Nail Shop Paris Episode 3 (A SongJaeRimJob)

Looks like I spoke too soon. This episode adds horror to the genre-soup that is WTFParis via Rapist Ghost. Then Show jerks us back around by giving drunk confrontations and accidental kisses. WTFParis? WHY?! I swear this show is going to kill us, but do we care? No! *sigh* The things we do for Song Jae Rim...
JoAnne: And the things we'd like to do...sadly, in the Venn Diagram of my life, there is no overlap between these two things.
kakashi: Oh yeah. Here's a story for you, a true one. I was teaching in Budapest this week - 26 great students, really good interactions, very full days, etc. They are doing a group assignment, I take a deep breath, check twitter on my computer and open the blog. I do that a lot and really didn't think about it. My Twitter timeline is FULL OF Song Jae-rim quasi naked, from all sides (thanks to mary, really) (you're welcome). The blog? The same. I have my very quick reflexes to thank and only them that I realized just in time that a lady was filming for the university's website ... and was just about to move behind me and film my screen. 
JoAnne: Your failure to seize the moment cost Song Jae Rim another fan, you know.
kakashi: But saved my reputation. 
Shuk: Remind me to check out your Twitter timeline, kakashi.

Episode 3
Mary: Fook. Creepy opening. Creepy music. A lady is sleeping in bed when her dress opens by itself. She wakes up later all tired and sweaty. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.
JoAnne: I'm not scared. Mostly I'm wondering how they made the shot.
kakashi: Heard of computers, JoAnne? It was actually well done, I thought! There's production value in this show! 
Mary: We cut to last episode's cliffhanger. Boss-nim says Jer2.0 didn't see Bunny when he closed up shop the other day, so how come Bunny was there late at night? Bunny lies that she went back for her handphone. Boss-nim does this "Really Not Really" face before smiling and saying "Ok, but don't stay late here from now on. You never know what might happen." If that's not a threat, then I'm Song Jae Rim's girlfriend. Heh. Win-win.
JoAnne: I think you have the wrong idea about Boss-nim.
kakashi: She looks at Bunny like she would like to take a bite out of her. Who can blame her! She is kinda cute. 
Mary: Bunny proves once again that she's braver (and stupider) than me by telling Boss-nim "By the way, your necklace is beautiful" which is Idiot Speak for "I intend to expose your secrets, O Dangerous Person! Feel free to kill me now." Boss-nim admits that it's her most prized possessionYeaaaaah... I bet it is. What's the going rate for antique jewelry bathed in the blood of a thousand men these days?
JoAnne: I googled but all I got was blood diamonds and a jewelry store in England called 'Old Blood' but it's not as cool as it sounds. (Check Knockturn Alley?)
kakashi: These things tend to be outside the realm of Google-able things, just saying. 
JoAnne: You'd be surprised what you can turn up out there. Sometimes not pleasantly, though.
Mary: At home, Bunny turns into an obsessed anti-fan, building conspiracy theories against GumiBoss. She insists that GumiBoss looks like the gumiho who saved her years ago and attributes GumiBoss' nail expertise to centuries of experience in caring for her Gumi-claws.
JoAnne: Live your work, I say.
Shuk: She just needs to check her boss' expertise with a Dremel tool.
kakashi: A few minutes into this latest RimJob I'm thinking: this is going to be a tame, non-slippery one. 
