Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #422

Anne: Happy Tuesday everyone! Yes, my life continues to be an upstream battle against paperwork and deadlines and now the chaos of moving/relocating a lab. I did not realize how nice it was when I was able to setup a lab without anyone else having any say...because I was alone...haha. 

Here's something funny for everyone, I have a weird anxiety, that makes absolutely NO sense. Saturday night, walking back to our car, I found about $200 dollars on the side walk. My first thought was...this isn't good, something bad may happen soon. And for some reason, I have this thing where every time I find any money this way, I usually balance it out by "giving" it away. Well...this was not happening as far as my husband was concerned. He thought I was nutty. And when he parked the car, a person who always complains about how close I get to the curb, he managed rammed his rear wheel on the curb, and damaged the rims. I just looked at him and say, "see...now it even out." Yes, for someone who has almost no beliefs in anything supernatural, I associate a lot of personal events with karma.

On to the shows that I watched in the last two weeks...

Strange Tales of the Tang Dynasty

I am happy to report that this show is actually quite interesting and a good watch. I'm also happy to report that the annoying Pei Xi Jun (the stalker) who followed Lu Ling Feng (the young general, who also became a lot less of an a$$hole) completely got rid of her annoying personality. She possesses a very impressive skill (think of it as an ancient police sketch artist) that was very useful to the solving of crimes. Su Wu Ming, the detective, even ended up with a love interest of his own, the no nonsense woman who ended up protecting Wu Ming, who has no fighting skills what-so-ever. The trio and then 4 people, traveled around to solve a series of crimes that all had an supernatural twist to it, but of course all had some logical explanation. There was also palace power struggles, a secret birth, an old unsolved crime, and funny moments. The last scene was Ling Feng, who finally got his own post in a "police" station, fainting when he realized that there were ninety thousand open cases at this "station". He quickly tells everyone to go get Wu Ming BACK! Quite a good watch.

Cute Bodyguard

This is pretty cute. I caught it this weekend when it started airing. There is nothing new about the premise. There is nothing that isn't all things that we've seen in multiple dramas. Even the "disease" of the male lead is a non-surprising cliché. Gu Rong Yan is a young man who is running away from his family because he doesn't want to take over the family business. But he also have an issue when other people touches him, he gets anxious enough to faint. Of course, our female lead, Su Jing Jing, is the one person that can is able to get close to him. Jing Jing's family runs a martial arts clan, and a school, but his dad is not the best teacher and her family keeps losing students. However, Jing Jing does know how to fight due to her mom. Because Rong Yan needs protection from his own family's people trying to "kidnap" him back home, and that Jing Jing is the only person he is okay being around with, he hires her as his bodyguard. And Jing Jing in the mean time, is going after her elder sect brother. I'm not very far so let's see if they keep up with the silly lightness of the beginning.

If anyone ever watched Sweet Teeth and Please at Ease Mr Ling , you will recognize the ML. 

My Tooth Your Love

Another Taiwanese BL drama dropped on Viki. A strange title, but the Mandarin one isn't any better. It literally translates to "My teeth misses/thinking about you". It is ridiculous...but I still love it! SQUEAL! Bai Lang is deathly afraid of the dentist. In order to take care of his aching tooth, his sister managed to get a school mate of hers, Jin Xun An, to treat her brother. All the usually "closeness" hijinks commence! This is just a brief first introduction and I'll be back after all 12 episodes finishes. 

And that's all for this week. I'm looking forward to starting Under the Queen's Umbrella