Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #343

Trotwood: I feel like I'm in a morass. Kakashi sent some of us a great article last week that I shared with my staff that we are all languishing. I really feel it every day, so that even if I have time, I still am not getting as much done as I should. I clean one room and have no energy to clean another. I take things out to sort with no energy to put them back. I don't have much interest in much of anything. I know what I really need (what we all need) is a real and true break. But despite several types of vaccines all over the planet, it hasn't stopped the deaths, or the lockdowns, or the fights people are still having about people not wanting to mask or social distance.

Another show, I had planned to watch with another of my favorite actors Ji Jin Hee, Undercover, premiered this weekend. Did I watch? No? Will I start next weekend? Probably not. I also know if I get two weeks behind in a show, I almost never start it, so . . . too bad, too, since this is the type of show I really like--a well established older couple that work through things together. Sigh. 

As you can see, I barely watched anything last week. Even the shows that I liked, and there were other shows to add. It's going to sparse around here until June I think.
kakashi: Thanks for holding the fort, Trot! I forgot it's Tuesday AGAIN :D. No, it's not funny. I'm too busy. I have a major job interview this Thursday morning and spent an incredible amount of time preparing for it. I really get NOTHING done these days, it's crazy.
Restarted to watch the Season 4 episode of AoT with my kid because we ran out of Seven Deadly Sins episodes (the last season is currently ongoing). I'm enjoying this second watch a lot because I notice a lot of things I hadn't noticed the first time!


Sell Your Haunted House 

I feel as though the show has settled into it's groove now, and I'm glad that Oh In Beom was finally forced to believe in his status as a psychic. I had been wondering how Chief was going to be convinced, too, and I thought the show cleverly handled that and the fear and loyalty that comes along with it. And, as the show wants me to, I now am mainly interested in how his uncle got the necklace. We knew that Hong Ji Ah's story with her mother was tragic, but the truth behind it (and her resulting guilt) was more painful than I had imagined. The question is what about these spirits who don't know they are dead? How come everyone can see them? P.S.--I want Jang Nara to play a badass at least every third drama. 

Miss Monte Cristo (daily)

I worry how our heroine, Eun Jo,  is going to make it through this revenge watching how painful things are for the people she really loves. As I said, it is clear that she is still in love with Sung Heok, and she knows that he is in love with her. But will Bo Mi be ale to stay quiet now that she knows about the baby? Ha Jun as second male lead is pretty interesting. He is immature, but the more we see him, the more we see that he really loves her and is trying to protect her from herself. He recognizes that what she is doing is just torturing herself even though he doesn't know the whole story. I'm wondering if he is going to survive this or , frankly, how many of the main leads will survive this story. The one thing that is for certain is that Ha Ra has got to be auditioning to be the worst mother on the planet. Whenever I think she can't get any worse as a mother, she does.


Word of Honor ep.28-30

Well, we knew all that wonderful time alone was not going to last, but at least the beginning of the New Year's festivities and feast were allowed for our family. I labeled the screenshot below "the last happy."
Even GX gets her happy, I'm part of a family, moment. But the thing is that you can't hide from the world for very long when everyone around insists that you choose sides. The running joke amongst my friends is the fact Prince Jin is essentially a spurned lover cough boss that can't take no for an answer. I don't know about you guys, but if one of my staff members embedded themselves with nine nails to convince me they wanted to resign, I would assume they really really wanted to resign. Instead, he comes up with more torture. This is not just about punishing Zi Shu's supposed betrayal. He really wants him back. 

HIStory 4: Close to You
Ahh. The split personality show. Li Cheng and Mu Ren were so great to watch this week and hit such a sweet spot that I actually went back and rewatched their plot all on it's own. Mu Ren's recognition of his feelings coinciding with the rumor was perfect, and what I liked about it wasn't his pain (we could've had less flashbacks) but that he was (just like Li Cheng had been) so determined to be supportive of Li Cheng and his happiness because as I've always said about this show--it's not so much about the romance but about the deep friendship that the main trio have with each other. Many dramas have the friends to lovers trope, but they are always able to establish and maintain that core essence. We all know that the spy is the guy that attacked Mu Ren, right? Anyway, as for the other dismal drama that is part of the show, I just wanted to scream at Xing Si, DO NOT MOVE HOME!!! DO NOT MOVE HOME!!! I want him to stay in the bosom of his friendship with Li Cheng and Mu Ren. He needs to be protected.
Shippers around the world when LC and MR finally get together


Lovely Writer (episode 9)

I wasn't sure if I was even going to be able to watch this episode and it was all over my twitter feed for days before I had access to subs. There were even a half dozen reaction videos that were posted before "official" international subs were out unless you had a VPN. Lakorn in length, clocking at a nearly 90 minutes, it gave us so many breakthroughs and WTF to give it more of a lakorn vibe. I still don't get what is going on with Aey. Yes, it was revealed that his target was never Nubsib but Gene, but that still doesn't explain his overall attitude because I'm not sure he'd actually feel better is Gene liked him back. Of course, everyone is talking about the fact that not only are Gene and Nubsib actually together but also their scene of intimacy and the morning after. We even got a coming out tot the family family family dinner, but the reveal about Gene's dad was a shocker. How did he know, and did his mother know? A shoutout to the person blocking this episode. It was  really fantastic.