JoAnne: You obviously haven't heard about ALL the Dremel attachments...
Mary: The next day, the Sexiest Janitor In The History of Ever is pissed that he's doing maknae work because Bunny is late. And you can only say this in retrospect after seeing Mo Il Hwa in Age of Feeling, but Song Jae Rim adds a little something to his characters. For Kei, he's been doing these pissed-off gangster mannerisms since Episode 1: dusting off his hands, stuffing them in his pockets, sniffing, shrugging, etc. Today though, he just shoves the mop at Bunny and turns away like he's the God of Sexy Petulant Sunbaes. (Which he is.)
JoAnne: If there had been a janitor like that when I was in school I would have spent a LOT of time in his boiler room hide-away.
kakashi: Oh jeez. Here we go again. JoAnne's other parts of the brain are awakening as soon as there's a sighting of SexOnLegs. (Must. Not. Respond. To. JoAnne's. Jokes.)
JoAnne: You know you wanna.
Mary: Aaanyway, Bunny is late because she bought soondae for GumiBoss. According to the intarwebz, soondae is a type of sausage made from a mix of cow/pig blood, liver, or intestine. Basically: GumiFood. She offers some to GumiBoss, but Boss says she doesn't eat that stuff. Or maybe she's smarter than you, Bunny.
JoAnne: I saw a close up shot once. That stuff is disgusting. Might as well eat a scab. And now I need to throw up. 
Shuk: Liver, yuck. Soondae, delish!
kakashi: Is GumiFood YummyFood? Love that kind of stuff. All things to do with liver, intestine, blood, sausages. I might be a Gumiho! (Well, you did claim to have a well-shaped butt for your age... A Gumiho perk?)
Mary: Nice Roomie visits Bunny at work to drop off her house keys and show us a potential pairing in WTFverse when Jer2.0 sees Roomie playing with his pet kitty. He's smitten. He asks Bunny to introduce him to Roomie because the 3 things he wants in a woman are [1] cute, [2] a cat-lover, and [3] cute AND a cat-lover! Bunny doesn't trust Roomie to keep her mouth shut around Jer2.0 so she refuses to play Cupid for them.
JoAnne: This is where we started thinking she might be supernatural. Or maybe next episode.
kakashi: I didn't recognize her at first. Yeah, cause she has one of those clone faces, really. 
Mary: But Jer2.0 is persistent. He offers to take over Bunny's duties as a bribe so when Creepy Opening Girl enters Paris to ask for an Evil Red#666 nail polish, Jer2.0 approaches her right away. "Would you like some coffee?" (customer nods) "What about the man who just came in with you?" (everyone stares at Jer2.0). Why? Because no one came in with the client. (See: Fooook.)
JoAnne: Sorry cannot stop laughing at your cat.
Shuk: Kitty!!
kakashi: Intriguing!!! So what is Jer2.0? A supernatural creature as well? A ghost seer? Show, I like you!!! 
Mary: I remember sending an SOS via twitter at this point, asking if WTFParis is a horror show, and JoAnne zen answers: "It is all things to all people."
Uhh... thanks? You're welcome.
Mary: Luckily, we cut to Bunny's ghost-less novel. *whew*
JoAnne: Wait until she finds out that Bunny died that day when she first met Alex and all of this is not at all what it looks like.
kakashi: Do I need to start drinking lots of alcohol for this show even though it's only morning and I'm on kid-duty today? (You're just looking for an excuse to drink, right?)
JoAnne: I support the drinking, she's more likely to joke with me when she's had a  shot.

