls) but gets disturbed by Jing Xiu's zither playing - and then a zither attack! Which prompts GoW to break a string on the zither. Which he promptly fixes. Haha. Okay, now the guys know they're both Gods, right? (Jing Xiu also frightens Xiao Bai, bastard! And disturbs A'Mo's sleep)
I will demonstrate my manly prowess with MUSIC! Ping! Un-ping! Good lord - go have a wank, boys, and go the fuck to sleep.
Through a mean little trick, GoW manages to get a few minutes alone with A'Mo - who expresses her puzzlement over his appearance once again. One day, she'll understand, he says (after telling her to kick Jing Xiu out. Well, he talks about onions and peppers, but that's what he means)
One of those things should have been a peach, though.
Jiu Chen wants to know who Jing Xiu is - and Jing Xiu asks right back who Jiu Chen is. "Her future husband," Jiu Chen says. "Her destined one," Jing Xiu retorts. Way to piss GoW off!!! Well, great. Now the table is broken. They pretend nothing is amiss with it in front of A'Mo, holding it up with one hand, but when she leaves again to fetch some buns, they fight in spirit form - until she returns. They ruin everything in the end because when they let go of the table, it collapses.
I'm dying laughing watching this, are you?
The next day, Jing Xiu walks her to work, offering to move out in a few days, even though his eyes aren't fully recovered. GoW makes it rain - only on Jing Xiu. Aaaaand appears with an umbrella for A'Mo. GoW's a bully!!!
I nearly peed I laughed so hard.
After dropping A'Mo off at work (and making an impression), Jiu Chen turns back and find Jing Xiu in the forest still. This rivalry... it isn't over yet!
Please let them continue this for a loooooong time and then grudgingly end up friends.


Unpopular opinion: I didn't particularly like GoW's actions. He's clearly the stronger God and that makes him the bully. Fine, Jing Xiu didn't hold back either, but from his perspective, he was there first and I think he does believe he has a chance with A'Mo. He's been kind to her, she's been kind to him and making a vow to share the future together is only a tiny little step away. Whereas GoW.... he's the one holding on to a promise that wasn't even made for him - he stole Mr. Song's identity! I mean... A'Mo might be attracted to him, but that doesn't make it right. Wow, I think I've just defended JX against JC...
You have a point about Mr. Song, BUT Jing Xiu is wrong to think that he's got a chance. She flat out told him he didn't. She said 'I'm engaged.' and then the person she thinks she's engaged to SHOWED UP.  From GoW's perspective, they have history and are in love and this guy is an interloper. As for bullying - what they do is about equal in effect, so if anything, GoW is showing restraint.