Love & Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 - Episode 59 (Recap)

kakashi: The Penultimate. Thank Gods for smart female leads.
JoAnne: Thank God Kakashi is someone who knows what penultimate means.

Episode 59

Jiu Chen partially immobilizes his teacher, says his goodbyes, ensures Ling Xi's and Yun Feng's protection and then heads to the Spirit Binding Abyss... to stay there forever. And ever. And ever.
It's okay. I've decided that if they do this, I will just rewrite the ending in my head.
Ling Xi isn't suspecting anything, happily planning for the wedding and such (she's actually drawing a pattern). She falls asleep and - hey ho! Here's GoW, not QUITE with the demons yet. He puts her to bed, kisses her one last time and then heads to the Spirit Binding Abyss to stay... you get it.
I wanted skinship on screen. With actual skin. Too much to ask.
Oh, he dragons out! Very nice. Sexy GoW!
Ribbed, for her pleasure. Although it doesn't actually look very pleasurable...
When Ling Xi awakes, she realizes someone must have put her onto the bed - and sends a message to Jiu Chen in the Heavens. She has been having nightmares and feels uneasy, is he alright? Yun Feng reads it in GoW's stead and cries. Then he writes back in GoW's stead and cries. The answer (hahaha, really?): "I am not a good choice and we are not compatible. May you not delay your life for me." Lovely stationary!
Just tell her what's up! How was that weak ass letter going to be better and cause her less pain than knowing the truth?

Upon finding Yun Feng's stone statue shattered, everyone is very much worried and believe he is dead by lightning. Nah. Not dead. Just posing as GoW, speaking with his voice, desperately keeping a livid Ling Xi from busting into Fuyun Hall. Of course she realizes something is wrong even when Yung Feng claims Ling Xi was just a trial.
They are all IDIOTS.
I love that she doesn't believe what Yun Feng says. She is sure GoW has some major difficulty and urges him to share it with her. She stays outside the door day and night for 16 days. After which she leaves - still certain Jiu Chen is in some kind of trouble, still steadfast in love and considering them as good as married.
Well, not Ling Xi. She's not an idiot.
Jiu Chen is fighting with all he has - and then Yuan Tong makes an appearance. Oh, just get lost! She tells him how happy she is he is here with her and blabla, she'll be forever with him as a dark aura, blabla. She also tells him he can only seal the gate by going into the Demon Realm while another powerful Deity must do the rest from this side - before disappearing into the vagina-like nether gate.
Just ignore that bitch. Do we even need her for the rest of the story? Let's make something up.
All of this could have continued for a long time had not Yun Feng been too weak to stay put in Fuyun Hall for an eternity. He is so weak he even goes to Peach Blossom Forest to see her! Despite her sleepy drunkenness (due to her broken heart) she sees him. Once Ling Xi hears about this, things click in her head...
Idiots on this side, not the idiot over here. Line up.


Ling Xi is one of the best characters in any CDrama I have ever seen. For a) her character growth linked to her increase in powers from a mere fairy to a High God and b) her brains AND emotional intelligence. I just love how she simply won't believe that GoW would cancel their marriage and insists that something is wrong and she will help him. As the author of this story, I might quite likely have killed them off together, but let's see whether others are as bent for heartbreak as I am (*chuckles*)
I'd be okay with that.