Mary: Drag Bunny is once again being chased by my lovely Hunter Kei when Cheesy Alex grabs her to hide behind a pillar. And YOU GUYS, THIS IS THE GENIUS I WAS TALKING ABOUT. Everything in the novel's universe is more icky, cheesy, and x-rated somehow. You HAVE to watch it to notice the difference. From the sounds to the script to the visuals, it's like a cheap romance film. *cough* Not that I've seen one, mind you.
JoAnne: And wouldn't you be amazed if this part is the REAL part?
kakashi: Oh god, this stuff is so funny. It has me in giggles as soon as it starts. 

Mary: Cheesy Alex says, "Meeting the first time was a coincidence, but twice is fate" and at first I thought my video file was damaged, because Bunny speaks in a high-pitched voice. I realized later that they made Park Gyuri speak like those old, sexy Asian movies my aunties watched at 3PM when they thought little Mary is taking her afternoon nap. Haha! (See: genius show is genius.) 
kakashi: The voice! Hahahahaha. 
Mary: Cheesy Alex apologizes for kissing Drag Bunny in the previous episode so she kisses him back and says "now we're even". (I fall a little in love with Park Gyuri, I love it when idols are willing to make fun of themselves!) Drag Bunny walks away and the camera pans out to show Cheesy Alex and Hunter Kei smiling at each other. Do they know each other? Or is Cheesy Alex just eyeing that yummy piece of Kei-ke?
JoAnne: Or maybe Alex isn't what he seems at all, and the man who looks like he's hunting her is actually trying to save her? #WhenYourDramaNovelHasABetterPlotThanYourDrama
kakashi: Hm. So ... this has greater meaning you mean? Insanity is just around the corner, it seems. I will invite it to lunch. 
Mary: Roommate Ji Soo interrupts the story again to ask if scary Hunter Kei is based on someone in real life? Bunny says, "Yes, there's this evil guy I know..." then we get a montage of her boob-planting on Kei, being ordered around, and Kei cornering her in the locker room angsting "Don't be nice to me, it's weird". That is totally a leading man's line, by the way. Just sayin'. And hopin'.
JoAnne: They kept us guessing right up until the end, too, the bastards.
Shuk: All part and parcel of the WTFkeryOfParis.
kakashi: ohhhhhhhh, heart flutters. Maybe it's the insane amount of coffee I've had, but I think it's hope that Kei is the lead, the lead, the lead (which means more Kei (=Sex), less MonkeyMan).
JoAnne: You put those words in close proximity and now I'm stuck thinking 'monkey sex' over and over. Thanks.
Mary: Next day, Bunny is still on Mission: Expose GumiBoss Or Die Trying. This time she offers squid and we see that she consulted Ex-Nailist Restaurateur on how to spot a gumiho. But it's Kei who spots Bunny spying on GumiBoss instead. He isn't mad though, just playfully asks Bunny "Last time it was Alex. Now it's our boss. So when's my turn?" KYAAA~ AFDKJAL; FJALFJA JFKAJ FLKA Your turn for what?! Don't say ambiguous stuff like that, Oppa!
JoAnne: And the tongue. Don't forget the tongue. Look at the tongue, peeking out like it wants to play. Making you think of other things that can sometimes...uh... peek... mmmm, I - excuse me, I have to leave.
Shuk: [fans self while looking at gif]
kakashi: Hm. It was the other part of my brain that made this gif. This one here didn't even see the tongue.
Mary: Whatever helps you sleep at night, kashi.
JoAnne: I will direct you back to the tongue, then.
Mary: He tells Bunny to follow him for some Coffee Prince time. KYAAAAA~ Kei orders Bunny around and makes adorable gloating faces while watching her do the chores. OMG I know I promised not to squee so much, but Song Jae Rim is so cute here! Jer2.0 and Alex are watching the mating dance bullying and Jer2.0 muses "Don't you think it's strange that Kei hyung only bullies Bunny?" No. I don't. Because I watched Coffee Prince! Duh.
JoAnne: Ummm, what is that big red thing peeking out down there? It's FUZZY, so that's a bit unusual. Nothing we can't work with, though. (Hands off, Jo. Can't you see Kei is already grooming the tip himself?)
Shuk: [spits water]
kakashi: I forbid the other part of the brain to take over. I'm an intellectual. I choose to analyze MonkeyMan's and WardrobeGuy's facial expressions. That's safe. 
JoAnne: You were really thrown off balance by that near miss in class, I see.
JoAnne: Monchichi and Jer2.0 look like they are puzzled by the big red thing as well, Mary.
kakashi: Exactly! 

