Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #445

Anne: Happy Tuesday Everyone! We are getting close to the end of July and ... it is still freaking hot in South Texas. And getting hotter... The last two weeks pretty much has gone on as usual, with nothing too exciting to report. The 6 year old spent the last two weeks without camp or anything else to do, so he has become a couch potato and fulfilled his summer vacation wish to play games all day. Hopefully this summer doesn't rot his brain. But then again, I don't ever remember doing anything else during my summer vacations but watch TV, and my brain turned out pretty ok... Except for my short term memory loss... Last Thursday, I literally forgot what I wanted to say, as I was saying it. I probably sounded like I lost my mind!

Besides catching up on the new shows, I've been spending a lot of time watching the short web dramas on YouTube. Not just the web dramas that are produced by the well known production companies, but also those that were produced by random people. The latter are often plagued by horrible sound quality, but some of these stories are a lot more blood thirsty. The revenge scenes are very satisfying. One of my favorite ones paired Jiang Shi Qi and Wang Dao Tie. Yes, they are completely outrageous, but I highly recommend everyone to take a look and lose a few hours watching a cute girl and a very good looking man with glasses.

Before I forget what I am trying to write here, let's get on with the shows...

Mysterious Lotus Casebook

How excited was I when I saw this come up on my streaming services?! Li Xiang Yi, at 20 years old, is a master of the Sigu Sect and engaged in a battle with Di Fei Sheng, who killed Xiang Yi's elder sect brother and held the body hostage. However, in the fight, both Xiang Yi and Fei Sheng fell into the sea after being severely injured. 

Ten years later, Li Xiang Yi is working as a wondering "doctor" under a new name, Li Lian Hua. Into his life, comes Fang Duo Bin, who is a young master whose only goal is to become a great detective. After finally getting himself "hired" by Bichaung Sect, Fang Duo Bin sets off to investigate his first case with his two servants. Li Lian Hua offers to "help" Fang Duo Bin pass the "test" of his first case.

I really like the pacing of the story so far. I like the plot of investigating the "supernatural". Looking forward to watching this! 

Lost You Forever

While I was excited to see this show airing, I'm trying to figure out what in the world is with this English title. Are they trying to hint at something? And what is with the "S1"? I don't see anywhere there is a S2, so...I'm going to be watching this with some reservations. But I do like the reverse harem thing...kind of like Fuyao. Xiao Yao and her cousin, Qiang Xuan (Viki spelled it one way and MDL spelled it another, I have no idea which one is correct), who from a very early age have been drilled into them to protect one another. Qiang Xuan lost his dad in battle, and his mother killed herself after avenging his father's death by killing one of the royal brothers who held back military provisions. Xiao Yao's dad divorced her mom, who is then ordered to the front lines, where she also died in battle. In turn, Xian Yao is sent away to the Empress Dowager (at least that's what it sounded like) to cultivate. Separating the two kids. If you are confused, just take a minute to digest the many, many plot starting points that were crammed within the first episode. 

After 300 years (remember it's a fantasy), somehow, Xian Yao became a fertility doctor. Her first delivery resulted in 6 bunnies! (Yang Zi is just too cute!)

Into this town comes a grown up Qiang Xuan...to open up a bar.

Let's see where this goes!

Looking forward to these two dramas in the coming weeks. I'm still watching the Longest Promise, will update on this next week.