Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 58 (Recap)

kakashi: Time to lay eggs! Or do they need to be made first? I'm a little confused about the technicalities. This episode starts sweet and ends bitter. 
JoAnne:  I really prefer it the other way around.

Episode 58

Off to Polar Abyss they go! Where Ling Xi refuses to take a sober-up pill (drinking that wine was a lot of work) and cuddles GoW real close. She wanted to go here because... they're all alone. 
But she's drunk so... consent issues.
Then she says she wants to live here once they're married and he's like.... you're agreeing?! That's a yes. And then she starts kissing him, which naturally leads to making eggs.
You realize she had the eggs all along, right?
Awww, he's so happy (she is too). No more virgins in da house. He gives her the marriage contract without much further ado seeing how impatient they both are. All is ready, but no ceremony can be held yet because she first needs to step down from her position - and he means to step down as God of War too! Her successor is that proper boy we met not too long ago and his... Thunder! 
They want to retire to a cosy love retreat and make babies, awww
Alas, no time to just be happy. From the behavior of his teacher, Jiu Chen realizes something is amiss and heads for the entrance to the Spirit Abyss, where he discovers the heightened Demon activity. Not long after, he encounters a hologram of Jing Xiu, the new Demon Lord, who warns him - if he goes down the Abyss to guard the entrance to the Netherworld, he will forever be trapped there. So he has a choice: sacrifice his life for the realms or enjoy life with Ling Xi. 
Oh, lemme just GUESS.
Time to wake up Yun Feng and tell him what's going to happen. Of course, Jiu Chen opts to die instead of his Teacher or Heavenly Emperor, the only other people who can stop the Demons. And Yun Feng... is to pretend to be him to prevent Ling Xi from doing something stupid. 
Dudes. She's gonna notice.
When he gets a pill for his plan from Qing Yao, GoW bumps into Ling Xi. He jokes about dying and she tells him she will forget him if he abandons her. Then she tells him she wants chicken, peach trees and a kitchen at Polar Abyss. Besides, she's here to pick up silk - she wants to make her own wedding dress. That almost breaks him. Almost. 
I'm not going to cry. I'm not. I'm NOT.
Before saying goodbye, he takes the Longevity Knot from her - and claims he wants to look at it when he misses her. Yeah... forever. Sad puppy. 
I said I will NOT.
We then get a farewell scene with his Shifu - reminiscing, making us understand why Jiu Chen is willing to die for this man even though his own happiness will have to be sacrificed. Shifu realizes Jiu Chen is planning something - and GoW admits he knows what's happening at the Spirit Binding Abyss. 
That man is OLD. Older than YOU. Let him go! Not you!


Can't we have nice things? TT________TT
We should have finished this in 2019.  I bet it would have been happier.