Mary: Creepy Opening Girl comes back with her BF to interrupt my squeefest. BF asks the Paris staff to change Creepy Girl's nail polish and you know what time it is? It's Alex And His Hand Diagnosis Powers Time!!!
He checks the client's nails and gossips to the staff later that night that Creepy Client is drained of energy. The reason? TOO MUCH SEX. Hahahaha! Seriously, I am not making this shit up. It's like WTFParis knows I promised to keep RimJob ep3 cleaner and is daring me to break said promise.
JoAnne: Like Song Jae Rim, I can barely contain my laughter at the diagnosis. Lady Boss is like... there's such a thing as too much? Nooo, that can't be true. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer are like oh yeah, totally. Sure, and hoping like hell no one can tell they're virgins. *snickers*
kakashi: I saw this and I knew: nothing that has happened in these RimJobs so far was in any way over the line. This show is shameless, much more so than all of us combined. 
Mary: GumiBoss wants the staff to tell BF to take it easy, but Bunny finds it strange. BF didn't seem like a sex-obsessed maniac. "Don't you think so?" she asks Jer2.0. Alas! Jer2.0 is lost in thought. He's been like that ever since the I Saw A Guy Whom No One Else Saw incident. Emotionally Scarred Kei says that Creepy Opening Girl must be cheating on her BF with a sex-obsessed maniac. Oh Kei, you would think that.
JoAnne: It's good to know there's one insanely sexy guy in the universe who absolutely won't cheat, though. And who doesn't believe in crap like the existence of 'too much sex.' In other words, clear your calendars and stock up on water!
kakashi: Can we take a step back first? I mean ... MonkeyMan actually diagnosed too much sex from pressing her nails. I mean .... WTF??! Is there a book that describes different states of nails and one of them says: if the nails look like this, it's because the person has had too much sex??!
Mary: *hides nails from kakashi* *snort* I wish.
Mary: The next morning, Jer2.0 and Bunny are out shopping for supplies when they see Creepy Client collapsing on the street. A shaman rushes to her aid and she makes eye contact with Jer2.0... can she sense our Jeremy's powers? Is she gonna recruit him? Will Jer2.0 start painting talismans on people's nails next?
JoAnne: I can't wait to see the creepy nails; will they have tiny burnt offerings glued to them?
kakashi: Shit, so too much sex really IS dangerous.
Mary: Only for the weak, kakashi.
Mary: They bring Creepy Girl to Paris. Shaman tags along to explain that Creepy is full of evil energy. Evil Ghost Energy. She needs to be exorcised. Creepy takes out a photo of her ex-BF and asks Jer2.0 if this was the guy he "saw" the other day with her. Because ex-BF died three years ago. (See: Fooook.) Shaman explains that ex-BF has turned into a Sek Gui/Gui Jeob - a ghost who fulfills unsatisfied desires by having sex with the living. (Also see: Foook.)
kakashi: Oh. WTF. Show, WTF!!! 
JoAnne: I laugh hysterically at the closeness of job and jeob.
Mary: I couldn't find an explanation or direct translation anywhere but I think Gui refers to ghost/spirit and Sek/Jeob refers to sex. Don't believe me? Here: Entering all possible spellings for Jeob doesn't give a translation. It's only when you type "j" that things get... interesting.
How apt. I'm gonna start calling these squeecaps Jeob on Twitter. It will be our dirty little secret what that means, nyehehe.
JoAnne: I was WONDERING why you were misspelling it all of a sudden!
kakashi: I'm having way too much fun with this .... 

Mary: Creepy Girl says she found Jeob Ghost's old stuff when she was moving house a week ago and that's when the haunting started. Shaman tells her she needs to move on and stop reviving her attachments to ex-BF aka Jeob Ghost. Shaman borrows Kei, Bunny, and Alex for the exorcism. (Meh. I made a gif of Kei wiggling his eyebrows during the ceremony. Just because. Also, I'm not sharing it.) While they're burning old photos of Jeob Ghost, Creepy Girl faints. Bunny breaks the circle to run to her aid and I'm like Jeob shit! Move back! Did you forget you're Male Ghost Rape Material?! Thankfully, Creepy Girl regains consciousness and the exorcism is pronounced a success (for now).
JoAnne: So you think the ghost knows she's a girl? (They can watch you showering, after all...)
kakashi: If Kei were the ghost, I wouldn't mind her being possessed by him.
JoAnne: Is no one going to call Mary out on her refusal to share all Jeob gifs?  I cry foul!
Mary: Later, Bunny hears Shaman telling Jer2.0 the exorcism would've been easier if he was there. "You know I don't want to get involved in that stuff" says Jer2.0. Shaman asks "Are you still mad at me? Do you think I was happy that my son was bullied for being the son of a shaman?" Ooooh... Shaman is Jer2.0's mom! "I'm not asking you to come back home, but can't you at least tell me how you're doing sometimes?" says Shamom. Jer2.0 sees Bunny eavesdropping and doesn't answer.
JoAnne: But now they can really bond. Hi, I see dead people. Hi! I have boobs!
kakashi: Awwwwwww, but this was sweet. I like that we get some backstory on Jer2.0 in this episode. 

