Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #451

Anne: Happy Tuesday again everyone! I had one of the oddest interviews ever. The entire time, nearly 80% of the questions had to do with what would you do if you have to give someone an evaluation rating that they or their manager didn't agree with, how would you rate two people who are exactly the same in performance (which does not happen if you account for time, milestones, peer feedback, etc), what would you do if you have a lot of work and you cannot increase head count, and etc, etc, etc. Seriously, nearly the entire interview had to do with people management. I'm thinking, either you are fishing for information, or there is something seriously problematic with this division. But my goal isn't to just go work anywhere in Asia, I want to spend a job in South Korea one day, so I can live there for a few years and eat a lot! (Yes, I am very food motivated...)

Now...I spent the rest of the week watching some new dramas, continuing some dramas, and binging a bunch of short dramas, both amateur and professionally produced. The plots are all very similar, and some fairly identical with variations. I finally realized why I am so drawn into these, and why I cannot stop despite the fact that it is the same story over and over. My favorite pieces of classical piano music are the variations, and I always liked them because they have the same theme running through each variation. Enough of my explaining my obsessions with these short dramas, and on with what I have managed to watch this past week.


I started watching this due to the intriguing synopsis, and the fact that the ML is actually the villain of the drama. I've only watched up to episode 4, and I only have gotten to the story of the constable. The story revolves around the plot to take down the villain, Liu Xin, the master of a famous embroidery house. It doesn't take the audience two seconds to realize what his game is. The attraction of this drama is in the overall story telling, and the revealing of the plot that was in the making for 7 years. I like the fact that the characters, with the exception of the ML (so far), all have complex characteristics. The mystery isn't in the who and why or how of the villain, it's in how the revenge plan developed and was set in motion and involvement of each person. I'm still working slowly through the episodes....because I got side tracked by... you-know-what. I am really looking forward to the eventual reveal of the plot.

Hello, I'm at Your Service

The other show that I started last week, starting one of my favorite romantic comedy (the Chinese version of the romantic comedy) actor, Wei Zhe Ming, who stared in Perfect and Casual and Unforgettable Love. I've only gotten through 2 episodes. The plot is fairly usual. Dong Dong En is with a small advertising company who is trying to prevent her company from losing a large client. On the other end, Lou Yuan has just returned to take over his mother's company and has decided to take drastic measures to cut costs. It's quite cute in the usual sense, and we'll see how this will develop in the later episodes.

Behind Your Touch

The story continues to come up with funny moments despite the serial killer and the potential of a 3rd person with psychic powers who was present at the night when the a piece of meteor struck the barn. The comedy is obviously outreagous...as evident by the fact that when Bae Ok Hee's love charm hit the person she didn't intend, leading her to see all other men, except her intended, who appears in a halo of light...

to look like a squid!

This is just creepy. And hilariously funny.

Obviously, all of the suspicion is focused on the cute convivence store clerk, Kim Sun Woo, whom the FL vet is sweet on. Both my husband and I are still enjoying this every week. It's probably the only drama that I'm caught up on. 

The Uncanny Counter Season 2

I finally started this! There is a different feel from S2, and the first glance might make the audience have a sense of dislike. But if you can get over the start, the show will fall back into the rhythm of season 1.  The team has a new member with a very "special" power. And we all know how bad my memory is, so I have almost no recollection of Hwang Pil Gwang. But in this season, Kang Ki Young plays a VERY good evil spirit! I LOVE him!


And this is yet for the full length dramas that I've watched these past two week. But I also have to rave about my short dramas. Now, because of my being gaga over Dai Gao Zheng, the body guard in Forever Love, I watched an earlier one that he was in, Maid's Revenge. Seriously, they really took the tragic route on that one. However, this led to me looking up Everlasting Bride, which has a very similar plot line, with the military warlord and the unwilling bride thing. Besides that happy ending, the interesting twist on the best friend betrayal thing, this show had great songs throughout! I know, I'm a sucker for drama music.

Have a great week everyone!