Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 57 (Recap)

kakashi: This episode proves that GoW does not have ONE romantic bone in his body. Good for him that he's so handsome at least.
JoAnne: Clearly the prototype for the handsome but dorky nerd. Which is an approved type here at PotUp, of course.

Episode 57

Jing Xiu confesses to all his crimes. Kind of. He also tries to blame Jiu Chen for it all. Haha, that's funny. Jing Xiu then tries an all-out attack, walks out of the throne room and escapes (his trusted man Chibi dies in the process. Jing Xiu is now alllll alone). Oh! Ling Xi is wearing a new gown. Picture!
A Si Ming interlude. Huayan - now reincarnated a mortal - is to have a good life, GoW has determined. Meddling with the lives of mortals is illegal, but nobody in this drama ever cared.
Sigh. I guess no prickly doctor for him...
You're mixing up names, I think, but nobody ever cared either
A Cliff of Self-Pity interlude. Cuddling with a stone was never better.
oh wait! that was the wrong guy! THIS is the guy.
Ah, you noticed after all. 
Jing Xiu feld somewhere where it's really cold. I find that alluring because it's not exactly cold here. Has he never seen snow before? He seems quite fascinated by it. Newly clothed Demon Bride makes an entrance - Yuan Tong. We note the dark lipstick, always a sign for witchery, bitchery and such. Her plan: to make Jing Xiu a demon. And not any demon! The new Demon King!
I don't see him going for that...
Oh, what's this?
Ling Xi does queenly things, like help mortals against Water Monsters and she finds herself a new Jing Xiu. An upright, virtuous, hard working young man named Chang Ting. Where did she find him, under a rock? Ah, he's brother to Ling Xi's remaining maid. Ling Xi herself doesn't find much joy in court affairs.
He is unobjectionable. That's about the best I can say at the moment.
Uh-oh, the Heavenly Tribe is scandalized by how many times Jiu Chen goes to visit Queen Ling Xi even though she is not allowed to marry. There's even a decree preventing him from entering Shanling!
I'm sure this will be super duper effective.
You better don't keep sitting around up there, GoW - Jing Xiu accepts to be Demon Leader (well DAMN - he was bored) and Yuan Tong jumps down into the Spirit Abyss to crack open the Gates to the Underworld! His Teacher notices and goes down to stop the madness, finding Ling Xi there, meditating. But she's been tainted by the demonic aura --- one hundred days of seclusion! And then, Old Grumps helps her. Not sure I understand. Was that 100 days in 30 seconds? And what is that spiky thing on that rock?!
Last year's least popular Christmas present.
When Jiu Chen finds her in his master's cave, he swiftly seizes the opportunity and asks for the permission to marry her after she steps down. Okay, CUTE. Ling Xi has a few objections though, for example: has she even agreed to marry him?
Look at her face could she BE any more adorable?
Well, time for a proper proposal. And promises like only to ever like her. After all this, she says she still needs time to decide. Come ON. He won't have it either. 10 days, 3 days... no, he wants the answer right now. He goes in for a kiss... when all his cronies burst in. Heavenly Emperor is looking for him (to discuss the wedding)
So basically no one pays attention that law that got passed.
They forgot
Ling Xi goes to the Peach Forest and gets very drunk. The episode ends with GoW coming to pick her up. She wishes to go to Polar Abyss. It's cold there, as we know. Good. Cold is good.
Good for forced snuggles, naked under a bunch of furs? That kind of good? Not forced as in they don't want to do it, forced as in 'we have no other option (thank God!)'


Come on. Either you like the man for life or you don't. Since you do and live in a patriarchal historical fantasy setting, you simple have to marry him. You also want to. Just say "yes", it's a short word.
So much easier to say than no. Much less mouth effort. Just do it. Think of all that pent up energy.