Mary: Even later (wow, long night?) The Bore finds Bunny emo-ing. She feels bad for Kei, Alex, and Jer2.0 after learning their Tragic Kdrama Backstories. She doesn't know what to say or do to make them feel better. The Bore goes zen like JoAnne and says, "The best comfort you can give is to just stay by that person even after he shows you his ugly side."
JoAnne: Like the show, I am all things to all people.
kakashi: I throw up a little inside my mouth and want to stick knives into Alex.
Mary: Alex's words also applies to all you Squeeglets out there who have watched or are watching WTFParis despite seeing Song Jae Rim's ugly side (hint: it's the one with facial hair.) So stay strong and keep watching. Oppa derives comfort from our support. *wipes tears*
JoAnne: I'll tell you what would comfort Oppa.
kakashi: SJR is not ugly! Never! Never! Never! (she may have a pillow of you, Rimmie, but she doesn't like you as much as I do! Clearly!)
Mary: *sigh* Just because I'm trying to be PG-13 here doesn't mean I don't love Oppa, kakashi.
Shuk: I like SJR peach fuzzy face and caterpillar lip. I'd rather see his whole face with a 'stache than only one eye and a lot of bangs. Just saying.
Mary: +1 to Shuk. If by "face", you meant "body".
Mary: As with all things Bore, he ends Bunny's emo-fest by giving her a free nail service. Bunny gets conscious about the hand-holding and she pulls away, scratching herself. The Bore puts a bandage on her wound. You can practically see the hearts shooting out of Bunny's eyes.
JoAnne: She has terrible, terrible, terrible taste in men.
Shuk: And in hairstyle. And clothing. And...
Mary: At home, Roomie teases Bunny for not changing the bandage and guesses that [1] it came from Bore, and [2] Bunny is in luuuuuuurve! Bunny-bot denies it but at work, she stares at the bandage the same way I stare at Song Jae Rim's pics on his official FB page. (You're welcome.) She remembers she's a boy in Bore's eyes so she rips the bandage out... but changes her mind again and sticks it inside her locker. Aww... poor Bunny.
JoAnne: No, f*** that shit. That is disgusting (totally disgusting!). Poor Bunny my ass.
Shuk: HazMat emergency!! Dial 119!!
Mary: Bunny follows The Bore's advice and tries to be nice to Jer2.0, but when she says "if you need someone, I'm by your side", it freaks Jer2.0 out. He asks "Do you... have a crush on me?!" Kei is watching the two being close and breaks up the cozy moment by ordering the maknaes to wash the brushes. Jealous much, Coffee Nail Prince?
kakashi: Ahhh, this show is so much fun! Did Coffee Prince ever sue them for blatantly stealing?
Mary: Nope. Coffee Prince can only aspire to the level of genius WTFParis has. Do you see anyone making RimJeob jokes about Gong Yoo? No. Because WTFParis is more awesome.
JoAnne: However, I'd put Gong Yoo's abs up against Song Jae Rim's any day.  Actually, screw that.  I'll put either of their abs up against MINE.  Or both their abs up against mine.  Ok maybe a little of theirs against each other. There will be pictures, which I will not share. Perhaps some video.  Just a little something between close friends. And by close, I mean naked.
Mary: The maknaes bond by backstabbing Sexy Evil Sunbae Kei, with Bunny complaining about Kei's excessive bullying. Jer2.0 tells her to just settle it like a man. Get mad! Throw some punches! Curse at the bastard! Bunny waits for a chance to talk to Kei but is foiled when Creepy Girl and her Live BF drop by to announce their engagement. Creepy told Live One what happened but he still accepts her. Everyone is happy except for Jer2.0 who notices that Creepy's pinky is once again painted in Jeob Ghost's favorite Evil Red#666 nail polish. (See: Fooook.)
JoAnne: My favorite movie of all time: Evil Pinky. Be careful not to rent the OTHER version, the one that's X-rated.
kakashi: Sex Ghost is still around! I knew it!!! You don't get rid of sex ghosts easily, that's for sure.
Mary: That night, Bunny gets drunk and calls out Kei hyung for "a talk". He fetches her from the pojangmacha. Once outside, Drunk Bunny walks up to a tree and recites her speech "I'm so upset with your bullying. Do you have a problem with me? If you don't like me, just punch me! Punch me!" (loooool. show, you're really funny) Kei just looks at her like she's the cutest thing in the world and eggs her on. "Yah! That's not me. I'm here!" Bunny walks up to him then notices the height difference. She climbs onto some sort of road fixture and repeats her request, "Punch me! Punch me!" Hehe
kakashi: ohhhhh, this is getting good. This is .... he is INTO her! And she is already somewhat INTO him!!!!
JoAnne: Forget the pole. Climb HIM.  Look at that jaw.  Bite it.
Sign You Like the Girl Boy #23: You find his drunken antics cute.
Mary: Kei nods, cracks his knuckles, swings aaaaand stops short of actually hitting Bunny. He holds that position and whispers "What? Scared? You really think I'd hurt you?" OMG he's so sexy when he lowers his voice like that. Bunny passes out, I'm not sure if it's from [1] too much alcohol, [2] hearing his sexy voice, or [3] A SMART PLOY TO LAND ON KEI'S LIPS. *smack*
JoAnne: Tell me you noticed the boobs please tell me you noticed the boobs help her with her secret it's a good excuse for falling in love.
kakashi: JoAnne, this show clearly channels CoffeePrince, so I'm guessing no. 
(JoAnne: He looked up and blinked and I fell completely 100% in love.)

