Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 40 (Recap)

kakashi: GoW acquires a disciple and remembers some love advice. Apparently, Yun Feng knows what he's doing, only not when it comes to his upcoming marriage.
JoAnne: What is this? Episode 4389 of Men Behaving Like Babies?
I don't need TV for that..

Episode 40

Bad CGI monster attack! The town's in panic (and I guess in danger, it's a really vicious bad CGI monster!) But look! Jiu Chen has come to save the day! (the green Cultivator is still frozen to the spot due to Jing Xiu's spell!) He swings the beast away and unfreezes the Cultivator. Then, he goes after the beast. Everybody screams "An Immortal, an Immortal!" Yup, that's what he is.
Why are they scared of Immortals? Especially one who's killing a bad CGI monster?
I think they were excited to spot one. A bit like if we'd see an alien? 
Jiu Chen follows the Beast into that part of the forest where there's always beast fights (the Bai Zhe Beast was also fought here :). The beast runs away, but Jiu Chen's fiery essence is running very low and he faints - witnessed by the Cultivator and his side kick who have decided they want this Immortal as their teacher. They're funny.
What's the thought process there? Ooooh, let's pick an Immortal, but not just ANY immortal. We want one who's WEAK!
I think it's: Ohhhhh, let's grab this one, he can't walk anymore
Brother Jing Xiu is helping with the wounded at the pharmacy when a bird of prey catches his attention. It's his second in command, telling him about Princess Bao Ching's dire state. At the same time, the two Cultivators bring Jiu Chen to the pharmacy and to A'Mo - she takes him home to care for him. He doesn't even need to fake it this time! He's unconscious for three days, poor bb.
Laughing my ASS off because just as Jing Xiu has to leave, Jiu Chen gets to move in. Bye, JX!
Realizing A'Mo spent three days by his side, Jiu Chen is hopeful she might have done it because she was concerned for him, but she doesn't get to answer, the Cultivators interrupt them. Jiu Chen grudgingly agrees to be their teacher... after A'Mo nudges him to. He has never even had a disciple! His various pained faces are too funny :D - up in the Heavens, there's loud thunder and Si Ming knows it's because the Sect of Heavenly Supreme Lord has new disciples.
It's like a heavenly 'manager to the register' bell
Jiu Chen returns to the Heavens to report about the beast (it has run away, so is still a danger), it's Taowu by the way. (That name has potential for eventual cute fuzziness. The sound, anyway.  No idea what it means - Jo, you should have paid more attention while watching Peaches.) Heavenly Lord wonders how the beast escaped its previous prison. Jiu Chen is concerned thinks he believes it's connected to the Demon Lord's awakening. The Emperor orders a thorough investigation by Generals Kai Yang and Han Zhang  - and by the way, he wants to see that disciple that Jiu Chen accepted so unexpectedly! Cause he must be a genius. Oh lordy.
There's an argument to be made that Jiu Chen kinda can't get out of his own way.  
Jiu Chen returns to the mortal world quickly and A'Mo lets him know Brother Jing Xiu left her a letter, telling her he has to head back to his hometown. GoW: "Let him leave, no need to miss him." Hahahaha. But Jing Xiu has left her a plant to take care of - that's why she thinks he will be back. Meanwhile in some other dimension, the Spirit Abyss is ready to be opened - come Blood Moon Day. It's the preparations for that that have caused the beasts to get restless.
Hey, it's the Korean Romance Plant but in a Chinese drama!
GoW leaves his meditating body in the mortal realm to go alert Yun Feng about Jing Xiu in the mortal world, the length of his stay, his injuries - which means things as communicated (that he's in prison) don't add up. Shanling Tribe, so GoW's conclusion, could be in real trouble, someone needs to go investigate in secret.
But doesn't he know that's where Jing Xiu is headed already?
No. They intel is soooooo bad

A'Mo finds the motionless "Lord Song" in his room and gets extremely worried. Jiu Chen hears her voice while talking to the whining Yun Feng (yup, the marriage...) and quickly returns to tell her he was just sleeping very soundly. While sitting up. Yup, a very advanced type of cultivating method. She wants to return to work, but GoW remembers the thing about her liking to help people weaker than her... and begins coughing pitifully. This is even worse than the manflu TT___________TT
You can't sleep sitting up? I have nodded off standing at parade rest with an M16 in my hand!
While washing his clothes - instead of being able to go to work at the pharmacy like she wanted - A'Mo discovers a hole in Lord Song's garments. It's so bad she decides to make a new one. For that, she needs Lord Song's measurement, sadly she cannot find the ruler. Ohhh, that gets him excited :DDD Besides, he remembers Yun Feng's great advice - be bold and attentive, sweet tongue and kind face - and suggests to do it without a ruler. Okay, I really like how nervous he is when he tells her to use her hands :)
Do we think GoW is a virgin or just very, very rarely sexually active? My vote is for virgin.
A'Mo gradually warms up to this method as improper as it may seem to her at first. And of course, he has to bring up "ordinary husband and wife". The husband works, the wife sews.
Wait, didn't she measure someone this way before? Or am I confusing dramas now.
We could have a competition: who can name the most Asian dramas with measuring scenes in them? They're common :)

Yun Feng is so desperate to escape the marriage he volunteers to fight Taowu. Qing Yao gets a tad worried. Rightfully so, cause Yuan Tong, the witch, is there too. And she has no intention at all to help Yun Feng. Last scene? Qing Yao is sighted flying to his help.
Who nurses whom after the fight, do you think?


I'm glad GoW was "assertive" but ultimately extremely flustered, shy even. A'Mo looked scared and I really don't need to see sexually pushy men. Also, GoW: I don't think it's okay to keep a woman who wants to go to work back with a lousy fake cough like yours.
What a big baby he is, really.