Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #443

Anne: Another week goes by...and South Texas continues to suffer from a heat wave... And a hail storm at the same time. It happened last week, over 100F outside, and it hailed. Granted, the hail didn't last very long and turned into heavy rain, but it lasted enough that my husband decided to move his car under cover. I just stayed dry inside the house, as that is why we pay for car insurance. 

Besides the crazy weather outside, I have finally finished the first 3 weeks of being a space camper's chauffer. However, on my very first day off from work and the 6 year old's "off" week, we are going BACK to NASA because he wants to do all the other stuff that they have for visitors. I told him that if he wants to be an astrophysicist, he needs to learn a lot more math.

My mundane life of work and home is barely broken by the potential return of some interesting dramas. Now, I don't men that I have watch all that many. For some odd reason, I started to FF through Immortal Samsara because...I just wanted to finish it. There was one interest drama that I did start and am quite enjoying...

Trick or Love

This is a Taiwanese drama that is slated for 40 episodes, which is longer than most of the Taiwanese drama that I've watched lately. Now, this is normally not my favorite genre, but it's a cross dressing themed plot with a play on the whole BL thing. The plot is simple, Guan Heng Wei hired Liang Jing Cen to become a "man" and play the role of his "boyfriend" in order to buy Heng Wei 3 months of time to prevent his grandmother from guilting him to marry someone. 

Now, if you think this is odd, wait until you hear the "family" grudge that Heng Wei has against Jing Cen's family. I do have to warn everyone that you have to push through his A**hole attitude and the exaggerated "hatred" that pushed the ML to carry out his ... stupid plan. 

The exaggerated plot aside, what I really like about this has to do with how they are going to set up this "fake" relationship. Instead of just all-of-a-sudden declaring his love for a guy, a tactic that even he knows won't get pass his grandmother's suspicions... he decides to use "rumors" to make his grandmother believe that he is now in love with a man. I see this as satire, about how much the "audience" can read into everyday gestures. Granted, this will obviously lead to some real "intimate" encounters. Right now, we are still in the setup phase, so I am like all the other "melon eating audience" just reading every scene way pass their intentions.

Let's see if this is as good as Bromance.

UPDATE: Episode 9 and we are getting into the good stuff. Jing Cen's older sister, Jing Fan, a divorce lawyer, is already suspicious of Heng Wei, and his best friend and co-conspirator, Wei Yu Quan. She tried all sorts of schemes, trying to get some upper hand on Yu Quan, so that he will tell her what is the reason for targeting her family and their bakery. And she FINALLY found something of his to exploit!

By coincidence, she found out that Yu Quan, due to this complete lack of understanding how to communicate with people, is in love with a woman who has recently returned, curtesy of Heng Wei's planning trying to "help" his friend. Jing Fan is offering her services as Yu Quan's tactical advisor in his attempt to "get the girl". I'm loving this pairing! 

As for the fake BL relationship of Heng Wei and Jing Cen...well, the slow rumor thing went out the door. Not when you grandmother walks in to this scene...

I can't wait for the last episode to air this week!

This is it for this week. I'll update later this week when I catch up to the other shows.