They kiss, a la You're Beautiful. Except there's no puke involved and the guy is 1000000000x hotter. I might have to call this WinParis now...
JoAnne: WTFParis, Season 2: ParisFTW, or Kei Gets Lucky. (Shouldn't it be Bunny Gets Lucky?)

Mary: Kei just says "What the heck?!" and spits a little like he accidentally bit on pepper. Notice he doesn't faint like Hwang Tae Kyung, that weakling! Rim Oppa is made of sterner stuff than that. He hugs/props up Bunny and feels something through her jacket. Is it... her boobs? (I'm glad her boobs are not where he pats cause.... that would be kinda weird, anatomically) No. It's the newspapers she taped there as padding for their fight. Haha! He just chuckles some more as drunk Bunny murmurs "punch me... punch me..."
JoAnne: Later on, that becomes their 'special code' for 'private times' OR DOES IT?
Mary: Oooh.. like Fifty Shades of Grey?
Mary: Bunny wakes up at Paris and Kei serves her honey tea, a bit nicer this time around. He apologizes for bullying her because she was acting suspiciously BUT OMG he can't stop looking at her lips when she blows on the tea. Plus he kinda looks at her tenderly now. OMG OMG OMG I can't. Someone release me from my bonds. I can't keep this episode clean. IT'S NOT POSSIBLE.
JoAnne: *sprays you with BondsBGone* Unleash the potty mouth!
Shuk: NOOO. JReidy run!!! She's loose!!
Mary: O___O Oh no. She's not... still reading, right? *cries* I'm sorry. This "clean" RimJeob Ep3 is already so hard for me. I don't think I can hold myself back when we get to the good parts.
Mary: Jer2.0 asks if they slept in the office and Kei grumbles that they should find out where Bunny lives because she's too heavy to drag back here. Sure, sure Kei. It's not because you want to know where she lives so you can stare up her window like a lovesick fool, right?
JoAnne: He looks very uncomfortable. Perhaps I should take him upstairs and comfort him.
kakashi: Poooor guy. I really have compassion because that must be so hard if something like this happens in real life. 
Mary: Oh no, kakashi. I foresee more heartbreak in your future. Take strength from this 3-minute WTFParis clip, in lieu of my missing RimJob jokes...

Problem, squeeglets: Live BF calls Paris to say Creepy Girl is missing. He asks for help in tracking her down. Jer2.0 starts ransacking Creepy's apartment. O___O (Is that even legal? Did I miss the part where they expanded their services to include WTFParis Investigative Agency?) Jer2.0 finds a Jeob Ghost photo that Creepy saved from exorcism. Looks like Shamom didn't get rid of all the connections...
JoAnne: laughing at Shamom - and not for the first time thinking that you kind of sound like me, Mary.
kakashi: Oh - are you related? Birth secret???!
Mary: Did Jo ever lose an undersized daughter with a habit of googling "Song Jae Rim topless image"? If so, then yes.
JoAnne: My only daughter is tall and barely tolerates my KDrama obses...habit. Although she's mega-impressed that I'm blogging and at the number of hits we get.
Mary: While holding said photo, Jer2.0 gets a premonition of Creepy about to jump from a rooftop. Phoebe2.0 rushes out again to save her. (If you got the reference, have a cookie. If not, Google "Charmed". That shit is awesome.) (agreed - used to love it!) Phoebe2.0 manages to save Creepy's life using a combination of excellent timing and cheap wirework. He tells her to stop living in guilt over what happened to Jeob Ghost, move on and live for the people who love her. Like her Live BF.
JoAnne: Whatever, where is Kei?
kakashi: He is troubled at home.
Mary: Why, kakashi? Did you hide his pants AND shirt again? Tsk tsk. You know that makes Oppa sad.
Mary: Later, Bunny muses that a lot of WTFery happened due to a simple photo but our Jer2.0 says that it wasn't the photo so much as the refusal of a person to let go of her feelings. Jer2.0 shares that he's so scared of ghosts he ran away from a person he loves, whereas Creepy Girl risked her life to bring her ghost BF back. (The sex was THAT good, huh?) Jer2.0 says that he wasn't embarrassed to be Shamom's son, he was scared when he started seeing strange things. He didn't want to be a shaman and live a lonely life like Shamom. Bunny calls bullshit on that. Fighting with someone you love makes you lonelier! She tells him to make up with his mom.
JoAnne: Whatever, I said. WHERE IS KEI?
kakashi: Hmmm .... so what do you think, people. Would having a sex ghost around be kinda cool? 
Mary: Only if it's Song Jae Rim haunting me or me haunting Song Jae Rim.
JoAnne: I'm good with it.  Seems efficient.

