Top 5 ... Shower Scenes, Take 2 (The Broody)

The response to the first Shower Scenes Post (SSP) was overwhelming. Thank you all for your interest and support! Quite obviously, however, the first SSP did not cover all Korean shower scenes. Suggestions for more and different ones were made by the dozen in the comment section and I vowed to hunt them down ... all of them. Well, I know I did not get them all; but I got many, many more. This is the first of three additional shower scene posts. Let's start with four broody ones, plus Eric in Que Sera, Sera. This is fanservice for lafer and enz. These ladies will not shut up about Que Sera, Sera and how awesome it is. I'm caving in.

Stars Falling From the Sky (Kim Ji-hoon)

I know I will have to watch this drama soon, because I have Kim Ji-hoon withdrawal. The hair is terrible, but I do like my Korean actors all sweaty and bothered. Hmmmmm, he is so tasty. Top marks, Kim Ji-hoon, I couldn't give you anything else! 10/10.

City Hall (Cha Seung-won)

The poor guy. He looks so devastated here ... and all he is is in love! I think I'm repeating myself, but I really want Cha Seung-won on the small screen again. Like yesterday. I adore him! In fact, I like him best as a villain à la Athena. Jeez, that show sucked. But man, Cha Seung-won was an awesome villain ... The shower scene here is too depressing, though, so he only gets 8/10.

Full House (Rain)

Another actor that I miss. No more dating scandals, here me? Just finish your military service and then pick an awesome new project. An action drama, I guess. Not sure he is well suited for rom-com. I just realize that this is the first shower scene I ever saw, because this is my first KDrama. It's chaste, too chaste, probably, so it only gets a 7/10.

Que Sera, Sera (Eric Moon)

Eric, there's a woman at your door! This is not broody at all. I guess the sole purpose of this scene was to show off Eric's magnificent body. And create sexual tension between him and the lead lady. Mission accomplished! It is hard to rate, though, cause the shower scene isn't that spectacular. Him in his towel walking through his apartment isn't either ... or is it? Better let the QSS-ladies decide!

Stairway to Heaven (Kwon Sang-woo)

I'm guessing this is the mother of all shower scenes, because the KDrama veterans always mention this one. Always. Kwon Sang-woo is unknown to me (I have never seen him in anything), but I know that lafer is devouring Yawang / Queen of Ambition and I remember her raving about some abs recently. In fact, she is writing a post on these abs right now! In this particular scene, the fondling on the penchant is very *gulp*-worthy, I think. For whatever reason, I find this gesture very, very erotic ... I think this deserves a 10/10.
Next up in the Naked Men and Water-series is Part 3: The Lighthearted! Stay tuned