Rants and Weekly Raves #319 (RAWR)

Trotwood: I didn't watch very much this past week, or at least much that was new--because I was feeling far too stressed about what was happening in the world. Halloween caused a spike in numbers in local campuses and the US election was (and is still in some ways) dragging on. I ended rewatching the 2016 Thai drama Ngao Asoke and the 2015 Bromance with Megan Lai and Baron Chen (one of the few OTPs that I had to fight shipping in real life). Waiting to hear about test results for an entire residence hall and election results wasn't conducive to sitting through any kind of other angst. Positive thing about getting my twitter account suspended was not seeing all the news updates every minute from all the news organization I follow. (see My Wonderful Life to get full account of twitter suspension if you want a laugh)

JoAnne:  I think I'm current with DDSSLLS and Start-Up and that's about it.  Last night I couldn't resist though and started an Egyptian show called Paranormal.  The shlebby male lead has an awesome internal dialogue, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.  He's ...something sort of medical, and he gets called in on weird cases because..basically...he's haunted.  In other news, I am part of the half of the country breathing a huge sigh of relief and taking a moment not to think about all the damage that has to be repaired and how much damage can be caused in 2.5 months by a pissed off narcissist who's been embarrassed in front of the entire world.  And in OTHER other news...Minnie the Mouse escaped.  So...maybe we still have a mouse and it's just that now the HOUSE is the cage..or maybe Coco had a nice snack.  I don't know.  We try not to think about it.  I try very very hard. Really hard.  SO hard.


Mood (well, at least before Biden won!)


My Wonderful Life

This show continues to be a delight in dailies. I think Shim Yi Young is making a name for herself for playing female leads who suffer through bad marriages to be rewarded later with great lives because they didn't let that make them bitter or less hard working. I like them because they have more experience and don't just lay down like wimps in front of the villainy surrounding them. But this wasn't the best thing about this show this week. My twitter account got suspended because I called Sang Ah a wench, and it was labeled as hate speech. Of course, I appealed it rather than taking it down to get access back. Twitter finally admitted its mistake after three days. This was one of the shows I watched Saturday and don't you know three different characters referred to Sang Ah as a wench this week, including herself? Ha. I laughed and laughed.


30sai made Dotei dato Mahoutsukai ni Narerorashii/Cherry Magic! 30 Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard

This show continues to provide the warm comfort that I need right now. But everyone's upset about this week's cliffhanger. I'm thinking the woman is probably his sister or cousin or maybe she and Kuosawa dated was to cover for him being gay with family. At any rate, we get to see Adachi come to his rescue and start to wonder about his own feelings. 



I don't remember being this bored reading the novel. I blame the odd pacing and the fact that the scriptwriters in their concern about not making us bored feel the need to include the dumb said story with the doctor and fujoshi instead of building on the complexity of the stories of the main characters. They also cast a fairly weak actor as one of the leads, so watching him during what should have been a very heartfelt scene talking about his brother's trauma was just awkward more than anything.

I'm Tee, Me Too (Finale)

We knew that Watee was going to forgive everyone, especially after they came to the rescue when he was getting beat up by the loan sharks. There was really nothing surprising either about the turn around because of his dad's illness either. We knew something was going to have to happen when he realized how lonely the house was after all of the other guys left. T-Rex wasn't the only brother he gained from their living arrangement. He gained a whole family of brothers. 


 Gaya sa Pelikula/Like in the Movies

From all accounts, this week's episode was heartbreaking at best, table flipping at worst, so I decided to skip it and watch it next week when the next episode is also out, so the pain doesn't last as long. I think next week is the last episode. There is word that there might be a season 2, but I haven't see official confirmation at this time.


The Reign

Yeah, I know, this is old shit. But I suddenly thought I wanted to see some costume drama. Wow, it's bad and that's why I kept watching. The CW version of history, never a good idea. After reading so much historical romance (I breathe this shit in, and I blame Panda for starting), the liberties with portraying gender relations bugs me big time. Haha, too funny. 

The Mandalorian

Who is writing this non-script? It's getting worse I think :) (though they're making sure we're getting to see much more Baby Yoda in this season, it's okay)
The authors' meeting went like this.
"Do we have an idea?"
"Ah, always good. What kind of monsters?"
"What about... what about a gigantic spider?"
"Oh wow! So original!"
"A snow spider!"
"That's it. Let's do that."
"Wow, we're good."