Mary: Next day, Creepy visits Paris with luggage in tow. She's going on a trip away from Live BF to clear her mind. She asks to have her nails painted sparkly pink, Live BF's favorite color. (WTF? I bet this is just an excuse to have Kei hold her hand for 30 minutes. Hmph.) While Creepy is scoring a free hand-hold from my Kei, we see Jer2.0 visit Shamom in her cave. They hug and all is well.
JoAnne: Yay for moms and kids! 
Mary: Back to Creepy, inspecting her new nails. She asks the Paris staff to tell Live BF that she will always think of him every time she sees her nails and she promises to come back before the colors wear off. O___O WTF, Paris. SERIOUSLY?! Doesn't nail polish wear off in two weeks? Why the emo?
Let's just talk about how every time Kei softly says "It's done" after a hand job, I hug my RimPillow tighter. He is so lovely, my Kei.
JoAnne: You probably shouldn't talk about Kei giving hand jobs if you want me to try and be less raunchy. I am ONLY HUMAN, Mary.
kakashi: Ah, but this one is so tame so far .... I'm not sure I'm happy about that. (I went back and fixed it for you. Jo's BondsBGone spray worked! I'm freeeeee!!!)
Mary: Night. Bunny is being a bitch to her roommate again and orders her to buy food. So Bunny totally deserves what happens after she enters the bathroom to take a shower.
JoAnne: Does it involve too much sex? Because I will totally order random people off the STREET to buy food if that's what happens.
kakashi: Here we go. This is more like it.
Mary: Jer2.0 drops by to track down Bunny's address as per Kei hyung's request. Roommate left the door unlocked in her haste so Jer2.0 goes right on in and plops down the snacks he brought. While waiting for his "bro" Bunny to come out of the bathroom, he sees the cute pillows and thinks "hehe... so Bunny likes girly stuff like that" (WRONG). Then he sees the bureau full of Roommate's cosmetics just as Roommate walks in. "Whaa--- you and Bunny are live-in partners?" (HAHA. WRONG AGAIN.) Bunny hears the commotion and comes out wearing a towel, which she promptly drops in shock when she sees Jer2.0. "Are you... Bunny?!" (HAHAHA FINALLY)
JoAnne: These next couple episodes where Jer2.0 blackmails her into a relationship are really distressing.
kakashi: He has seen her naked. They MUST get married!

End of episode.


Mary: I'm excited that of all people, it's Jer2.0 who discovers the naked truth (heh). He's the most careless among our harem so I expect Bunny's secret to last all of 10 seconds. 5 if someone gets drunk soon...
JoAnne: I did think their treatment of her pregnancy was quite touching, though.
kakashi: And all that horrible stuff with the in-laws! So worth the watch!

Mary: I confess I dragged my feet on this Jeob because Rape Ghost is creepy as fook. I forgot it's the same episode where we get Coffee Prince Kei, Accidental Kiss Kei, and Distracted By Bunny's Lips Kei. How can so much happen in a single episode?! It must be this "I'll give you crap mixed with so much awesome" that makes WTFParis a fun watch.
JoAnne: For me it was totally about the social commentary. Very insightful look at the convoluted dynamics of romance in post-industrial society.
kakashi: I'm just intrigued by the sex-ghost. Cause ...... WHO comes UP with something like this?! 
Random Kei pic. Just because.
Meh. Whom am I kidding. We're all just watching this for Song Jae Rim, right?
JoAnne: *nods in agreement*
kakashi: uhm .... yes. But I stopped fast-forwarding because the other stuff also interests me.
Mary: Did I mention this show was genius?