Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #409

Anne: I have since come to the realization this week that the 5 year old has the vocabulary of a teenage girl in every 80s movie ever made. Everything is "Oh My Gosh!", "What the hell?!", "That is ridiculous!", "Are you serious?!". It is quite funny. That's the only little bit of silly news that I have of the real world. And now back to drama land...

Jinxed at First

This was on my Viki list, and I started it this week just to see what it was all about. The story is a bit fantastical, about a family of female shamans who could see the future of anyone they touch. For years, they were the properties of royalty, until a chaotic time allowed them to escape captivity. However, being free didn't last long, and one of the line ended up being back under someone else's protection. Lee Seul Bi, a woman who has been kept in captivity and hidden away by a wealthy family who uses the women's powers to keep themselves wealthy and powerful. 

However, Seul Bi accidently lets herself out of her "prison" one day when she catches sight of Gong Soo Gwang and instantly becomes smitten with him. She thinks that he is the prince that she's been waiting for, the one that her mom tells her about in her stories. When he finally brings her back to the "hotel" that she escaped from, he finds that he was accused of kidnapping a child of a hotel guest, lost his internship, and got thrown in jail. In order to keep anyone else from knowing about Seul Bi and her mother, Soo Gwang then finds his mother killed by a driver and him also tied up and thrown into the ocean to drown. Stroke of luck that he didn't died outright. The man who saved him gave him a new name and Soo Gwang became Go Myung Sung and became a fish seller in a local market. But every time he dreams about Seul Bi, that day his bad luck streak will come in threes. 

In the mean time, Seul Bi is "given" to Seon Min Joon, the son of the man who kept Seul Bi and her mother hidden. So far, despite using her gifts to help his family, Min Joon is still a good person who doesn't think that his father is right in keeping them locked up. So when Seul Bi escapes again, with her mom's help, Min Joon pretended to have not seen her "get away". 

Seul Bi runs straight to Soo Gwang... 

The show is quite interesting, plot-wise. Although Seul Bi's "personality", while understandable considering how she grew up, does get a bit irritating. Hopefully she grows out of it quickly like JinMi.

Alchemy of Souls

This was on my Netflix list, and wow this thing is very BRIGHT. The colors and outfits of this are a bit out of this world, reminds me a lot like how Ashes of Love had all those in-your-face colors. The story takes place in a completely fictional world, where there are people with special powers. They translated this as mages in English, so let's go with that. In this place, there is an elite assassin who, when she was about to die, transferred her soul into a human named, Mu Deok. She happens upon Jang Uk, whose "energy" were sealed by his father and no one powerful enough to undo them dared to. He realizes who Mu Deok really is, and "convinces" her to be his master. And by episode two, she managed to get his "energy" unsealed. Not sure why he never thought about doing the same thing earlier.

It's cute. The clothes are outrageous and everything is quite visual. This is an okay watch so far.

A Dream of Splendor

There is so much kissing in this drama and we're only at episode 26. This man still managed to get a kiss or two in before he passed out from his near mortal wound. While not everything is going as fast as the beginning of this show, the introduction of new characters and the growth of old ones keep everything very entertaining. I cringed every time when Song Yin Zhang had one of her "little" moments of daydream about Gu Qian Fan.  And how is she the ONLY person who can't see what is happening? And none of us are surprised that she immediately turned around and agreed to become a live-in girlfriend of the man who did pursue her. I swear, did she NOT listen to a word that Zhao Pan Er told her about relying on a man to advance her life?

San Niang and her relationship development with Du Chang Feng was one of the enduring surprises of the show. And how cute is Chen Lian, Qian Fan's little follower?

And what is with all these scenes with Ou Yang Xu's suffering? Is he coming back? 

Qian Fan better not play the noble idiot later on. 

And I don't get the difference between owning a tea house versus a restaurant/bar.

I am still thoroughly enjoying the show. Of course there are issues here and there, the voice changing really bothers me. 

And this is for this week. I finished Sh**ting Stars and From Now On, Showtime!, and I liked both of their endings. No big scandals for our secretly dating couple and everyone paired up. For the magician, he accepted his fate as the Shaman and let Choi Gum possess him to take care of the evil spirit. There was some odd things in that why didn't the evil spirit just possess the other 7-star people? If it gave him so much more power? Why did he just ended up sucking up their energy? Cha ChaWoong lost his ability to see ghosts and became an assistant of his rival and ended up having a talent for putting on a show. Seul Hae became a detective who "kicked ass" with his police partner. And Choi Gum ended up not being able to head to Nirvana because he needed to make up the sin of sponging off ChaWoong and Seul Hae to "fix" his karma. And you have to see the kids. I don't know how but they did a GOOD job casting those kids.

Have a great week and happy drama watching!