Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 42 (Recap)

kakashi: Three seconds of cute, one hundred hours of fillers. This is me after this episode:
JoAnne: I'd show you me but I was asleep therefore not taking pictures.

Episode 42

GoW is afoot! He's thinking of a scolding he got from his physician for staying in the mortal world and meddling - but he just wants her to get through her trial unscathed and to return with hope in her heart. Shortly after, he thinks cooking noodles cannot be that difficult and makes some for his Mo Mo.
I wonder why we think a slob in the kitchen is adorable here but in our own kitchens it's just frustrating? 
Naturally, he gets flour all over himself - but all things considering, he's mastering this well! And she likes the noodles... Gosh, the sweetness...they're so cute together.
I'm SO JEALOUS. I want to rub his nose TOO.
She asks whether their engagement is still valid next....... what, the noodles were THAT good?! She wonders about whether sect brothers can take wives (she heard they can't) and whether it's true they only sip dew (hahaha) - to which he replies with a smile that he heard from a friend how boring life is if you do not have food cravings, so of course he eats. When he insists on washing the dishes too, she's a puddle of goo.
I totally get that. The only bad thing about a man who cooks for me is that it means I have to wash up all those dirty dishes.
He insists to walk her to work the next day. Hand in hand. Cuuuuuute!
Why is he wearing a paper bag?
If you wondered where the cultivating monk is... in town. Writing talismans. Jiu Chen freezes everyone (hello? you shouldn't use your powers, have you forgotten again?) and sends his disciple to another teacher, until he's improved his cultivation. Before parting, Jiu Chen gives the monk his name so that he can find him (and warns him not to stray from the right path or else).
How did I not notice he was cute?
Up in the Heavens, Tianjun is wondering about the Star Lord Sang Nan's love trial which has been going on forever (who's that?) and tells Si Ming to take care of it. Which leads to some yawn shenanigans between Pink Turnip and Shi San, who dresses like a man, but still wants to be recognized as a woman. And of course, Fox Bro also makes an appearance and there's endless product placement. Whatever.
What? More than one Star Lord? Did the director's nephew need a job or something?
So, Si Ming is there to see Qing Yao and it's about her ex-lover whose faith she changed when they met. He's now extremely lovesick and dying too early and I so don't care you can't even imagine. Is he a Star Lord too? Si Ming brings him Qing Yao's comb (what a great substitute for a woman!) and he remembers their past life. Hm? Don't get it, but Si Ming knows this will get him in trouble with Yun Feng. Whatever.
If I had this script these scenes would have been slashed through with so much red pen you'd think I murdered the writer.
In A'Mo's town, people try to stay away from the pier with the two frozen men - but A'Mo can't. And she can't stop thinking about it. People think it must be a demon of sorts and even get an exorcist and some kind of magic wine. A'Mo is told to drink some and spill it inside and outside the house. There are talismans all over town - awwwww, A'Mo takes them down and burns them, she is afraid they could hurt Jiu Chen. Sweeties.
I do love them. I just wish they weren't so slooooooow.
The Demons are still talking about opening up the Abyss and finding Ling Xi by the way. 
Everyone is sloooooow.


Yes. I will now go and buy that wine - NOT.
I had some.