Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #424

Anne: Hello Everyone! Today is Voting Day in the US! Another Tuesday has come around, and Halloween came and went. The 6 year old dressed up as an Enderman. 

He is a very cute "chubby" Enderman. This was probably the highlight of his week, because the very next day, he got sick. He caught the flu. 

The other exciting thing that happened, if you are a sports/baseball fan, the Houston Astros won the world series. And can you believe they canceled SCHOOL for a parade? I was not very excited about all the traffic due to road closures as I was trying to get to work for a team building event that I organized. But everything went well, and I am still against playing soccer outdoors in South Texas. I was sweating just by standing outside under a covered pavilion! 

Enough about my crazy and somewhat normal life... So I did manage to watch a bunch of shows, but most of them were the short ones. The lack of shows to capture my interest has led me to re-watch "Dae Jang Geum", which was one my favorite Korean dramas of all time...because of the all the cooking. I think this was my first drama where I was hooked because of all the cooking it demonstrated. Even thought I FF through a lot of it, at 54 episodes, it still took me over 5 days to finish it. 

Now let's take a look at what I've been watching this week.

Bad Prosecutor

I started this like how I started all my shows...it's got the foundation of what I like (crime solving) and also that I wasn't watching anything all that interesting. It's very similar to a lot of the Korean dramas of the same genre, "Insider", "Truth", and "Lawless Lawyer". Jin Jung is a prosecutor, who sees himself as some sort of super hero, bringing justice to the bad guys. He carries a Shinai (yes, I had to look this up because I just called this a Kendo stick 😁) that is pretty much his "light saber". Of course, his problem causing antics at the prosecutor's office ousts him to the civil services department, where instead of being a punishment, it allows him a LOT more time to pursue his passion of "crime fighting". He has a team that includes a female prosecutor, Shin Ah Ra, the daughter of a crime boss, a mediocre computer hacker, and his chief at the civil services department. There are only 12 episodes, and only 2 are left. I liked it for the wacky characters. The crime solving is not really the draw for me.

My Bossy Wife

This was an interesting short 12 episode drama that is only about 20 minutes (the original was much shorter and spans 2 "seasons"). The acting wasn't great, but the story is interesting. The FL is Shen Jun Ye, a constable that has a reputation which is causing her to have a lot of issues trying to be married. Lu Xiao Bai is a small time criminal who ends up becoming her helper in crime solving. Let's just say that in 12 episodes, you get everything...crime solving, secret identities, generational hatred, sect competition, and everything in between. The best thing is how pretty the ML is...yes, I am shallow. So if anyone wants a quick watch, this is a good show to keep you busy for a few hours.

Roommates of Poongduck 304

This is a cute, short, Korean BL, that is completely released. Ji Ho Jun was a rich boy whose daddy got tired of his playboy attitude and lax work ethic, and was forced to work for minimum wage and achieve a positive change in the new business team of his father's company. Seo Jae Yoon is the landlord of Ji Ho Jun's newly found place to live, who is also the youngest member of his new business team. By being together 24/7 at work and home, an obvious relationship starts to develop. This is a very simple BL drama that has a lot of cuteness.

Big Dragon The Series

On the other end of the cuteness spectrum are the Thai BL dramas. This one has two, who are obviously, alpha males. They started by competing over a girl. Yai decided to "fix" Mangkorn by spiking his drink and getting him filmed in a compromising position. This completely backfires and they end up having sex on film. On the very first episode. Truthfully, I have no idea what the plot is any more. Yai has a bar from his daddy that he needed to renovate, and Mangkorn was part of the team that was hired to do the renovation. Why am I watching this? No idea. I'm mostly watching to see the CRAZY spin of relationships between these two. There are only 8 episodes, and we have already gone through at least two sex scenes, at least 1 or 2 potential breakups, 2 or 3 "cheating" scenes, an arrange marriage/engagement (yes, this one was surprising and I'm still not sure WHY this marriage needs much "solving"), a fight, another love rival, and heartbreak. Only 5 episodes have aired, and I cannot understand how much more plot they can squeeze into the last 3. I guess I will wait and see.

(Although I have to say, this isn't as crazy as KinnProsche The Series La Forte. That entire family was coocoo.) 

My Teeth Your Love

Lastly, we cannot forgot about this Taiwanese BL drama. 

Why am I watching this...probably for the irrelevant shower scenes that has nothing to do with the plot except to show some skin before the CP gets to their first kiss. This is the same slow pace as all Taiwanese dramas, so we are only on episode 5, when Jin Xun An (the dentist) is starting to make his moves on "romancing" his target. They are all VERY bad moves, about what most people would have done when they were in high school. (Or rather in my case, who is late to everything, in graduate school. As a side note, none of it ever worked.)

This is it for this week. I have go to bed now as I have a 7am meeting, and I still need to find a way to go vote at some point before I have to drive to work.